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"II" (2007)

1. Hammer of Doom
2. Kill to Live
3. War
4. Storms of the World
5. Under the Cross
6. Doom on Ice
7. Misery
8. Satan in Man *
9. Sex Messiah *
10. Black (Magic) Triangle*

1. Hammer of Doom

I swing my hammer across the sky..
This is one helluva ride..
With lightning bolts I'll strike the world..
Like a hurricane I'll make you hurt..

I am the hammer of doom..
I am here summoned by you..
With many names I am known n the world..
I am god, the ruler of sky..

I heard there's so much shit in the world..
I must straighten your ways..
There will be a new world order..
There will be doom for the unbelievers..

2. Kill to Live

I am sitting here in hell...on a stony throne
When I was alive...I was a stray dog
I lived n sin, they sad...but they didn't know shit
I've only killed to live...I had to survive..

Kill to live...burn in hell
I've killed for you...I'm going to hell.....

The world is burning...I must be strong
Drug addicts and dealers are having fun
Some violent bastard is beating up his child
It's time to clean the earth and start to fight..

3. War

We never though that it would happen again..
The countries are at war..
The enemy missiles are on the air..
Politicians are far from here..

War! Everybody's dead now!

All my olved ones are dead..
All because of some fuckin' politics..
Why must we always choose..?
At the gallows end we all will lose...

War! Everybody's dead now!

4. Storms of the World

Everything is not allright in the world
But you can choose your way, oh yeah..
A little child in a stormy world
Is the one you have to defend..

You are the whole world..
The magic is inside of you..

From the dark came the demons
Everyday we must fight to survive..
In the end... When I'm close to death
I want to feel I've done my part..

5. Under the Cross

For two thousand years we have lived in lies..
Man has always made up stories and I don't wanna be a slave..

So people think that I worship the devil..
And people think that I worship the devil..

Leaders of religions have glory and fame..
Under the cross.. They can cause so much pain..


Who's the biggest bastard now..?
Killing for religion is not salvation..


And people know that I am the devil!

6. Doom on Ice

A cold winter has it's charm..
The winter breeze... Your bones will freeze
The sky is open... No clouds in sight..
This is a warning -You'd better hide!

Doom on ice... You'll freeze to death..

The horizon is far away..
You can't reach it... You're here to stay
You want to lay down and let it go..
You're feeling warmer said the jack frost..

Doom on ice... You'll freeze to death..

Wake up! There is a light!
You're found... But next time...
There's no luck next time, YEAH!

7. Misery

The emotion is dead... When I looked into her eyes
We can't carry on... But we can't live alone..
It tears my heart out when I see yu with another man
I've slept with ladies... So I'm not better than you..

What's wrong with our minds?
Are we beasts? Lonely beasts?
We ache for love which brings us misery..
When things were great, I felt unhappy..
I should have learned my lesson -Hold on
... But we only live once..

8. Satan in Man *

I have seen the world in flames
Dead children, broken dreams, what a shame

Today it's love, tomorrow it's hate
As long as we live, we're in pain

Religious, greediness and power
Are an excuse to star a war you cowards
The poor is starving today
The rich is getting fatter every day

The mind of man is possessed by megalomania
Is it Satan in man who makes us so maniac?

9. Sex Messiah *

You're standing before the altar
You're holding a cross in your hand
Beneath the robe you're naked
You're sick son of a bitch

Confess your sins, kiss the corss
Kneel before me, obey the messiah!

For many years you've been doing it
The churchfloor is slippery 'cos of your spits
When the world will find out what you've been doing
You'd better pray your god, you evil priest

Confess your sins
Does it really help?
Stick the cross up your ass

10. Black (Magic) Triangle*

Black Triangle...
I'm in the mood every night
Like Black Magic... you put a spell on me
I can't sleep... I'm possessed by your cunt
My life has never been the same since the first lick...

In a form of a woman you're using me
But you should know I'm enjoying too...
Please show me your black triangle
And things will get heavy you female Demon...


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