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Time Powder

"Time Powder" (2004)

1. Among These Memories
2. In The Depth
3. Gretaís Chamber
4. A Moment Forever
5. Cries From The Cellar
6. The Enchanted Garden
7. Mind Scratchers
8. Phantoms From Future

1. Among These Memories

Among memories
Forced by an insane mind
Swimming the river
I go up the stream
The current leads me
To the past that I donít want to live again
I donít want to live again

Water icy like hate
And warm like the passion
Feeling I lived
Sharp pain and blood
Flows out the pain of consciousness
Of unconfessed secrets
Unconfessed secrets

A spring afternoon
You werenít here, mother
You rock me and lull to save
Save my from nightmares (coro)
Save my from nightmare (coro)

I remember it was a spring day (coro)
And where were you, father? (coro)
You hold me strong my face
On your big breast
You swore you protect your darling (Coro)

A warm day passed
And you have disappired
My frends holding thigth
Around the fire our (coro)
Fearful hearts opened (coro)

I'm forgotten as
The end comes near
I'm forgotten by everybody like crummy staff
My lost heart
Suffocates tears
In the stream
Then I return
Shiver for cold
And finnaly now I know
That Ií m still alive
And I still alive
But I still alive

2. In The Depth

In the depth of this waters
Where no safety dwells
The sun doesnít shine

In the depth of this waters
Where no safety dwells
The cold is in to the bones

Come here, next to me
Claps me in your arms while
The obscure hours of the night
Flow away

Unexpectedly my voice
Translates that music:
Unexpectedly my voice

Let the luxurious nightmare in love
Disappointed go away

Few piano notes (coro)
And nothing else (coro)
Few piano notes (coro)
That repeat themselves (coro)
They donít stop
And donít go on
They are waiting for something
My arrival

The fingers beat nervously and tap
The keys underneath comes the sweet answer
That grows and becomes strong
The other melody recedes intimidated
Then they turn into one
And perfect themselves
Perfect themselves

3. Gretaís Chamber

Behind that closed door
Can you hear playing happily?
Over the barrier
Crying for fear?

Lost in a dream
She hasnít been able to come back longer
This memory is not mine

She came before me (coro)
Drying up their hearts (coro)
And a bit remained for me (coro)
That they gave me
They gave me

The little hand was cold
The lifeless eyes gazed me
And here are they
Two brothers together

Hand in hand (coro)
Will they find the way (coro)
Find the way again

Take me out
I want to forget
It wonít be easy
But Iíll win
A life spent to destroying what has bees
To make it not survive

And now all starts again
Memory wakes up what was dead
That no longer exist
May be it has never been
She cleans up and cuts
Make special things that are not
Things are never been

And I mourn, what I hated
Leave my sins
Donítí wash them
Away from me
But let me forget
Then all I want
Then all I want is hell
For me! (coro)

4. A Moment Forever

I've seen only something but thereís something else
Worse, my son
Thereís something else

Whatís remain of this words
Just cold piano notes
Echoes of dreams
Withing your soul

Secretís behind the last door
(the hardest to open)
Itís impossible to close
(thereís no way to close)

Itís not life beautiful
As far you know, my friends
Wait what remain
Cannot either to go back or to carry on
Itís not life beautiful
As far you know
My friends

Coming back and live again
(a moment forever)
Coming back and live again
(a moment again)

Feeling the pain
In the most intense moment
Moment forever again
Feeling no pain
In the most intense moment
Moment forever again

Ooh sacrifice!
Of a wretched soul
For the conquest of time
A moment forever
And your past is a kingdome
Every secondís still yours

Rit: A moment forever (x 4)

5. Cries From The Cellar

You would have brought me there if I lied
And the devil
Would have taken me

If I have been naughty
Into the cellar
Beyond the
Old dark door

I paid dear
For it he was the stronger
He came but the devil
Didnít take me
Sometimes at
At dead of the night
I heard cries
From the cellar
I heard cries

I couldnít run away and shout
Daddy was strong
And the devil never took him
Took him away

And a day
I donít know why
Mum was mistaken
My so strong father
Brought her into
The cellar
And I heard
Scream from inside
Then I
Saw her
Coming back

Was bleeding (coro)
And shivering
Held (coro)
On to me (coro)
Cause finally devil (coro)
Left her go (coro)

6. The Enchanted Garden

A boy thought he could escape
Far away (coro)
Climbing over the hours and dragging himself over the years

With the hope of oblivion
Slamming every door
At his shoulders
He didnít turn Looked yet ahead (coro)

With the hope of walking a lot
Once broke his legs (coro)
Heavily he fell
Down so tired
Oh what a delusion when he saw
His watch standing still

You are welcome the enchanted garden
Where time stands
Still with us

You canít stay, youíll never grow old
Do you already know
But donít call it

If you canít die
Neither you live
You canít grow old
Without time
But youíll just live an
Eternal moment
So the boy chose

He wanted to come back and see
Retraced the whole way riding a colt - again
But time over took him
Nevermore to him he smiled

Stretched dead the boy rode through
Desolated lands for days and years
Till he found home

And his now
Old sons they hid a skeleton
But the claws of time the unmerciful
Reduced his bones to dust
And put them onto his
Great sandglass
Where all our ashes will lay (coro)

7. Mind Scratchers

They scratch
Up there in the attic
They are the intruders

So I
Call them nails like knives
And winters eyes

They scratch and scratch
Up on me
Consuming my mind
Fear and pain
Make them alive
And growing up
Consuming my mind
Fear and pain

I forgot but I cantí arise all
And tonight they are here for me
Crying is enough
I deceive myself
Itís not real is enough

They move into the attic
They make my deaf and none
Hears none believes me
Cause they dwell in my mind

Iíll became mad
And theyíll go away
And come trough me, trough me troughÖ
They scratching with their
Knife nails and winters eyes

Theyíll take me away with them
And Iíll hear their wings
Fluttering above me
I fell down in the abyss
Till the bowels of dark
Where madmen live

8. Phantoms From Future

There is a man
At the end of the room
Looking out, by the window
Is he my father?

I canít see but
I'm strongly like him
I want to know

Then a bright eyes
Child with his best dress
Coming in, looking at me
He doesnít see me

Iíd like - to call him
But I fear
I want to know
But I fear (seconda voce)

Then I see a sad lady in a sorrowful look
And a old black dress she turns to them
In silence want to understand

The three look to me
It seems they could see me
My heart beats stronger
I want to escape
But I donít dare

They come to me
My heart exploding
While they pass through me
As I were a ghost
And I fall to their feet
Fall to their feet

My body starts up (coro)
And my mind (coro)
Isn't holdin out (coro)
Because of the great fear (coro)

Shines bit of future (coro)
Of an upcoming day (coro)
My be itís only a dream (coro)

But that man will die
Is he my father (coro)

May be not
But heís strongly like me
This is my family too (coro)

Stretched dead the boy rode through
Desolated lands for days and years
Till he found home

And his now old sons (coro)
Put his skeleton (coro)
In the claws of time (coro)
The unmerciful (coro)


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