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"Shards" (2006)

1. Haunted
2. Ghost
3. Swamped
4. The Eruption
5. Insomnia
6. Dead Pledge
7. The Capital New
8. Pyre
9. Frozen Fortune
10. Enigma

1. Haunted

When the night came
He shivered
And went astray
On the run
From unnamed horrors
His mind
Starts to tremble

By entities unknown
The unspeakable
Facing his fears
The unexplainable
Has risen

Into insanity
His world
Falls apart
No escape
No place to hide
And lost

2. Ghost

Welcome to a new world
Full of dread and grief unseen
No rules, no exceptions, vile is everything you know, now
No god abroad, just the merciless master
Leading us onward to a bitter destiny

No one shall be in his way
For his will is stronger than all
Forceful men have paid the price for rebelling
Against his intent, and now the sea
has become their tomb

Goodness is not for here
Grace never a thing to expect
All life must be in tooth and claw
Abiding the end at any time is the only way to survive
And yet, it is not your decision
To live or to die

3. Swamped

All these noises in the air will make me sick
I need silence over here and I need it quick
All this roaring everywhere driving me insane
I need a quiet island somewhere to relax my brain

Your handclap a thundering peal
Your placid voice has the coldness of steel
Your tender whisper just like a buzz in my ears
Your friendly laughter a front of tears

All these touches on me causing only pain
to force on me what I'll never be able to gain
All these movements of bodies I just can't sustain
Too many physical impressions overcharging my brain

Your handshake clamps me like a vice
Your tender stokes that I despise
Your helping hand burning like fire
Your presence strangling me like a wire

Distorted perception
Deranged is everything that I feel
Distorted emotion
So don't lament
Please don't lament over me

And don't cry over me
For I can't stand your pity anymore

4. The Eruption

Infinity is an illusion
Nothing is bound to last forever
A world can turn upside down
In the blink of an eye

Fragile is all safe ground
All denial is futile
The soil beneath our feet starts to tremble
When it's least expected

Certitude is meaningless
Endurance is a bliss
Fate is tempted constantly
Without being aware

Life is a game of chance
Each existence destiny
Doom is lurking underneath
The death of all things a fact

Countless lifes have come and gone
Perishability and birth
And endless cycle or just an episode
Permanently on the edge

Who will bring those shards back to light
Who will reconstruct those fragments
Will anyone ever interpret their meaning
After all will anyone care?

5. Insomnia

Shivering, still awake
In anticipation of exhaustion
I am chased by undead memories
Driven by blazing trepidations
Endlessly dazed are my senses
Dancing shadows upon my heart

A desert inside of me, a carnival in my head
The previous life hauls over me
Unable to move my limbs
I behold this distant world through kaleidoscops
Unable to catch clear thoughts
Trapped in the universe of this bitter reality
I am narrowed by laughing mirrors

My lovely muse, where are you now
you hide behind your gravest mask
show me the path out of this catatonic status
to unbind this suffocated cry

Hey angel of redemption, please ease my bleeding pain
Drown me in a blackend lake for neverending sleep
through a mad time lapse, befogged I watch the past
How sweet it could be - to go down

Now drop your cynic mask
To unbind my suffocated cry!

6. Dead Pledge

My destiny in another one's hand
I could be shattered in the blink of an eye
Paralized and powerless
In an iron grip
Depending on the hypocritical mercy
Of an unbidden judge
Snipping of knowledge of a misconduct

Lead into this trap with no escape
I am fighting an uphill battle
Just to be run over and washed away
By waves of hostility
In the eye of the storm I prepare the funeral
Of a life now past

Shattered in the open coffin lie the bleached bones
Of a long lost hope
So no more need
for confessing my sins now
Much too late for all regrets
A raging maelstrom is pulling me down
As I accept the inevitable...

7. The Capital New

The approved has reached it's retirement age
Over are the days of the old
A fresh esprit takes over the ears
Not leaving any space for backwardness

And with all the rotten apples
The whole great crop will be disposed
All that thus becomes forlorn
We'll be repayed by the Capital New

But then you look askance at the scene
As wonted processes no longer suffice
I wouldn't bet a dime on all
That used to be dependable before

Now don't believe your works still sell
Don't believe you are needed here
With The Mighty New taking over
There's not many here with a reason to cheer

But despite the grand earthquake of change
Some ancient heritage maintains
Still grinded are the faces of the poor
And the pauper keep on dying
And the rulers keep on lying

And the coscientious keep on trying
Pretending unpertubed
That ignorance will be punished toughly
Without mercy in the end

And unbridged liberty without common sense
Will lead the world
Into perdition

8. Pyre

Life is nothing but a cathartic journey
A mere assemblage of sins and well done deeds
Enjoying the Cleansing of purity
Out of your body, out of your mind, treason
The bittersweet essence of life, catalysed life
To a vision of sorrow

Multifarious forms are taken by pleasure and delight
The fire of lust and greed burns inside
Blue flames
Eating body and soul

The pyre of self-inquisition starts to burn
Instruments of torture inside the head
Enchaining the guilty self to the wheel
But sin is tempting, and moral is lost
Pour Champagne over the burning flesh
Decadence rules supreme!

9. Frozen Fortune

Staring at the shards of life
With no one around
A leaden silence, no answers
No response, no remorse
For the grand failure and all that took part
In the futile crusade of cretins

When life fades, shadows rise above all things mortal
And relentless winds scatter the ashes we leave
Love is just a distant memory, left long ago
leaving battered feelings
Turning life bitter

Hope dies anyhow, as love never rained from the sky
And then things get cold
So, take the outraging sheep to the shambles
to melt the as yet
Frozen Fortune with their blood, for they shall serve
Serve in setting free
the strength live the life of a king

10. Enigma


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