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Worlds Beyond the Veil

"Worlds Beyond the Veil" (2003)

1. Portal to the... (Intro)
2. Worlds Beyond the Veil
3. Bequeath Thy Visions
4. The Caller and the Listener
5. Break the World's Divide
6. Lords and Masters
7. Psyrens
8. Voices in the Void
9. Sands of Time
10. Search the Endless Planes
11. They Came, and You Were Silent
12. Transcendance
13. Beyond the Eyes of Man

1. Portal to the... (Intro)

(Drifting I come to a gateway. It opens. Singing voices overwhelm me. A choir
of vocal beauty. But yet beyond this divine eternity something sinister lurks.
It's not as it was
Wait! Great eyes stare down on these beings and onto me!
Two large eyes eternally watching! Staring! Obliviously they persist.
Something dominates the chorus of voices. A language of alien tongue.
They hear it not!
But yet it hears them from afar. Then I fall. Fall into the seas of Mother
Earth. I clamour for the surface in a sea of mannequins. The shores ablaze. And
in the heavens this watcher fixes upon me. As I fell my senses awaken...dragging
me into the depths...)

2. Worlds Beyond the Veil

That which lies beyond
Open your eyes, awaken your senses
This I show you, now you shall see
And it will change, your world forever

See to beyond
Past perception and physical senses

We shall fall into the worlds beyond the veil

Entranced by the turning vortex
Its visions of splendour entice me
But yet there are things
Which I do not know or have ever seen
A portal opens
I fall far, far down
Amongst the ones
Who call for me.

Behold! This being gliding with form
Yet no form
Transfixed yet horrified by this angelic enigma
Run! It senses us. It feels us
It's coming
Can it cross the worlds' divide?
Will we escape it?

Wait, there is more than this
Yes, there is terror beyond known terror
But all we have done
Must not be lost
We shall step into the light

3. Bequeath Thy Visions

Awaken! Your body rests, yet you wander
What is it that makes you writhe?
Great councillor
Unleash upon me your fear
You hesitate
Great terror hides behind your eyes
Teach to me your learning's
Great one
Doubt grows heavy upon your brow

Brothers! I've seen...
I've seen the thing of greater terror
Fear, fear the words I am to speak
My dreams
Contaminated by this horror
Relentless, these visions I wish to bequeath
Voices! I hear their voices
Its calls flood into my soul
Unleashing this greater terror

It seeks...beyond my eyes
Yet I see not the seeker
Its screams brining me to my knees
The terror tears into my soul
I hear the singing. The beacon
Beckons this beast
It listens
It hears their calls

It's time!
My brothers we must realise
Evolve, we must now evolve
It's near, it comes
We need to reach the greater planes
Oh my brothers, it seeks us
This thing that comes ever closer to this earth

4. The Caller and the Listener

The lowly
Piteous, weak, but by nature abhorrent
The fallen
Throwbacks to a distant age
They clamour
United in aspiration
Grovelling for their redeemer

As prophesised
They turned their voices
Towards the heavens
Using the arts
They called out into the void
"Oh Lord, enlighten our souls"
In nescience
You know not what
Your exaltations have unleashed

It hears
The ovation falls
On open ears
Yet you know not
What your exaltations have unleashed
It hears and it doth come

You know not
What your exaltations have unleashed
It comes
Sing the hosannas and it comes
Sing hosannas and the great host comes

You called for me
And you shall have me
Through your eyes
I shall pierce your souls with fear
And then you shall run

5. Break the World's Divide

(Pulled to the surface I see the sky is ablaze
The portal opens!
The heavenly facade is broken. The gods of humanity fall from their pedestals.
With little strength they await their destruction alongside mortal men.
What are these things?
I've seen them. Beyond past perception and physical senses.
It comes. The moon shifts and the heavens burn.
We must now evolve for it has broken the worlds' divide!!!
Can we escape it?)

