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"Retaliate" (2003)

1. Retaliate
2. The Lies That Bind
3. The Great Depression
4. Angst Isst Die Seele Auf (Anxiety Eats the Soul Up)
5. Demand the Impossible
6. Order Upheld / Dissent Dissolved
7. Servants of Progress
8. The Unbridgeable Chasm
9. Bottom Feeders
10. History Is Rotten

1. Retaliate

Crawling from the cities the filth chokes me to the taste, feeding the
desire to destoy this culture that I hate, the daily inquisition, the fear
that fuels our lives, sets each man against the other with the wool upon our

Chains of comman
the weight of wait
under their wheels into concrete
face off the floor
rise up

The razor blade infections out caverns deep across my skin
Reminding me of battles I have lost and will never win
There are no bullets here
These hands are clenched in fists
And the promise of another day is all that we have left

What remains here...?
Bowing to the dollar in their selfish church of capital
Where wealth encrusts their bodies
Yet cancer fills their hearts?
Brother will kill brother in this stained-glass abattoir called 'earth'

My arteries are boiling with hatred undefined for this colonizing monolith
that suffocates our lives
A bastard congration runs the head of this machine
Our hands will gut it's gears 'til their blood runs cold and we are free

2. The Lies That Bind

Rising from the tide
a Kraken cloaked in wisdom
propogates his lies
for love of living death...

As faith in leaders falter and dole-queues stretch for snake-like miles
Untruths in unwritten law annihilate imagination
Hope becomes a process
The intravenous feed
That's bound in tune with 'progress' - in dialectic comedy

More demagogues emerging
The paradise parade begins
where everything is perfect and 'tim' is all we need to save
And just as oceans swallow all ships that sink in time
This spectacle will crumble from false and ill conceived design.

These fragile frames are breaking
And knots will soon come undone
The bloody fields of history have yet another war to come
As chants turn into anthems and shouts turn into battle cries
The statues of their heroes gone crack and yield to newborn human lives.

Tired of marching to their tune in time
The gears of oppression have ceased
No light at the end off the production line- show us that this life's worth

Books are burning in the night
As conciousness is laid to rest
Another dream falls out of sight...and what have we to show for this?

3. The Great Depression

Storm clouds spreading
Black horizons oil slick the southern sky
What prospects should I gather here to motivate my corpse to rise?
My eyes reject the staleness of this day
And 'reason' gives purpose for all the pills i have to swallow
My heart is dead and hollow
Metal boxes racing by
Ringing out the death of my life
Machines buzzing
Towers looming the antithesis of nature
Entering this asphalt tomb- self - interest my prime dictator.

Now that i stand to carry the weight - try to conceive me that it's all for
Now that i stand to carry the weight
I lie to i living-dead?

Four walls surround me with wires outstretched- the triumph of time over
The modus vivendi- each man for himself
Each alone
And each an island

Get me out of this hole somehow...get me out of this hole right
great depression

4. Angst Isst Die Seele Auf (Anxiety Eats the Soul Up)

Thrust into this competition naked and undone
Back to back
yet divided on our own
Fear breeding fear
exploding pressures on
we're locked away in self-made chains

Run out through the windows and into the streets
terror abounds as each man lives in fear
dread consumes their day
the public is passive
and lame
lock up the doors and let out the wolves
a fratricidal race
given the chance you'd sit down to eat
yet conciousness is sacrificed
this alter is never short on heads
stare in his eyes
your brother - this man
yet your fear will breed resentment
why can't you say a word?

Zu Hause wie im Krieg,
Waffen und Hass zuhauf

Casualties of human life drift in the crowds
they're standing on the margins - nullified
outside the world keeps turning under the sun
while inside the sould is boiling over

This hate for the other is hate for yourself
the cancer condition
the dead-end ambition
you'll eat yourself alive
submit to the anger
the coming of vengeance
the cult of uncaring
the chaos of living
and face this world alone
the hooks in your mouth now you'll swallow the bait
distorting your vision
you'll drink from their poison
so ripened for this fall
you take from the worst and give up the best
but never forget you're a human breathe
but can you think?

Zu Hause wie im Krieg
Waffen und Hass zuhauf
in den Kopfen nur Furcht
Angst isst die Seele auf

the truth is something made
not something that's found
so burn all inhibitions to the ground
these politics of dread are a hammer to the head
a life of fear is life among the dead...these barriers are built
for us to tear them down.

5. Demand the Impossible

Each man can make their difference in life (if someone would even try) for
each of us lies rotting dead
Our ideas will never die
One man can start this fire
A second can feed the flames
All of the rest can foreward the line- let bourgeois culture burn itself

Our frustrations
give it to them
together as one...what we have is more then it takes to prosecute the enemy
in time
the pessimism breeds and the nihilism feeds off the apathy we're fed
throughout our lives
what chance to fight together?
What chance to tear this world apart?

