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"Heir to the dark throne" (1999 Demo)

1. Reborn in sin
2. Orgies of perversion
3. The testimony of the immortal
4. Där ensamhet är
5. Heir to the dark throne
6. Misantrhopy divine

1. Reborn in sin

Embrace me as I enter
The shadows of the other side
The triumph of my spirit
In battle with my flesh

Reborn in sin

As I feel the coldness
Of the eternal sleep
I sigh in relief
Unto death my soul is given

The harvest moon glows for my fate
I feel the presence of the forces of chaos
I sense the solitude of loneliness
Now I understand the harmony of death

Alone I now wander through these ulterior plains
Where death forever reigns
Immortality has embraced my soul
The night is cold and long is my journey
Passing through the 7 gates to be reborn in sin

Embraced by the everlasting flames
I have entered the abyss

2. Orgies of perversion

I am death
Of the infidels
Woe and destruction
Come together as one
I am pain
Of the relentless death
In the embrace
Of our Armageddon

Taste the wine of your destruction
The nectar of our lusts
Through the eyes of your damnation
We celebrate the beast
The 12 disciples now suffer
From the carnal blasphemy
Which was created
By your deaths

Fantasies of desecration
Now grips hold of (our) souls
As the eternal night is invoked
And tragedies reign
In a cloaked reality
Beyond these ulterior spheres
The holiness has been raped
By these lustful hearts

These orgies of perversion
That we now conjure
Has established our dream
And we fill our lungs
And triumphantly raise our heads
Our victory is eternal

3. The testimony of the immortal

I lay enshrined
In burial ground
Enchained to this
Cold void tomb

Creature of the night
To hellís fire bound
Spawned in
Deaths cold womb

Coven of eternal dark
Chant hymns of blasphemy
Ceremonial death for my flesh
Release what dwells inside of me

We rejoice as the holy burns
The trinity of lies (is) now in ashes
Satanic victory for all eternity

Desecration has become our goal
As we climb the 7 steps
Of the sins of death
We fornicate our lust

And as we sail the seas of damnation
The purifying flames now reach high
We embrace our deaths with joy
Now we will live forevermore

4. Där ensamhet är

Vid den innersta fridens kant
Jag står beredd att hoppa ut
Ett mörker inom mig
Nu breder sig ut

När saknaden tär
Ensamhet är här
Mörkrets vindar blåser hårt
Befrielsen, döden bliva vår

I min ensamhet, jag bävar för mitt liv
Där hatet tar vid, kärleken försvinna
Döden väntar vid min dörr, en sorgesång skriv
Djupt inom mig själv, fångad i en ondskans hinna

Där ensamhet är
Döden där oss lär
I svekets spår
Förbannelsen vi får

Den sårade dör, när hatet oss förgör
När synden oss härskar, misären oss tar

5. Heir to the dark throne

Gaze into my blackened soul
And you will see the domains of hell
The divine misanthropy
The unearthly spirit of the beast

Quintessence of the night
Thou are the source of my existence
So rich in blackness
That ye shimmer in colours

These black mountains are so cold
This region of soulless hate
Forever I have dwelt in
This place beyond time
Forever I will reign
In these vaults of eternal darkness

Hear the tortured cries
From the souls of light
Fires forever caressing them
Eternal pain and suffering
Slowly sweeping the land
Is a wind of death and destruction
Reaching through this tranquil darkness
To the foundations of my being

I was spawned in the raging chaos
That rules in darkness
I am truly
A heir to the dark throne

6. Misantrhopy divine

Orgies of perversion
Rites of unholy
Rule the forces of chaos

Oh! Hear the call
(The) call for your soul
Resounding through death
Misanthropy divine

Curse of the living
Feeble in creation
Gift of our race

Oh! Hear the call
(The) call from hell
Echoing through silence
Misanthropy divine

Answer the voice
Follow the call
Reincarnate to the nightside
Dedicate your death to the dark

Become a part of our race
Join us and be immortal
Misanthropy divine
Follow the call


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