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"Curses" (2000)

1. Sweet Oblivion
2. Intent To Kill
3. Immortal
4. Swine
5. Blood For Blood
6. There Is No God
7. Consummate The Virgin
8. Two Faced
9. Zealot
10. Shitmouth
11. Eyes Wide Shut
12. The Chosen Fool

1. Sweet Oblivion

Euphoric potion is tempting you to throw your life away
Plunge the needle and sever the links from the last of your sanity
Your spirit is broken as the light from your eyes slowly disappears
And life's in the gutter along with the shit and your tears
Eye of the demon is clutching your soul
Your weakened mind has lost all control
Past the point of no turning back
Crave the poison you're ready to crack

The sickness of hunger strikes you in waves of needing
While begging mercy and the forgiveness that you're pleading
Spit on their face an puncture the skin for your feeding
Regrets are nothing Fuck You!

Artificial pleasure courses through your veins
Replace this so called life with your hopes and dreams
Longing for your world to never fade away
But caught in this nightmare forever to stay

2. Intent To Kill

Slowly, Feel the pain of God
My wrath
In cold blood
Seeking, tasting, feeding

Blood on my knife
My hunger burns
In cold blood
Die, my revenge

Soul devoured
Feel me
Bleed for me
Possessed, judgement
Failed scum
Punishment is at hand

Execute my command
In cold blood
Satisfaction never tasted
Inflicting my will

Taste their fear
Rush of blood
Feel my hate
Dormant anger
Seize the moment
Ruthless blood lust

Dominant, release myself
I have become God
The price is your life

3. Immortal

Enter into my domain
The lair of the beast
Behold all of my pleasures
For I am master
Master of the one you serve
You appease me
Bring unto me your soul
And see the truth within

I will rule
The screaming hordes
Shall obey
To sacrifice the infant
Forever we will reign

You will serve
The scraming hordes
Shall destroy
Summoned to our destiny
Forever we will reign

4. Swine

Through hollow eyes distorted and blind
Screens embryonic dogma
Through your foetus of a mind
You chew on the fat of a matyrs soul
Choke on the rind of the swine
You are vermin in your role

With words that cut like blunted knives you are threading a needle,
the needle in your eye
Scorn the rat with the creosote stare
Were you forced to sign on the line
To convert the unaware

You leave me with a foul taste
And I don't have the time to waste
I'll crush you like an insect
And tattoo fuckwit on your face


Recite you lines, embellish the fear
Convoluted friction falls upon deaf ears
With verbal contradiction, dig a hole
Choke on the poisened wine
I am laughing as you fall

Like razorblades on a playground slide
You are the epitome of all that I despise
Scratch at the scabs and watch them bleed
They flow as fast as the fiction
That goosesteps from your spiel

You leave me with a foul taste
As sour as poison, ashen faced
You are as fake as a fashion
Your presence burns like mace


5. Blood For Blood

I will see you die
I'll watch your blood flow
You take from me, I'll take your life
Your own free will the choice you made

Blood for blood
Death for a death
Soul for a soul
You will die

A knife at your throat
Your life in my hands
Now ebbing through the slice in your neck
No pleasure in watching you pass

Your coprse lies at my feet
Last gasped breath evaporates
My ruined life remains because of you
Emptiness is what I have
Your death is your release
I extinguish you
My pain unsatisfied
Emptiness is what I have

6. There Is No God

Why let me suffer is it your desire
To watch my sadness and my pain
Void of compassion, I feel you, nothing
Unjust, there is no god

How can you exist, no mercy
The reason is life and death
Left with my sorrow, how will I persist?
Unjust, there is no god

Bowing to the truth
Life is merciless
Forever hurt, always agony
LIfe goes on, this is reality

Where were you in my time of need
Desperate and hopeless
Continuous anguish forced upon me
Despair with memories
Powerless as you passed from me
Take away my grief
How can you do this when
There is no god

7. Consummate The Virgin

With your virgin skin
Jehovah's broken law
Birth of living sin
Nothing but a whore
Innocent of the weak
For the good of man
Deceiver you are
Lucifer stands

Blood red eyes welcome you
For there is no return
Betrayed by the love of god
Your soul is here to burn
Black mass awaits your arrival imminent
Daggers sharpened, altar readied for your soul

Screams from below ripping at your brain
Demons feed their pleasures and revel at your pain
Flames sear, body tears, your sold into this fate
Saviour has abandoned you to this place of hate

Invaded flesh, raped by the will of god
Revered for the blasphemy, your damnation
You were the one, the chosen, to bare the bastard son
Sacrificial virgin your life in hell has begun

8. Two Faced

Two faced fucker nothing but a liar
A jealous stupor nothing but a fool
I suppress myself, I see through you
Nothing but a fake, a worthless sham,
Your ignorance bliss
Selfish til the last, manipulate and laugh
Empty voice talking shit an envious deceiver
Self absorbed poser, self destruct you loser!
Masquerade your craft, manipulate and laugh
Know all, know nothing,
Now you are paying for your past

Your lies are the only truth you speak
And tolerated by the meek
You crossed the line once too often
And cunting ways are not forgotten
Causing pain and spreading the blame
Sitting of your throne of shit
Just thinking the thoughts of others
Enslaved by a feeble mind

Two faced fucker, nothing but a liar,
Nothing but a fool parasite I see through you
Nothing but a fake, a worthless sham,
You're nothing at all
Self absorbed poser, you fucking loser!

9. Zealot

Ignorance be thy guide
Retarding the retarded
Your insolence is vile

Self indulgent slime
A legend in your own mind
Spineless like a traitor
A vision unrefined

Verbal masturbator
My tolerance is trialled
Deflate you life a fuck doll
I'll belt you like a child

Converting the converting
Your words always miss
A rumour of a rumour
Can spread like syphallis

You linger like a stain
A worthless imbecile
Your ego driven rantings
Grate me like a file

Head of the hit list
A bullet blessed in hate
Denounce you in the name of shit
The father, the son and the holy fake!

10. Shitmouth

Hail! You fuck!
I am the blackest
The meanest, darkest
That you will ever see
To fulfill my desire
Devious manipulator
Chronic liar
Morbid masturbator

Watch me wallow, you're all the same
I will trance you with my lines
Hear this you peice of shit
I dance around your head all the time

Theiving the truth in a blanket of lies
Lying words with every filthy breath
Bitch about me all of the day, never at me
Only when I'm turned away
Pathetic, uncontained hate
Unevolved monkey
Fucking with me again

11. Eyes Wide Shut

Shut your mind
Refuse to see me
Lying servants
I cannot control
Sick of the blame
Sick of your shame
And the brainless yeild

Promising the world
Paying your price
Smashing my dreams
Intentions are lost
You've failed again

Incestuous, betrayal
You breed by contempt
Casting your spell
Their eyes wide shut
Selling us all
And the fools believe

Promising the world
Paying your price
Cheating us all
Supporting yourselves
You've failed again

Consumed by the power
Lost in your world
Treachery your way
We're the ones that fall
Guilt ridden
And lost to us all

12. The Chosen Fool

Messenger from beyond
On a prophecy foretold
Just one of the legion
I will bless you with our presence
I have written this in blood
Through the aeons for the coming
The mantle of the sender
I will curse you from this world


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