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Universe Funeral

"Universe Funeral" (2002)

1. Visions and Memories
2. Bashfully Deformed (Phobia)
3. Scorn
4. Katharsis
5. Forever... Beautiful... Dead Smile
6. Funeral (Folkien Part II)
7. Sage
8. Modern Immortal Past
9. Children of the Snake
10. Paradise of Madmen
11. Cremation (666 version)

1. Visions and Memories

i remember the deaf space raving somewhere with silent picture...
processions of sleepwalkers, i remember borders of light... moon... stars...
burning bunch of paintings, dancing on the horizon...
blindfolded by greed i wanted more standing on the edge of my pride,

i required forgivness
i died for you
i was the god for me

i remember the legend about the medalion,
the precious stones
like gold
which was the
symbol of freedom!

i remember brightness of bold which burned our houses,
the smell of defeat and wreaths of smoke of indignity
i have been there, i have been dreaming
i had a vision of the future, i saw everything but i do not remember
who i was? i dont know! now i am an element of the puzzle,
called universe! i am the part, i am the memory!

2. Bashfully Deformed (Phobia)

broken mirror damaged faces, distored,
subdued voices, phobia in awe of yourself

you're afraid to face your reflection you don't want to hear the lament
of conscience, torn asunder you defend yourself...
you defend yourself against the blow, inflicted by child
form the garden of decay, deformed visions... deformed imagies...
deformed visions... phobia phobia!!!

...stroke of rusty blade,
with the surgeon's precision
takes away your thumb - it has a bitter taste...?
you're not bleeding you don't feel any pain

the claw grows from the fresh wound
it comes back, you feel the changes on
your body again, the child floats there is
no gravitation, phobia... broken mirror

don't look at your reflection, please don't look... at the blind man!!!
deformed visions... deformed imagies... deformed visions... phobia phobia!!!

3. Scorn

open the gates of imagination
pass the doors of nothingness

look at the stars
mysterious place
mysterious beings
distant like a dream of immortality

imagine war
and smell death
feel contempt
for human-animal race
killing its existence
where's justice?
where's toleration?

greed poisoned our minds
like sick jealousy
i'm sad when i look at us
we have devoured our ideals
tears of sorrow flow
on chapped cheeks of scorn...

4. Katharsis

katharsis!!! from the crown of pagan deity the arias of intimacy flow...
every day i peep the winged tribe, i steal their plumes, chaste lies...
dancing on my mistakes i have grown up to the underground,
i am striking root trying to understand...
i am hidding quietly in the corner of the light,
i am trying to get rid of unwanted skin
i am purifying words but i am filthing thoughts
i will never be able to compromise!!!

5. Forever... Beautiful... Dead Smile

ghastly place of my soul,
mysterious dreams i walk alone
among graves, among clouds
i'm new in this heaven
inside myself, newly awaken!??

another cosmos in my eyes
forever... beautiful... dead smile...
another heaven inside you
forever sorrow, forever shame

on equal terms, we walk among gods
selection continues! it's better
to consume our sins just like you
before sanitary inspection
inflicts a punishment for selling
outdated goods!

my world, my life, my sin, my mind
it died for you but will resurrect in hate
thousand years ago the world in my dreams
passed away... emotions gave birth to a new life
i've seen the smile coming on old faces...
forever... beautiful... dead smile...
scared of death - roulette still runs
in religions broken faith
you will never stop the time
even when you commit suicide

days like funeral, but where is pain?
my illusion burns in your eyes...
why are withered flowers grown here?
and why do i eat them every day?
death is the only pleasure
that you cannot feel...!

6. Funeral (Folkien Part II)

in the ancient forest a funeral...
king and lord, fell into oblivion
he fell asleep...

and when they burred him, there was no thunder in the sky
his people didn't mourn him, there were no tears, horns never played
only few old men, were humming mysterious melody, when wooden stake
got consumed by flames, his ashes were buried in silence...
at the grave you can see, only one human shape, a person that suddenly
interrupts silent peace of this night, screaming: forgive me, father!
from this day my name is folkien!

7. Sage

you are preaching so geat truth,
you are teaching so fine,
you involve crofts they believe
in each of your words
there is no false in that
things you do,
every breath is saint,
you are inspiration
for milions
eagerly listening
to your sermonts,

sage! sage! do you know
that your faith awake
lust that save maniknd?
sage do you hear call
of souls you subject?

tears of suffer in your eyes for these who do not believe,
saviour of humans mass you are bringing freedom for everyone
so many walks behind you ready for your each beck, you gloat
your power when stoned children lick your foots
sage do you know that your faith is dead, as dead are your words?
sage do you see polluted blood of your subiect? sage do you see... ?
blind fool you are going to nowhere!!!

8. Modern Immortal Past

9. Children of the Snake

did someone fertilized himself on internet...? perfect murders,
in the valley of intensive therapy, they moderate the pulse, avid viruses devour humanity

they sneak in society,
they spread
they pestilence
born in pain,
born in anger
wrapped in navel
string of wire...

children of the snake eliminate life, children of the snake set fire
to dry planet, they got tangled in cobweb of conflicts - they lie!

what will the next day look like? will the pulse stop tomorrow
in the valley of intensive therapy? will the old man sink into a winter sleep?

someone sacrificed
bad meat
to his bored, heavy
with sleep gods
too late for an antidote
for incurable sicknesses...
too late to stop children
of the snake...
now... in the valley
of intensive therapy:

inertness... silence... stench...

10. Paradise of Madmen

to forget you had to fall asleep subconsciously
fly to the universe of schizophrenic visions
there were no trees in this garden
that would let us nestle in arms of the shadow
there were no walls in this house
that would let us hide in corner like the spider
there's no mercy in paradise of madmen, vile dictator rules this domain
there's no freedom in paradise of madmen, there was no sand on
this desert to bury your body, there was no water in this ocean,
to dissolve your powdered life

to fully understand you
had to taste the deceit

freeze it with warm coldness
of indifferent perversion

cold hearts, cold lips, vision of global rape only capital punishment
will deliver you from sick habit of necrophilia, victim or perpetrator?
better don't make any choice...

there's no mercy in paradise of madmen, you copulate
in loathsome trance, dead bodies seduce with helplessness in paradise
of madmen, your possibilities come to their end in paradise of madmen...

11. Cremation (666 version)


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