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"Behold the black candles light" (1997 Demo)

1. Behold the black candles light
2. Come Eternal Night
3. Out from the dark
4. Domebag
5. Sepulchral voice (Sodom cover)

1. Behold the black candles light

Behold the black candles light
As they shine with might
Prepare the virgin sacrifice for this night
The cold steel blade will penetrate her flesh

Bring forth the virgin
Place her with her back
Towards the (cold) stone altar
Fright burns in her eyes

Reflection of a candlelight
In the cold steel blade
As the dagger approaches
Drain her body (out of) life-giving liquid

Fill the silver chalice
Drink the precious blood
Which will grant us

2. Come Eternal Night

Come eternal night
Unleash your coldness
Hatred towards life within
Black evil eye
Kill me in your black kingdom

Voices of woe
Drink my blood
Carry my coffin
On my journey to the damned
I hear the children
Of the night (howling)
The gather slowly ‘round
My last journey

The wind of ancient times
Now I say goodbye
What you had to tell
I now know

Lower my shell down
into the ground
And receive my infernal hails
Passing onto the other side

Now I thy kingdom can see

3. Out from the dark

I am possessed by darkness itself
Feel it rushing in my veins
Find myself cutting wrists
Hatred reigns supreme

Possess me… Now
Possess me… Forever

Endless night of my life
No dawn ever comes
I feel the presence
Kill me now…

Possess me… Now
Possess me… Forever

As shadows of death
Penetrates my inner
I realize it now
Grim spectres over death

Out of the dark it comes
Whirlwind of hatred
Possess me as I die
Possess my burning flesh

It’s dragging me down
To places unknown
I feel my life withdraw
And now… It stands before me

4. Domebag

En skugga for genom natten
Som i ett töcken utav död
I dess spår (följde) inget liv
Domedagens klockor ljöd

Från den djupa skogens famn
Dödens lockrop hördes
Var man som dit sig begav
Till den ljuva döden fördes

En vind av hat och död
Över de kala landskapen for
In i själens eviga frost
In i mörkret, där döden rår

Över ödsliga landskaps kroppar
Förintelsens ögon stirrar
Sökandes efter människokryp
Övergivna själar irrar

5. Sepulchral voice (Sodom cover)

Dark deathknell call you to the throat of the
glowing hell lights of exist become extinet
and you read the epitaph of your grave

You are the chosen messenger of hell
Come execute your instruction with spell
You got magic power to all
in league with Satan for holy ghosts fall

Love to drink the blood of the slut
adore the bestial rite
eat the virgins heart warm and sweet
destroy the unborn holy meat

The Sepulchural Voice
mysterious groans torment your mind
the shadow of evil make you blind
a funeral song out of the burial place
damned you to hell from the human race


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