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Spirit of evil

"Spirit of evil" (1999)

1. Demon from Inside
2. Killed by the Beast
3. Return of Satan in Hell
4. Violence Confession
5. Désespoir Éternel
6. Suffering Before Dying

1. Demon from Inside

Save me lord,
From that Desire.
To kill someone... INNOCENT!!!
and Slaughter___ ..."Slaughter__, Slaughter__...".

Forgive me Lord,
of my mental Aberration.
Now I am___,
Forlorn of Hope...

" HA!aaa...". ... Until now,
the Angel of Suffering, NOW.
Invading my eyes.
" My Brain is now Dead.
but I still Awake and I still Inside.
My face Become blue, my bloodeyes Shines.
It's seems to be... ... the Demon From Inside...
... That Awake___!
It Always been! ".

" I feel the Acidosis of the
Suffering now running Inside my
Body; Mortal Remains Addict To the
Pleasure of Abnormality And
of Infamous crime."

It' s Awake.___..

An ugly freak gape.. try to.. get out from my belly.
I need some flesh to feed the Demon.. Inside.
" Ha! aaa___
It' s Inside, it' s inside, it' s inside, it' s inside...
It will Born.
It' s Inside, it' s inside, it' s inside, it' s inside.
It is Born,
With no Regret!

2. Killed by the Beast

Augh! ...
Following a Killing instinct,
a Shadow hunts you Down.
you feel a breath behind your Head...
... When a sharpened edge strikes your BACK!!

So painful the " PAIN " you're feeling now___
" Desperatly, you failed on your way
to escape from that creature,
Faintly falling down on a Dream ... ... the Nightmare ...
... of your Life."
It penetrates inside your body
Running backwards and forwards,
Until the Blood spouts
And then will come out.

Argh!__urgh !... That's ...
better be Good____.

" On a breath of Agony you fall on the Ground,
Then realised that you' ll be a slave of Pain ...
" Thirsty for Blood, the Beast grabs your
Bloody Corpse,
to relish is Soul of Domination...
...and Buthchery.

The Night__ makes... another... Corpse
( I Am suffering, I Am suffering, I Am suffering... Suffering!! Suffering!!)
and brings into Hell!
( I am Suffering, I am Suffering, I am Suffering... Eurgh!...)
One more Weak pure flesh...
... Pooooor!... Innocent.

Beat and gobbled up...
... by the Beast.
Queen of Cruelty, Creature...
...of Night.

3. Return of Satan in Hell

Banished___ from Paradise.
To still alive and to overtake his Darkthrone,
Satan has to overrule God by killing the One
who brings the...
... " Redemption ..."
to all the Immortal Soul
and By___ erasing the Human Race
to Reign over a Kingdom of Death___ .

Satan___ !
Have reach the Christ
Allowing him a Holocaust of Death.

" I Am the Anti Christ,
the Messenger of Death.
The Reign of Jesus Christ,
will Die into Profound...
The Flesh of Jesus Christ will rejuvenate our Evil spirits,
and Burn into the Fire of Misery.
Bringing an Evil Omen to God
and His Angels,
Forever Knights____ .

" Here He comes
with His Black Legion,
so this is the Return...
... of Satan... in... Hell___,
Demons Palace.
Giving the " One " to
the Vanished Lord of Doom
Master of Horror."

Jesus has been crushed to Death
so Satan bring us a Huge Victory.
Foolish___ are the God disciples
' cause they will be Buried of Pain.

4. Violence Confession

There' s no way,
there' s no way out from Here.
I' ll find you and soon you' ll be Tortured.
Say your prayers before I smash-up your Body.
Pray the Lord,
the " One " who gives you up!
Die___ in Pain.
Into___ " my Bloody Reign ".

" Neverthless,
I' m the Queen,
of All your Creation.
In front of my Power
you can' t have reaction,
for my Bloodthirsty...
... Ablution!___"

Take... a look, all over you,
then you' ll see,
that your Life is mine___.

I' ll make you taste...
... Suffering,
before you Die.

" I agonize...
but my Pain is now set free.
I' m becoming...
Maniac and sadistic.
Now I' m taking out...
my Accessory___ and!

Let the Fear... pass through You... ...Violence Confession

You' re a Sacrifice
of... an act of Madness...

5. Désespoir Éternel

Perdu___ dans les Bois,
Recueillit par des Êtres étranges,
On assiste à un sacrifice Humain!____
L' Horreur putréfiante paralyse l' Âme immortelle
Au détriment, de choisir sa destinée...
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!aaa___
Les Parois de l' insouscience
De toujours vouloir aller plus Loin___,
À la recherche des Limites insoupçonnées
De l' inconscience... du MAL!
Seul et abandonné____
Dans un Univers où le Monde,
Traverse le Vide infini,
De la Solitude et où...
L' Horloge... du Temps s' effondre____ " Suicide ".

"Solitaire comme le Loup manquant,
Aux Misères des Siens innocents,
Assoiffés de Chairs et de Sang
Rejetés par les Maîtres de l' ignorence___. "

Nous continuons d' avancer____
Dans le côté Sombre de la Nuit...
... engendré par la Tristesse
Et déboulant la Falaise de la Mort.
ah Ah AH!Aaaaaa___

Là, où le Feu____
Refroidit le Sang Glacé
par l' Abîme infini des Flammes
du Désespoir Éternel.


C' est un Fardeau que l' on porte,
Perdant le contrôle de nous-
même pour achever le Règne d' un Cauchemar
Le Cauchemar de
Tout ceux incapables de se sentir eux-même
et possédant,
un Esprit___ Ensorcelé.
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Délivrons-nous de Nous-même,
Pour Survivre dans ce Monde.

6. Suffering Before Dying


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