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In My Meditation Time

"In My Meditation Time" (2007)

1. Frozen Memory
2. In My Meditation Time
3. World of Deadly Dream
4. Unholy Death
5. Nightmare of Tears
6. Dying Philosophy
7. Sign of Fear
8. Doomsday Fantasy
9. Expression Deviate

1. Frozen Memory

2. In My Meditation Time

Emptiness dream
Wisdom is gone in tears
Amusement (is) sacrificed
In my meditation time
Time… Lost it grace…
Wisdom is gone in tears
Suffering tears… Endurance tears…
Drizzled in time… The holy tears…
Dazzling in azure sight…

3. World of Deadly Dream

World of deadly dream,
In the world of deadly dream,
I’m trying to dream…
Crying with no tears…
Screaming with no voices…
In the world of deadly dream
I’m living to dream…
And exotic dreaming time,
Is been burning again,
In the dark flame, deadly dream…
Time is lost in my dream…
Deadly dream…

4. Unholy Death

In the end of worthless dream
It’s the time for endless fears…
The unholy death…
In the flame, time will end…
Crash your skull in bloody tears…
Slash your brain with thousand fears…
Dream turned nightmare…
Burning like in flame,
Wasting all your days…
No need to rebirth
End in sadist way
Living just to bray
The unholy death
The words which fade your dream
Extinguished sweet dream in sadness time…

5. Nightmare of Tears

Nightmare of the tears
Never ended … In my time
Live me in my dream,
Dreamed me with my tears
Live me in my scream,
Screamed me with my fears
End of my dream … Then come the tears
End of my scream … Then come the fears
I live in dream every time
Dream of the fears
Dream … In restless dream … In the fears time
In the nightmare of the tears
Time … Come to the end of sweet dream
Starry night is gone … I wish to be free
Nightmare of tears

6. Dying Philosophy

In the time when fantasy is chained
In the place where evil lust is gained
Destitution … Lost Dimension
Dying Philosophy
The phase of evil saint
Words epilepsy
Grace is deformed by the lust
Bleach … The sin of dark phrase
And bring the eclipse dream into my place
Dying philosophy

7. Sign of Fear

Sign of the fears
Sadness tears … End of dream
Fading all the sight … Of the misty eyes
Days are mourned again
Never blessed the fate … Sign of the fears
Bring sadness tears … Enter dream of the fears
Silent scream … Wasted dream
Is the sign of fears…

8. Doomsday Fantasy

There’s no star shining in my dream
All the night …
And I’m still waiting for the joy … Of my time

9. Expression Deviate

Promises de trop
Devour anything
Dexterous is the word
Fabulous me

Interrupter must destroy
Tearful like shit
Till the end
Undecided how

Warring and racist
Hypocrite your meal
Expressive yourself
Disgrace and deceiver

Mistake in mission
Moderation to proud
Feel’s like to change
No one cares


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