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"Diagnosis" (2006 EP)

1. Perception of Existen
2. My Ending Them
3. Patriot Ideals
4. My Own Sickness
5. No Entrance

1. Perception of Existen

Probe and research
Fulfil our earthly matter
Yet untrue to our knowledge
Accomplish this without batter

There are no colours I can define
My pallet’s filled with just plain grey
The world of peace we tried to find
Has aeons ago, gone far away

Hate – Death – Pain – Blood
Their mouths are filled with words as these
Mankind’s best with offensive methods
And we laugh as they refuse to reach:

‘Divide et Impera’
Speechless as we gather
Pro-tool of existence
A world will shatter

2. My Ending Them

I can hear the sound
Of your whisper
Above all the noise
Now I can see, I can feel
I might have gone too far

As you lay before me
I regret the acts I took
And I know
The wounds that you reveal
Would better stay unseen
Stay unseen, STAY UNSEEN!

The blood I’ve lost through fury & anger
Awoke no respect
Even if your death is the answer
I won’t hesitate to wait for the right moment

But now you turn your back
And search for a way out To open all the doors
Scream and cry, much too loud
You will try to break me down
And interfere my plans
To kill you in cold blood
So intense and hateful
It will lead to my end
I’m screaming in pain:

My ending theme!
I’m waking up
to her voice
That sounds so
Desperate and true
For all you’d like to share
This is my final warning
Because I know

3. Patriot Ideals

Died as a hero
To protect his family
Aware that his son will
End up in misery

Johnny didn't have a clue
He was an honoured man

Fighting for peace
he was so serious
Now he's dead
with only memories of war
in his head..

He died as a hero
To protect his family
Aware that his son will
End up in misery

Staring at these body-bags
As tears roll off his face
He will succeed his father
His son will leave a trace

A mistake is born in a stubborn mind
Who will keep him from misery?
Fighting for his kids & wife
He's not different from his enemy
When they will take his life...


The virus of testosterone
Will keep spreading around
Man after man it will bound

To the patriot's ideal
That brainwashed
a clueless soul
And at the end
each world will fall...

4. My Own Sickness

I draw the lines that send me
Another way I was supposed to go
Some feelings will lead me to misery
Some will let me go with the flow

When my mind = lost it destroys my personality
When I find it back, it will loose some liberty
I hate it when there's no control
'Cause then I let speak my weakest soul

Afraid to love a side like this
Awareness of my own sickness

I'm in a pool of mud
Digging 'till the bottom
I'm in a pool of blood
Suckin' it out of your soul

I love you, when you fill up my mind
I hate you, when you leave nothing than cold inside
The warmth disappears when I deny
Frozen words will tell what I hide

The truth will come back to me
when my eyes are open for it
And will hurt
Then I'll crawl from out of the dirt

5. No Entrance


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