Power's drived in numbers
and numbers are what we have
yet you complain and choose to abstain
when we could be fighting back
vultures will encircle with propaganda streams
laying the bait and plotting the course as our human spirits die of thirst.

This is why we're living- for spirits
and blood
and as sure as the sun will bury the night- we will feed our appetite
humanity's weapon
each life's a sharpened blade
but we're hammered dull till nothing is left- and fed on bread and circuses
to death

To climb up off your knees
and fight for something real...out into the streets of ruined cities they
will come
the bane of their existence fueled on battles that they soon will win
with colors running black and red on hope for future days
a call forever heard...vae victis!

**Additional vocals by Maurizio Iacono (Kataklysm)

6. Order Upheld / Dissent Dissolved

The triumph of boredom in everday life carries the wounded back to the
these starving men will fill your cities and bring their broken dreams to

All done
Stuffed and overfed
contained and cross- examined
robbed of all crestivity
each temple is built to cave in
what life in the realm of dead things?
What life in self- built prisons?
Divide and welcome the conqueror
Spectate the spectacle- unleashed!

Order upheld
Dissent Dissolved

The image overrides
what songs can come from dead hearts?
Reason is the modern antichrist
where logic rapes all passion
these words that are never said aloud undo the fabric frozen
revealing the daily sodomy- this course has NOT been chosen

Order Upheld
Dissent Dissolved

7. Servants of Progress

Bred for the wheel...

Running like a dog far too long
waiting for a chance to 'be'
learning your lessons with pride then fall into line
your class inclination is to work
and breed
you bury your dead where you eat
but never forget this world is infinite

Work another day
punch that clock
watching your life pass by
sucking all flesh from the bone
your fruit all but rotten
a spectar comes haunting again as Babylon sleeps
your enemies once were your friends
your lovers
your life...all dead

You are your own destroyer...

Hang the masters from the highest tree and let their dead eyes stare back at
their children this how we want to live...?

8. The Unbridgeable Chasm

These images of the television heads spouting promises that disappear in
move and shift as we cross the Styx (and the carnival slips out of town)
Past ideas never did us anything- the rolling stone of progress
Flattened us
we move and shift as the Rubicon laps at the fast of the masses that never

You quench your thirst with ashes
you plant your seeds in send
and watch as weeds devour...

You pride these institutions that glorify disease
one thousand knives have stabbed the backs of those you have deceived
you can't get there from here
the beaten path's a dead end road
burning bridges coming down again

We hope and pray for a leader to come
our 'new world man' realized- is the jackel enthroned with his suit and phone
the financial demon's arrived
hyps and praise for the avaricious way
all sacrifices must be made
get in line and put the noose on your neck
there's plenty of rope for us all

You think you make the difference
yet you ingest their gruel
and reek with stench of profit...

The crowd is shifting
the target's getting closer
the bastard smiles with his sinister grin
it's retribution
no mercy ever given...the wolf is howling as the sheep devour.

9. Bottom Feeders

March of the animals
the indication of a time where the passion of man is lived through fiction
feed off of the bottom line
let entertainment be the last refuge for mass opinion
spouting the antidotes- another preacher of the right paints the world in
black and white terms.
Last time in the end zone
it's hard to care when the world outside has guns against your head

Castigate then sedate
convert problems into 'need's then download and erode
let circuits replace all emotion.

Bottom feeding
Dragging us across the desert of the real...

Led up to the trough to be fattened up
Human pigs so ripe for feasting
following the rules
unquestioned-the animal farm falling under siege...

Rigging the hooks on the virgin nation
the mediated paradise unfolds
the outcome a process of brain starvation
habituate the viewers into clones

Bottom Feeding
Dragging us across the desert of the real...

10. History Is Rotten

Sleepwalking through our spoon-fed lives...

As evidence of times before
in chapters long forgotten
the reotting tombs of history are written by the victors
empty words are staring back as paragraphs of power leave
no traces of the toiler's fate (just one massacre to many-and none too late)

All glory comes from death
desensitized in unreal fiction forms
our leaders never die- it's the working poor that fight their wars

It is written? It is rotten- their truth is dead and rotting

With decades passing and nothing changing
the hourglass grows empty again
tunnel visions and career clowns
send ivory towers crumbling down
the pulse is fading
the axe is falling
another tragedy unfolds
the moral standard
the status quote
the carcasses of millions left in their wake

The paper bound in books that glorify the acts of murderers will burn just
like all empires that have come before

500 years dead...cold and efficient they carry out their plan-indoctrinate
the youth to the textbook wasteland
as patriots empowered
they coronate themselves
breed us on their lies
and they feed us to the wolves


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