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The Millennial Death of God

"The Millennial Death of God" (2000)

1. Guilt Is Your Sin
2. Lift The Veil
3. Meaningless
4. Hollow
5. Carried On Black Angel Wings
6. No Peace
7. Live The Lie
8. Truth
9. The Search
10. Spiritual Void

1. Guilt Is Your Sin

Gazing into the winter's lake

My reflection speaks to me

Telling the world's secrets

Releasing the fire within my dreams

I can feel the power in me taking over


Unto this world Iím born

A man without a soul

To your god I will not pray

Iíll stand unto my dying day

The lies within your dreams

Shape your reality

You pray for repent

But your guilt is your sin

The sun sets upon my back

The diamonds dance to life

Pulling me towards its beauty

Your god's idols I cast aside

Heaven is in your mind

And hell is in your fears


Look to your desires to find a bit of truth

Listen to the night and touch the wisdom of the moon

Visions talk to me in ancient rhymes

Time will tell what answers lie ahead for me

I look toward the unknown and find obscurity

The darkness blankets me

And holds me through the night

Kneel and pray to find what you're looking for

And the answers will pass you by as you worship the floor

I can feel the tears falling all around me

I can feel the pain of the angels falling into the fire

Rising from my knees I look towards the sky

I call out to your dead martyr

You cannot take me I will not die

The jackal and the shepherd fight for my dreams


2. Lift The Veil

Walking the thin line

Between life and death

To separate the moon and sun

I am the gray between light and day


Save me, save me from the demons

Save me, save me from the angels

Save me before they are all I can be

Melting away my soul

My flesh returns, returning here as whole

My faith in myself

My logic takes control


Manís creation God

Time to turn the page

Lift the veil from your eyes

The Millennial Death of God

Question your beliefs

Lift the veil from your eyes

Kneeling to no one I take the reigns

Pulling in the night and day

Master of the tides my ship sails away


Looking within myself I find strength

The strength of the Gods

The stars speak to me and I rule the day


Walking the thin line

Between life and death

To separate the moon and sun

I am the gray between light and day


Learning to hide between the sun and moon

Breathing the clouds of gray

The Gods run from me and demons fall away


3. Meaningless

4. Hollow

In the light I can see it

A shred of me I cannot reach

All the dreams that I have tasted

Shattered before my very eyes


Through the lies of yesterday

I see my future, a hollow void

Chasing the invisible me

Running from what I canít be

Nowhere I can go

Will take me from this pain I know


Walking through the realms of light and dark

I find that I am alone, all alone

Dripping into the pool of lies

Falling towards my demise

Through hell I spin

Screaming for the end


Looking at my reflection I find a strangerís face

Confusion sets in as I hang my head in shame

Always the disappointment pain my constant friend

No one can understand me

And when I reach for god heís not there

The years have weathered upon me I donít know my name

Mistakes pile upon me giving me all the blame

Curse me, burn me, itís what I deserve

A man alone in this realm with nowhere to turn

I canít live in this realm with what I have done

Itís time to pass into hell and pay for what I have become

You canít love me I wonít let you in

Falling faster pity my only friend

The gun to my head now, taste my last sin

Cursing God as I fall into hell

Curse me, burn me, itís what I deserve

5. Carried On Black Angel Wings

In the shadows I await the coming sign

Moving slowly swallowing all the light

Riding on the weak feeding the blind

My lies of the coming sign

From my lair I feed the sight

Of broken bodies laying in the night

From my throne I speak these things

The evil that the serpent brings


The sacrifice begins tonight take heed see the sign

Our god brings release tonight

So on his wings we fly

Carried forth on black angel wings

My praise to hell I sing

In the night I see the light come with me and feel the sign


Step into the circle feel the power flow

You fool you come to me with all your pride

Come with me now and feel your demise

I feel the power pouring through my veins

Immortal I will become to rule forever

Youíve fallen through your greed and desire

Burn in hell forever you will be my prize

I feel the pain of a thousand sins

Tare me down to the end

6. No Peace

I can feel it coursing through me

My body heaving for a taste of air

My mind ripped open to a new reality

Everything escapes me in this spell

The walls closing around me

My bliss, my cell


In the night when I call out

In my dreams

There's never a fuckin' answer

There's never any fuckin' peace

The demons that posses me

Promise ecstasy

The monkey on my back

Waits for his attack

Stumbling through my days

My body craving the decay


In the darkness alone I lie

I sit waiting for something real

Lying on the floor with my head

Spinning all around my heart beating

The only sound

I raise my head and fall again

My eyes blank to the world around me

Reaching in but no one's there

7. Live The Lie

Running you will find you are mine

To live all your life as a lie

You can't run you cannot hide from me

I'm the one who controls your destiny

In the darkness I will wait for you

Twisting your mind until you know no truth

Running you will find you are mine

To live all your life as a lie

Hate is what I breed in you

Loathe yourself kill the truth

Come with me I can take your pain

Forever you will be my slave

You will live the lie as I see fit

In the darkness you will find

You are mine-until the end of time

Forever until death takes your soul

Itís what you will be

Itís all that you can see

It is me, It is your destiny

You will live the lie as I see fit

8. Truth

You are blinded, blinded by your greed

Your eyes green with envy

Your disease will rot this earth, and you will live its curse


The end will come for you

Now taste the truth

You lie to all around you

Just to move forward in your world

But when you crossed paths with me

You brought death unto your soul


Friendship a thing of the past

Yourself youíve outcast

Two faces to everyone you know

No conscience, no self, no sorrow

Youíd sell your mother for a fuckiní dollar

Everyone you know used to the bone


You stepped on me

Now youíll bleed

Iíll squeeze your throat

Now taste the truth

Now you know how far you can go

A snake in the grass sliding from the past

Into my path you have passed

When we meet you wonít, you wonít last


You drove the knife into my back - now you run from my attack

My fist the bat your face the ball - the concrete will stop your fall

No one can save you now - through you I will plow

Time to pay my friend - violent answers violent ends

9. The Search

Days and nights growing shorter, my mindís going

I can barely remember how this all began

My chains grow heavier my cell colder as they bring me to the end

Iíll burn for their eyes for their god

Heretic, thatís what they called me

I spoke the unholy truth

Cast out for what I was believed to be

Sinner, I pay the price burn in the pyre of their god


I searched my whole life for the truth, and I know it lies in the earth

And not in your god, and not in your words

Blasphemy thatís what they called it

I rose the veil of disguise

Unholy they burn the words of the Greeks and Islams

Inquisitions, crusades force the people to believe


Days and nights growing shorter, my minds going

I can barely remember how this all began

Vultures circle walking me to the end

Stones cast by puppets and sheep

My last steps prepare me for the end

Liars hold tight your crosses keep your eyes closed

Devils in disguise keep the people blind and low

Burn my flesh, my mind will be free forever


Days and nights growing shorter, my mindís going

I can barely remember how this all began

10. Spiritual Void


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