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Things Fall Apart

"Things Fall Apart" (2004)

1. Fellows In Misery
2. Persecution Complex
3. Counterparts
4. In Memory
5. Chosen
6. Consequences
7. Fragrance Hypocrisy
8. Lunacy Logic
9. Ache

1. Fellows In Misery

2. Persecution Complex

take one move back to realize
attains and raise the level for
reversion & abrogation of values polarity
ricochets between the disciplines

followers´ fortune is determinded by enlargement of courage for "triviality"

the principal impressions was focused & glared on brickworx
a primacy and halo influenced by the course of time

be aware branching points and following ramification
microcosmic perception´s transformed but the idea(l)´s latentely enclosed

the enlighten dark to avatar & straight to nightmare "schizophrenia"
in a traumatic trance & hormonal...persecution complex

"Genuis deranged by the white noise
composing a psychedelic Voice
loosing the regards to reality
predestined for a conspiracy
to take on a burden now to realize
attains & raise the level for to find a compromise..."

no selections in perception we grinding "a killing glance" - the "filter" failed
within disintegration of corporeality to enter a higher stage

in comparison to infinity a human life is just a dash

brilliant Megalomaniac "arisen" out of delusion
my haunted souls strive for illumination

a "scavenger" to "surrender" mirror told me what was behind
just a self fullfilling prophecy manipulates dashes to "right"?

3. Counterparts

To reduce the dissonance within
As a flagrant artful suffering
The insurrection of conscience
an appearance of emptiness
Scratch the surface

Fallen tears of broken glass made of a hellish peace
Flowers made of crystal dust in a twisted cosmic fate

Tears dropped into oceanmind
be a victim of speeding stagnation
A faithful tainted temptation
taste the blood of your counterparts

Be in hate with everyone of u
your pleasure blends my sorrow
My disgraceful malicious tongues
black celebrations of "Venus Lucifer"

Don´t want to serve your brilliant morality
Your everlasting brilliant sobriety

Scratching the surface of your counterstone
Like Phoenix out of the ashes
cause Abraxas is killed and destroyed

Croaking of the raven nevermore
"nothing is lost forever"...more
When everything is lost
We´ ve got nothing to lose
that leads us to absolute freedom...

4. In Memory

Your Ignorance Ignites me
I am craving for recognation
Embrace Remembrance
Under the Pledge Of Secrecy
Don´t fullfill your credence
don´t Fullfill Your Standart
Embrace Remembrance
Inflame This Craving for...
Remember These Hours Passing By
Uncontrolled Control
My Fist Straight To Your Face...

A Blinded A Black Spot on my Point Of View
Breaking Grids Of Matrix these Words Of Ignorance

Legends in memories are the Aim Straight On My Way
Create A Standart & with Every Smile Arise...

...A Perfect Beast
Dream Collects Folders
For Existence A Splitted Fragment
Flee the colours of a "constrastmind" (s/w)
Which Dominates by remembrance my appetite Of Distance & Nearby

Instruction To Hold A Balance is my last Solution To Take A Chance
Handling A collapsing mind

Like Chains Which Folds A Neck by Witness Of Time of Distance And Nearby...

Embrace Remembrance
Creation of my dreams
Re/member/race embrace
In deathroll we´ll believe
Remember to embrace me
Able to describe
Remember race embrace
Re - Member - Grace

5. Chosen

Counting The Hours Of Tracks
Surrounded by Stars
Falling Down Into My Arms
The Beating Heart In My Breast

Some Fingertip´s So Coldly
But Your Soul´s So Bright
From Blackscreen To "Bridal" White
I´ve Pressed Escape Sometimes

Emotional Acoustic Wave
Shows You My Depressed
This Is A Soundtrack Of The Blacksun
Is Dedicated To...
A New Tradition Now Alive & Pure
Strangle Down My Lost Paradise
Hope Not As Close Than My Last Selection
More Questions Than Answers Rule My Mind
Love You To Death, Where Harmony Flies
I´ve Pressed Escape Sometimes
Short Cuts In Slowmotion Pictures
Sweet Harmony Destruction
Mirrorface Are Smiling
Death Is Love My Love Is Dead
Echoes In My Voice Reflected Still Are Coming Closer
In Seconds
Minded About My Situation
Hate Religion Rational
The Rational Religion Fate
Now My Hunt Is Over
But Believe In Nothing
By A Call From Devil Love
Sweet Curse´s Over Now
Visual Thought Goes Deep
Dreamcastle Lays Destroyed Down
Starlight ´s My Guide
Shows The Path Back To Your mind

6. Consequences

A Disharmonic Harmony
Freeze the Hell
One Step Closer To
An Automatic Romance
No Regrets In Life

A Fallen Cruelty & Angels Create
A Disharmonic Harmony Of Rational Emotions
Symbols For A Romance Of Disgrace
The Voices In My Head have been Spoken
By A Splitting Tongue
Like A Bewitched Thunder
Ablaze A Sun
In a coloured noisy black
Chants Sound Like A Neurotic Spluttering
Dramatic of moments
pleasure of Sufferance

Songs Of A Symphony "Ambivalence"
Audience In hurricanes eye
A Fading Picture Fixates A Malice With Harmony
Mind Gets lost
In a Storm of icons
A Project Called Chaos Fire
Burns In A Shadow Gallery
Crashing Down Flying High
On Silver Egde
Like A Swallow Without Wings

My Morality Is Damned To Fail
And Every Second Counts A Soul
Between Me & Your Reality
A Colded Distance Grows
Sure As Dead Eyes Are Closed

7. Fragrance Hypocrisy

factor out rational train Of thoughts a blurred decal contour
in pondering silence bleeds me to death in dissemblers´ favourite redolency

a fragrance "hypocrisy" & self confidence is a hazy silhouette
with a cocksure attitude
as a typical feature

to claim for satisfaction
influential suggest normal case
observing the orders
the deflection of my impression

a dazedly conception
nebular mind in a haze
this soundless disparity
no defense for with the refrencence to

to reducing mental-capacity & to canalise the truth
powerful´s not our fate
scattered, chased like gnawers
through labyrinths´ paths
as a functional performer
this theathric game is titled "conscience"
...just a place of performance?

the artificial generator for
the rectification of
a signal distortion
your somatic scents infatuates me

to set tongues wagging & to overlaid black desperation
a fragile mentality is perfumed with resignation
a lyrcal despotic reciter of manipulated perceptions
this place is haunted by collapsing emotions

make every endeavour for the artificial generator
gain to a higher purity
be dazzled by this luxury redolency

expanding your stores of knowledge
in lectures to camouflage
my unlettered wisdom & the stench the absent of smell
a sceptical taste a savoury embittered stench

8. Lunacy Logic

a conductors´ baton guides a corrupted orchestra "de facto"
my final timbre inclined to your total euphony...cut

my cacophonous voice rings into a blacken twillight
its flurry breaks the chronologic in sequences
now turn the page to "definition power breeze"
their instrument still plays...

a scary & infernal song of violence
paled dissonance blights & contains
a falsification
a symbolic for delight
lunacy logic
the "Chaser" declaims

Engage a lost character & figured the final chapter
a dying scornful laughter tears up my "nocturnal"

unvanished verity damages the chapters´ figure
a counterblast as a figure of speech
within these closing words & a charming final stroke
to a soundness factor calculation

the flood of events implicate
analysed by 1000 eyes
within the "rationalfoil" to a scrutinized dissenters´ mind

incredible pretends to be factual reports & rumours comply actual truth

not to be a part of the solution
not to be apart of the conflict

9. Ache


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