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"Stormvold" (1997 EP)

1. The Usurper's Winterblood
2. Fogflames
3. Wolves of Graven Hate
4. Pyre at the Tarn
5. Following the Growls

1. The Usurper's Winterblood

A wind of storming ravens comes from the horizon
And the moon follows the thunder into black skies
The cold and sharp frost carve into my skin along the bones
And every flower unthorned seems to weep
Every cave seems to suffer from dark forces' extinction
Grimness march over every cliffs and descends in valleys
And every beast wander along with their hearts

Not last, but still in plague-acting ways
I crawl at the ground, my soul lurks for blood
The Usurpers Winterblood

Owls up high, will never weep nor cry
Shields of the rainbow is broken
The winds carry the weapons of frost, snow and thunder
Paths unwalked opens, while wolves are gleaming and staring
Devoured by the flaming darkness

Into the forestare of winds and pale frost
Storming through the gate, not forever lost
Beyond the burning branches and freezing treetops
Wolves howl bitterly to the sky above the raging mountains
Not for the awakening of the moon, but for the endless stream of the Usurper's Wintermoon

Repeat refrain

(January 1995)

2. Fogflames

The forest of carnivore storms
Throw spell upon wings of my ravens
Beyond, the torches are lifted high
To stop the heart of the breeding darkness
Through the fog, burning souls still march
In spite of the frozen silver thorns

Carry their hearts still unable to fly
Never to fight my ravens, nor thy owls
See the flames burning through my forest
and the hate cover up with the fog
A reek of burning blood, breed thy might
In the carved and still bloodred skull

Refrain: Beholded by the eyes of fighting owls
Wolves lurk through forest and behind stones

Repeat verse 2

Repeat refrain

Again the weather was burning
But not the wings of my ravens, nor thy owls

(December 1994)

3. Wolves of Graven Hate

In the forest of stormstolen branches
Breeds the hate of lonely wolves
For years they have eaten tender hearts
But not from those with a thornful skin
Burnt souls fall dead from the mist I wander
Beware what's act behind each stone

And every eye counting my steps
A marching thunder crushes through the clouds
Stones roll down from the mountain sides
Spirits crawl back to their ravens nests
Wolves of Graven Hate

Again freeze along with their hearts
The path turn bloodred like the skies
And the wood in the front drown in darkness
Over the stoneless field I walk
Still on the path where blood stream
And where eyes of wolves always gleam

Onward I go, and my shadow creeps
Wolves are storming through the forest
Beyond branches where owls violently stare

Repeat verse 2

4. Pyre at the Tarn

Love laid to burn on wood so bitterly hatched
From the forest I adore, and where my souls still breed
Not on paths walked eternally, but on grass never seen
Loss have always walked with a bloodred face

Shearing the spell of winds lurking in the front
As in sun-stolen paradise, the darkness grows
Still along with the winds and beating waves
Spawn like demons walking firely on the glades
In spite of the rainful rage of storms

Carry wood through woods, to a burning spot
Far from forest deep and valleys where
children weep..... Pyre at the Tarn

An elder storm of grief on raven wings
spit into the chasm of golden stones
And leaves fall beyond burning bats
But not from wolves with a heart in jaws
A loss of dawn keep the moon awake
lurks from the hill to see what the flames shall kill
A victim, not for the eyes of the sun

Repeat verse 2

Repeat refrain

Love laid to burn on wood so bitterly hatched
From the forest I adore, and where my soul still breed

(March 1995)

5. Following the Growls


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