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Gates to Insanity

"Gates to Insanity" (2003)

1. Intro
2. As the Abyss is Opening
3. Essenz der Hungrigen
4. Hall of the Immortals
5. The Winds don't Blow for Me
6. Where Blood Forever Rains
7. Blutsturm

1. Intro

2. As the Abyss is Opening

As the abyss is opening

In the depths of musty forests
where birds never sing
deadly silence is all you hear
you don´t foresee a thing

see the weakness of mankind
future is not in our hands
nothing human will remain
as the abyss is opening...again

recreating forces
take back what is theirs
no one ever saw them
freezing atmospheres

struggle of the might
who will ever be strong enough
listen and you can hear
silent cries in the night
swallowing imperial manifest
no one understands the disappearing

3. Essenz der Hungrigen

Essenz der Hungrigen

Kräfte jenseits deines körpers
geleckte wunden heilen
gefolterte träume werden wahr
die essenz so frei

opfer deiner überhand
die eskalation
ohnmächtiges schreiten
das kühle grab wartet schon

schändung zum verlangen
dein endloser schrei
dämonenaugen lachen
endlos tot doch nicht frei

totaler tod durch deine kraft
seh dein eigenes blut spritzen
das letzte was du siehst sind schwarze augen
die voller bosheit blitzen

4. Hall of the Immortals

Many years ago, i tasted their blood
my sword is rusty, my chains are cold
i was a warrior, black is my soul
when night falls, my spirit burns like a candle

so many years i fought alone
so many tears, nearly reached my throne
wage a war, another one begins
who knows if i can bear it stand

how many battles can you fight?
how many wars can you fight alone?
The blood i´ve spilled is as much as i lost
but what they lose is what i win

The wars i fought just grew me stronger
the hall of immortals i enter
I taste the drink of immortality
no one will ever fight me

5. The Winds don't Blow for Me

Walls surround my destiny
broken are my wings
straight on through the halls of pain,
nocturnal demons sing

this is not where i belong
condemned to agony
see the hatred in my eyes
the winds don´t blow for me

i hate the sun, it burns my eyes
truth lies buried deep
i want back to my planet home
the hatred i will keep

6. Where Blood Forever Rains

Where all dreams have died
where all hope has been wiped away
where the laughter has died
and only torment reigns

where all life ends
slaughtering of the souls
total holocaust
kill with no remorse

neverending torture, neverending pain
follow into the skies, where blood forever rains

between the black clouds, in the darkest skies
diabolic forces now are running free

feel the blackest terror, i want you all dead
burn your souls, spears impale your heads

where blood forever rains

7. Blutsturm


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