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Misery´s Omen

"Misery´s Omen" (2003 EP)

1. Desolate Winds Of Mars
2. Burning Reign
3. Mortalia´s Abyss
4. Ashes Smoulder
5. Antarctic Ice Chasms
6. To Worship Stone Gods

1. Desolate Winds Of Mars

Barren wastelands surrounding
Deprived of life, dead of soul
Eating away at the foundations of life

Tears from a long time gone
Wounds that never heal
Blood red land devouring my world
See the death that lay beyond
Infinite echo as I cry for help

Fear of the dark space
That enwraps, holds, suffocates

Lonliness grips my mind
Isolation brewing my hate
Winds blow across my dry face

I shall not die
Desolate winds of Mars
Screaming in pain
A shuddering chill of terror
Forever madness haunts
Desolate winds of Mars
Shadowing monuments install my fear
My immortality will not disappear
Sands of time
Stars of space
I will not fade

2. Burning Reign

Sky veiled with ashes red
Whilst the white light fades
Charred breeze stirs
The once still night air
Blanket of of smoke thickens
Disguising a crescent moon.
Slowly all within lay dead.
Impenetrable dark clouds.
Seizing the light
A spark is lit
Comsuming the dying sickness
False temples ablaze
Torched inferno of an aged hatred
Pious whores baptised in fire
Death beds bring forth seeds
Again the trees of time
Shall grow to forests mighty
Rekindle our past forgotten
Commence the burning reign
Relentlessly minions march
Towards a glory yet known
Towards the fatal shore.

3. Mortalia´s Abyss

Great infinite abyss
Essence of timeless void
Absorbing light
Twisting energies
A lost world devoured
Fades black
Ancient spirits
Lay in eons of sleep

To thee I summon
Mighty elder gods return

Grand infinite abyss
Being of an age before matter
Destroying all the weak
Forms of life

Elder gods
To thee I summon

Awaken thy sleepful spirits
So ancient
Burn this black plague
And its relics

4. Ashes Smoulder

5. Antarctic Ice Chasms

6. To Worship Stone Gods

Enchanted idols cast amongst faint memories of ancient lore
Hidden in valleys deep within an underworld that mortals know not
These vacant wastelands spew forth perpetual blackened misery

Dead gods roam this realm as always, for always
Glorious deities, once mighty and supreme, rule no more
An usurper throne now battered, forsaken
Shadows grow long as dusk dances across jagged peaks
Statues of gods drift into slumber
Whilst day turns to night
Undead spirits roam

Still waters ripple as distant whispers transcend into dreams
To our inner spirit calling to awaken thy lost identity

Muses sing songs versed from mythical times
To rekindle sacred inner knowledge
Arcane teachings, now for eons banished
Oh forgotten totem,
Thou graven idols vanquished

A hidden world now decayed, that which was undead is dying
Infernal chaos casting shadows of misery over this dream realm
Hope dies
These faceless gods, now weep dying a ten thousand deaths agony
How man forgot to worship stone gods


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