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Your Demons - Their Angels

"Your Demons - Their Angels" (2007)

1. Thrones
2. Perfection Destroyed
3. Seven Are the Sins
4. World Lethality
5. The End Designed
6. Chain-Work Soul
7. Noctivagant
8. Foul Invective
9. Scattering the Few
10. Free From Light, Devoid Of Fire (Bonus Track)

1. Thrones

In a land of darkness
In the dark of the night
Only death in their souls
No escape, you will die

Death warriors spreading fear
Ready to abolish mankind
They are back, back to kill
They are the legions
Legions of the dead

Slaves of death, manifests in the night
Human extinction is at hand
Ripping our flesh, tormenting our souls

A horde from above
Riding cahriots on fire
Sealed with shining armours
Illuminating darkness

Chosen light to be their guide
In the dark of the night
They are back, back to fight
They are the legions, legions of light

Holy servants, avengers of justice
Demon extinction is at hand
Ripping their flesh, tormenting their souls
They are the legions, legions of light

I am the one that protects your innocence
I am the one who condemns the lies
I am the one that gives you shelter through the pain
I am the one that gives you life

I am the one that devours your innocence
I am the one tormenting your flesh
I am the one feeding you guilt
I am the one demolishing your existence

They are nemesis, this is the final battle
The end has come with violence and bloodshed
This last confrontation, a life ending struggle
Judgement day has come, prepare for the doom

2. Perfection Destroyed

Brought into this mess called life
No purpose what so ever
Abused victim as a child
Raised as an orphan
Raised in a broken home
Dreaming- haunting memories
Victimized against their will

Human destruction has sealed our fate
Forced to repress, doomed to forget
Holding your breath, now so afraid
Grasping the rope in fear

Self distorted perception
A dark disease taking our lives
It's time to stand and rise against
Our life consuming enemy

We are the ones built on rage
We are the ones who share the pain
We are the ones who devours the others
A strong will is our demise
Wheres your protective hand, your guideline in the dark
Don't you know I will devour your soul
Deprive your life

You- you are a man, haunted by your past
Growing up to be a bitter man
Slowly dying fading away
Reflections of agonizing pain
Will it never end

Human destruction has sealed our fate
Hands crossed kneeling in pain
Gazing the heavens or blood red skies
Holding your breath waiting for a sign
Behind the darkness there is a call
If you do not answer you will fall

3. Seven Are the Sins

As you look into the dephts of darkness
Illusions of your mind, pursued by horror
Standing in the midst of total desolation
Trapped with the mask of sanity

Seven- driven by the seven deadly sins
Imprisoned by infinite horizons
Seven- deserted in a world without conception
Marked by the seven deadly sins

Deprived innocence since the dawn of time
A drowning mind in a dark embrace
Feel the thorns piercing the flesh
Massive neurosis and impending doom


4. World Lethality

Scenery of death and destruction
Smoke screen and rays of light
Legions of death, ready to fight
Harvest for souls, collecting our bones
Massive hysteria, doomsday mania

The legions have come to over ran the lands
The world blindly misled
Reached the point of no return

The day of massacre, the supreme sacrifice
Harvest for blood, genocide or suicide
This is the end of days

Warriors of death all around
Soon to bring everything down
Going beyond the bounds of reason
Eternal dissension pure annihilation
Slaves of a deadly fate, eternal ghosts of war

The world is under subjection
Morbid actions that dominate
Hatred is spreading like an infection
Confused in darkest deception
A life under enslavement
Manifestation of fear as the dark reality unfolds

5. The End Designed

From earth and dust they were born
Unaware of the knowledge around
Evolving minds since creation.
Walking the path to meet their destiny

Paralysed in deepest fear
The reaper's scythe is drawing near
The hour of death has arrived

Departed from humanity
They have eaten fruits of insanity
The black unfolded like the curtains on stage
Eyes open knowing good and evil

Delusions of hope fading away, banned into an endless journey
Finding comfort in a distant past, a roaming spirits forever lost

6. Chain-Work Soul

The great deceiver known to all men
Life consumer, the one unseen
Poison running through my veins
A static mind, no control
Rules my every move

Nothing feels right
Pushed to the edge
Have I lost it all
I am about to break

Living a constant lie
My emotions have me paralysed
I need a remedy
Make me whom I supposed to be
Is it too late for regrets

Look in the mirror
Don't recognise what I see
The life in me is gone
Fear tormenting me
Guilt won't left me be
Feeling useless, invisible to the world

The undecided truth
I am the pretender
Living the lie concealing the truth
The great deceiver know to all men
Life consumer, the one unseen

7. Noctivagant

Your soul and mind, under his will of power
His abuse of people, touches very core.
Weakened souls, captivated by his seduction
The naked truth is in disguise

Suffocating in your own remorse, fearing the unexpected.
Scattering taking a form of its own

Through isolation being alone
It manifests and takes control
The reality unfolds
Unaware about the surroundings
A life under enslavement
Following the shadow

Morbid thoughts that dominate
Always contined in the dark
No rays of light, no land of mark
Feel that I'm going blind

Do you hear these words I say:
A vicious circle
Life of decadence

A battered soul
Your reality
Creation of evil
Manifestation of fear

8. Foul Invective

Witness the madness
Inflicting pain on others
Innocent people dying
Human sacrifice

People mourning for their lost
Carry the lost to the cross
So many broken hopes
This is genocide

Words they preach, I can not relate
Driven blindly by their faith
Justifying acts of hate, in the name of God

Are they justified
Justified to take lives
Captives inside their web of lies

Wrecking the sanctify of life
Harvesting our existence
Only to destroy twisted obsessions

Dark words of power
Incantations from the script
Twisting the message
Revenge is bliss

Human failure
We aree not God

You mortal fools, blinded by faith, turning the message of love into hate
Paradise will not be reached, by taking a life
Hear these words:
There is no release by suicide

I can not relate, by their faith
Acts of hate, in the name of God

9. Scattering the Few

Corruption taking the place of justice
Mockers of believers faith
This mental scar forever engraved
Human values are degrading
A premonition, for the failure

Under subjection of fallen one
Blasphemy, depravity
Complete, denial of Christ

Indifference is your excuse and ignorance your refuge
Your twisted personality
Senseless is your reality

Evidence of abominations
Open your eyes, it's an actual fact
This mental scar forever engraved
Don't close your eyes
It's time to react

Who sees the forgotten ones
Can you tell any difference
We're just not the same, one step closer to the madness
Obsolote behaviour, in the name of science
Emptiness- feeding their souls
The fall of man is now at hand

10. Free From Light, Devoid Of Fire (Bonus Track)


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