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Whispering Sorcery

"Whispering Sorcery" (2000)

1. Mysterica
2. Whispering Sorcery
3. Times Before the Past
4. Dragonsword
5. Moonlight: The Nocturnal Serenade
6. Bloomed But Withering
7. My Sweltering Black Eyes of Innocence
8. Falling Into Decay
9. A Wasted Journey

1. Mysterica

2. Whispering Sorcery

The Forest Was His Fortress, His Domain
A Secret Place Far Away From The Host

The Hiding Of A Sorcerer Deep In The Forest
A Place Where He Hides His Darkest Thoughts

His Domain, A Forbidden No Man's Land
Whispering Sorcery, His Domain

His Wisdom Guides Him, To The Right Direction
To The Moment That He Will Whisper

Tranquillity Of The Woods, So Sweet
The Sweetness Made Him Suffer

Whispering Sorcery

He Forgot His Remembrance
A Secret In The Mysterious Dark
His Whole Life Was A Failure
His Secret, Whispering Sorcery

3. Times Before the Past

Covered With Ice
Entombed By Stones
Demolished Through Feet
Expired With Swords
Murdered By Destruction
Captured Over'sea

I Behold The Burden
To Become As One
As History Repeats
Times Before The Past

Through The Former Period Of Time
When The Leaves Fall From Trees
As I Blazed By The Past
Towards The Unleashed Future

My Sorrow Withers Again
In The Womb Of Time
I Travel With Fears
Times Before The Past

The Silent Path I Walk On
Fading Beneath The Flight Unknown
Clouds Surrounding My Wings

Now That My Past Is Rising In My Head
For All That I Have Forgotten Inside
Appears High Above The Horizon,I See
Through The Misty Gates, I Wander
Where I Behold The Burden Of The Endless Words
Of The Throne With The Everlasting Timeless Past

Time Flies, Until Dawn Arises, Conquering The Darkness We Live In
With My Tireless Wings, I'll Be Flying To The Awakening Millennium

I Am Counting The End Of My Days, Saving The Time That Is Left For Me
For What, I Shall Be Waiting, My Spirit Shall Return In The Lighting Darkness

And Here I Die

For Millenniums To Come
For Millenniums To Go
My Time Won't Last
Not My Eternal Life
Will Suffer In Time
Times Before The Past
Times Before The Past
Times Before The Past

4. Dragonsword

Once There Was A Hermit
Who Was Chasing Dragons
Villagers Called Upon His Name
He Would Be The One To
Annihilate The Dragon, Bless Him
Onwards The Dingle Of Dragons

Fighting Dragons With My Sword

The Dragon Sword, The Lost Legend

Saunters Into The Forest
Find The Snoring Dragon
Waiting And Flaming
To Caprice Our Savior

The Battle Between Two Creatures
Pugnacious, Weariness, Clattering
The Dragon Breathes His Last Breath

Considering The Birth Of The Occurrence
Grimed And Perished, He Thought
About The Sword, The Dragon Sword
The Withering Dragon Was Devoured

Strolling Towards The Hamlet, With An Endorsed Gaze
In His Sloppy Wards, Content With His Mandate

The Villagers Are Waiting For
The Return Of Their Dragon Slayer

Arrived At The Atrium Of His Settlement
Inhabitants Asking, Admiring
He Who Cultivate The Dragon

At Midnight, The Wild Boars Frizzled
Barley Water Flows Abundantly
A Banquet Of Eternal Victory

5. Moonlight: The Nocturnal Serenade

Obsure Your Supper
The New Draft Arrived
To Sing For You
Moonlight : The Nocturnal Serenade
Sing Now, You Of The Tower Of Anor
Because The Realm Of Sauron, Always
Has Locked Up For Eternity
The Black Tower Lies Down

Moonlight : The Nocturnal Serenade
Moonlight : The Nocturnal Serenade

The Sound Of An Evening Breeze
Just Like A Cold Winter Flow
Roam Through Your Silk Hair
As You Look Towards The Crack Of Doom

Above The Hill Of Dreams
Twinkle In The Glittering Moon
Twilight Through The Passage Of Storms
Reflected In The Lake Of Tears

Drowning In Tears
As The Moon Drifts Away
What Kind Of Phenomenon
Would Do This?

Oppress Thy Mayhem
Become An Overlord
To Sing With Me
Moonlight : The Nocturnal Serenade

6. Bloomed But Withering

Roaming Beneath The Frozen Moon
Darkness Enshrouds
Searching Upon The Icy Path
Winter Overtakes
A Place To Remember
Slumber Through
Breeding The Autumn Leaves
Summon The Dark
Listening To The Howling Stars
With My Eyes Closed

My Life Is Blooming
It Must Be
But Withers At The End
We All Die
Thorns Touching My Soul
Destiny's End
My Life Is Over, Forever
Your Last Breath

Your Time Has Come
Endless Entwined Emotions
Came Above By Seeing
That I Bloom And You Withered

Apocalyptic Signs Rise In The Evening Sky
Twilight's Of The Gods
Summing The Cold Sunlight To Eclipse The Howling Stars
Frozen Roses, Mouthy Flowers

Towards The Awakening Mourning Dawn
Flying Beneath The Ivory Winter Clouds
I Closed My Eyes And Withered Away

7. My Sweltering Black Eyes of Innocence

Banished From The Hidden Dungeons Of The Mystic Castle
Wandering Through The Forgotten Chambers Of The Falling Darkness
Upon The Path Of Silent Sorrows, I Dwell Anonymous
As I Saunters Through The Slumber Of The Unseen Forest
I Dwell Anonymous

My Sweltering Eyes Turned Black, Day By Day
My Spirit Flows Through My Veins, Again And Again
My Tortured Body Is Rotting Away, Forever Goodbye
With Bitterness In My Eyes I See The Sun Blackening
As I Thought, My Mighty Raveneyes Turned Unto My Blackeyes

Innocently Blackness Takes Over My Eyes
Looking Towards The Moonless Evening
A Defloration Of The Unknown Star
But I Can’t See, I Only Smell My Fears

I Feel The Sunlight Sweltering
Sweltering Upon My Innocent Blackeyes
Thoughts Swirling Through My Head

Now That You Are Hurting Your Eyes
I Will Confess My Crimes Of Misery
Prove That You Are Innocent And I Am Not
Your Sweltering Blackeyes Of Innocense

8. Falling Into Decay

Falling Further From The Nestling We Have Become
From Necessity Or Poverty I’m Rafting Down
From Them Who Whittle My Tongue

Falling Further

And There’s A Violent Agitator Town Below
Ascending Himself, Choosing My Emptiness
I’m Not Immortal, Gravity Will Show
When I, Crash Down, The Black Bird Comes To Take Away My Soul

9. A Wasted Journey

A Raven Is Seeking
Where The Sun Came Above
From The North To The East
Through Winters And Autumns

Flying Through The Clouds
Beneath The Ivory Moon

Finding A Forlorn Castle
The Place To Stay

Our Journey, A Long Forgotten Maze
Where We Dwell Deep Within
Where We Must Search For A Castle
Fight A Battle Against Our Weakness
Wandering Through A Tremendous Kingdom
At Last, An Effigy Of This Journey

Entered The Mighty Castle
An Atrium To Eternity
‘Cause It’s A Wasted Journey


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