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"Unforsaken" (2007)

1. Beheading Azazel
2. Through Vagrant Eyes
3. Shroud of the Malefactor
4. Morningstar
5. Blood For Blood
6. Enraptured
7. Unforsaken

1. Beheading Azazel

Spewed forth
From your putrid mouth
A flood on the desolate
the consummation determined
Of one mind
empowering the Beast
Which is and is not
Waging war with the Saints

Devouring their flesh
The screams of my people
Rise up to heaven
The shroud of deception
You have cast on all the earth

Leading by the hand
two-thirds to the fiery depths
of hell
In Battle against your Creator
You shall be broken

visions of ember rain
darkness is purged forever
Blood like ash
Crumbling about your neck

warring with the Lamb
Who will raise up victorious
For He is God-Incarnate
Creator of all mankind
Whose love stronger than any blade
Has sealed you to eternal doom

And now I stand
My arm raised to heaven
Head of Azazel in hand

Harmonious Congregation observe
The sign of eternal victory

2. Through Vagrant Eyes

a branch torn from the tree
this feeling overwhelms me
i am not a part of this place
a world under the veil of the Beast

overrun by deception
acceptance fleeting my grasp

this is not my home
i am not my own

inviting hands
marked by leprosy
reach to pull me into the darkness
the lecherous abyss

constantly on the run
i narrowly escape the maddened throng
having found refuge for now
but as night befalls
the forest screams danger
the whispers of the trees reach my ears
"you dont belong here"

everywhere my eyes beheld
indulgence in the flesh
the downfall of society
these are the ones that reject Truth and Love
how could i ever reside in this place?
how could i ever call this place home?

forsaking each other for love of ourselves
this is the way to evolve our society
destruction of peace and truth
the new age dogma
our new creed

there is no peace in sin
and i will have no part in this
Father please open their eyes
let them see the path they follow is only to death
give me strength as i trudge along this place
wandering alone in the midst of flames
a flood of madness
for i am a stranger here (this is not my place, i wont ever belong)
and i long to be Home (heaven is the my place, heaven is where i long for)

3. Shroud of the Malefactor

Oh Satan
Lord of Darkness
Father of all filth
Prince of the Earth
Your hand that casteth the shadow
upon the souls of men
Building up the pride
With teeming eyes

Behold the worship of self
Behold the path to infernal destruction
But I laugh at you
A mutual discernment

You will perish
And don't they know?
Can't they see?

You are their god
You are the one they worship
For anything apart of God is of you

And this you know
Oh blind ones
Let the scriptures be

A turning away must come first
Forsaking the truth of God
Men bury themselves in vain idleness of life
The claim of intellect
the seeds of deceit
and you watch with great joy

softly but surely delivering them
unto the flames

how I wish your time was now
A desire to see you burn in the agony of a thousand years
But I must let the wisdom of God fill my mind

His justice in righteousness
prevails over all sin

What path they will follow
The Father gives them up to the devices
of their own hearts

Some to the Light of heaven
and some to the Darkness of Sheol

But I rejoice in knowing that your Enemy is
And no accusation of unfairness could stand against Him

A sad night has come
As I behold the men of the earth
Give themselves up to closed hearts
To eternal darkness
Never to exist again
One life wasted
Another never to be realized

4. Morningstar

5. Blood For Blood

I gaze on this world
A world cast in the shadow of self indulgence
Forgetting the mercies of its Maker

Unable to comprehend the light
Desiring only the darkness
And then you ask
"Why this pain?
Where is God?"

How interesting it is
That in the midst of the storm
The blasphemers call out to the One
Whom they spit in the face of

You kill My sheep
You slaughter My children
Their blood
a blanket of scarlet
on the pavement


Only Retribution
I will
avenge them
the wicked will be no longer
Blood for Blood
your time ends now

6. Enraptured

This place
Abode of devils
Gouge out my eyes
See no evil
God of Light
Let me feel Your
Presence before me

Forces of darkness
Powerless to hinder
The final sacrifice
Our souls lingered

Half way to hell
But Your Hand
Draws us up into Heaven
With a loving embrace

Let us forget these dreams of the night
Insignificant thoughts
Arbitrary murmurs
Fade into blackness

Let our bodies be renewed
Our hearts purified
Our souls reborn
And life enraptured
By the light of eternity

7. Unforsaken

marked by illness
forged a path
into the walkway of history

i stare through the bars
imprisoned so suddenly
the blackened walls tell of the evil one
my voice cries out
with the fury of a thousand martyrs

hoping to reach
the ear of Almighty God

ive trudged through life
growing through time
and now i come face to face
with my greatest tribulation

I appeal to thee
For in You I put my trust

ive trudged through life
growing through time
and now i come face to face
with my greatest tribulation

But the Lord will make me
the strongest of them all

and the demons shall flee at His arrival

He stands at my side
empowering me
giving me wisdom
for this i will not forget

and i will praise You
a hundred times more than ever

even the weakest of your children
Oh how words cannot express
the joy that comes in the morning

the waters of peace that wash over me
after Your hands lifted me up

through out the darkest night
praise be to God Almighty
let us be joined to You
to You forever


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