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"Foregone" (2004)

1. Foregone Way
2. Inscrutable
3. Bleak (on LP "Metamorphosis")
4. The Ship Of Fools
5. Deception Island
6. Mirthless
7. Metamorphosis (on LP "Bleak")
8. Descended
9. Where The Juniper Grows

1. Foregone Way

It seems to have irrupted over night
Convulsing worlds in its consequence
Yet dainty and smooth in its motion
Veritable only in a glimpse

Barely perceptible movements from the centre
Point out the changeability of the instances
Monuments constructed for ages
Incrementally staggering

Former reliability becomes unreckonable
Abstracted mere from the steady course of time
Wearing the countenance of unease as a mask
What was once familiar sheds its face

A perpetual motion machine of alteration
The fostering gale can no longer be denied
Long ago has belittlement lost its sense
Still grief and paralysis canalize the force
Impelled squarely by sobered lucidity
We humbly walk a foregone way

2. Inscrutable

Ratios thoughts ordaining your cubicle
The secured wrapped path dwindles
Veering mazed in a ring
My confidant undertow - whereto?

Welcome my sanctimonious friend
Plunge in ineffable truthfulness
Unknowing but foolish
Feed the sea with your dreams

Omnipotent amplitudes coupled with hope
Lower, sharpened with yearning
A blackened warped picture
Gobbling your boastfulness

Timeless depths conjuring fameless
Fly my prideful jester
Unreal glances, nail of distress of your entity
Embedded in an unenslaved range

3. Bleak (on LP "Metamorphosis")

As the light fades
And hope evades
When darkness descends
And all joy ends

When dreams turn to dust
When life seems unjust
All colours turn to grey
And illusions melt away

When trust is betrayed
And frustration ambuscades
When friends turn to foes
And the walls echo your woes

When dark clouds cover the sun
And the last shelter is gone
When you`re naked, facing the storm
And all you get is fleer and scorn

When forebodements haunt your dreams
And your deepest fears are redeemed
You creep back into your cave
Hide yourself and hope to feel safe

When nightmares turn real
And pain is all that you feel
On a permanent escape
But there`s none and that's your fate

4. The Ship Of Fools

5. Deception Island

In moments of madness
Staring at translucent monuments
Indwelling this place for aeons
With their eternalness appearing intangible

The icy black waves enclosing ourselves
Be breasted by lead heavy hearts
Vigor and force in flesh by sunlight
Shall do good in conquering trepidation

Still the brazen mist makes morals occult
Abortive try to disperse the septum of haze
Chilling clearance heisting hope
Nothing to be found abaft the stars

Obscure guises mocking men
Idiosyncratic perceptional torment
Yet a new crack of dawn draws near

6. Mirthless

Autumn taking in
But I know that's not the cause
Halting reclusion drags me down

This life hesitates to be enjoyed
Not the slightest prospect of change
Vicious circle
That I'd thought to have escaped
A lasting state of worry prolongs

Another mirthless year goes by
Another hopeless day
In another mirthless life

Regarding life's blithenesses
Like unattainable jewels in the display
Full of yearning
Yet aware they can't be mine

Grievously sensible
That sudden griping feel
All activates irrelevant
An existence most fatally reduced

Conversant becomes that state of mind
Forming my personality
The longly missed pass of being spared
Falls into oblivion

7. Metamorphosis (on LP "Bleak")

Icicles, heavy and fragile
Are witnesses of trickled felicitousness
Weigh floods on your mind
- Restless eyes, crying soundless

Dried up herbage, coated with glory
Of distressing transformation
Drill clefts into transitoriness
- Seething tears of your reality

Opressed hankering for redemption
Straitjacket of your soul
Solidifying floes to the fire
- Raving in uncontrolled stagnation

Misty adumbrations laughing wise
Penned up in the infinite cosmos
Strange birds of prey circulate idly
- Mystifying messengers of consolation

Hide in your cocoon
No occasion to crave
No one reaches you

8. Descended

Entangled in a plexus of fundamental lies
I simply can't imagine any other way
This play must be screened off
Before they smell the bogus
Driven by desperation
Only an attempt to escape

Abysmally desponded
The shame is even stronger
Than the menacing fear
Of what awaits beyond
All affairs completed
Left you one last gasp
Helplessly raising your arms
You will watch me sliding

Into my secret silence
Into my silent void

Agonizing remorse follows my redemption
Terminating my ailment has destroyed much more
Don't ever try to fathom
Don't search for causes
Don't you try to join me
Don't escort me going

Into my secret silence
Into my silent void

9. Where The Juniper Grows


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