6. Lords and Masters

I see you - the many
United you stand against me
Me the divine creator
You dare challenge my might
How can the flock
Challenge me, the shepherd?
Risk all just to be rid of me
Thy lord, thy ruler

Lord of the condemned
Show the might of your minions
I challenge thee, oh lord divine
Die with gracious dignity

I see you- the lord
The tyrant that rules thy nobles
Unity of my thousands
Against your treacherous plots
How can your lowly few
Withstand our vast numbers
All shall battle for me
The leader, the master

Fiendish traitor
I shall dispatch
Your taunts weaken me not
You shall be crushed
In glorious combat
And I'll retake all that's mine

Oh feeble, lords and masters
I heed not your rule
Alone I stand against all
In the greater knowledge
Dear lords and masters
You know little of me
My knowledge grows vast of you
As does your ignorance of me

7. Psyrens

They call
Call to me from afar
I sense them/ I feel them/ I know them
But I know them not
They exist
But not in this reality
Calling me to return

Realms I've travelled
I will see you again
In timelessness I know you
And we are of one

Separated I wait
For the time
Of return

I feel their call
I know I'll have to leave
Soon I'll heed this call
Reminding me of what is/ will be/ was
On stellar waves I've travelled
And will be so again
If I have to wait an eternity
I will

8. Voices in the Void

Yes I retreat, I've seen
That which you will bestow
Upon humanity
But you shall never be victorious
For I evolve
And strive beyond
The influence of your existence

Be calm my brethren
Your voices shall never go unnoticed
How could I forget?
The ones who stood by my word
Fear not
For I am coming
I endure
My last breaths

I feel the entities
So familiar
Ah, my brothers
It's time
I shall leave
Take me to the masses
Our separation has been too long
The distant cries
How I've longed for their embrace

Children, can you sense it?
The voyagers from beyond this realm
Man called to them
And they have come
Fear not
For they can harm you no longer
We shall embrace the sanctity
Of these distant planes

9. Sands of Time

10. Search the Endless Planes

(My body rests yet I wander without comprehension of the vast eternity of
this everlasting revolution. As the known and unknown combine, I drift without
destination and see the vast colours of the galaxies. Knowing only that the few
appreciate the sanctity of these distant planes)

11. They Came, and You Were Silent

Come to me
Children of Mother Earth
Worshippers of the gods
I have for you
Your redemption

Run- the gods are not with us now
Run- for our powers are useless
Call for a saviour
Realise the voices in the void

What are these things?
Will not our god save us?
We called and they came
And you were forever silent

Run - your god is not with you now
Run - your powers are useless
Call for a saviour
Realise the voices in the void

12. Transcendance

The call has come to return
To leave this mortal coil
Return to the eternal
Become as one again
To remove back to spirit
I cast off these chains so binding
I aspire to transcend

The ultimate of mans fears
That which no one "knows"
The key to the eternal
Passage off this earth
My spirit calls
For it knows the way
You "know" nothing
Blind, you follow as an idol.

You are as nothing
For now I am the all

13. Beyond the Eyes of Man

I embrace great victory!
Ride, spread the word
Spread to my people the great news
We shall return
To our splendid capital
We shall return
And bask in the glorious greetings

Bask you shall
Bask you shall
Senseless fools

Hark! Across the horizon - I see it
Our homes - great capital
Come forth and ride
March on and return
Our great victories
Will make us heroes
Our great battles shall make us nobles

What am I?
That follows
That which is

We return
To our homes
Oh great city
We return

Come feast my armies
Come feast my sons

I follow
Come my lambs
I call to you
You shall follow

You feast your armies
- I'll take your sons

Lead me to your precious babies
I come for them
And yet you know nothing
Of all that I am
And return with that
Which shall take
All that it desires
All that it desires

Oh! Father
Can you see it... not?
It calls me
Beckons me to follow
I feel a will overpowering me
Save me - I must go
The elders see it not

Oh! Children follow
My will captures your souls
I take you and you shall follow
Watch as they follow
See not that which leads
Those fools they know not of my
But you my children,
Shall learn all

To the mountain
To the mountain
Come infant disciples
I shall grow eternally strong
You hear my song
It enchants your souls
You are in my power
I shall take you away!


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