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The most exquisite agonies

"The most exquisite agonies" (2005)

1. Animal Faith
2. Theater of Torture And Agony (The Most Exquisite Agonies)
3. Butchery's Fields (Let The Bastards Kill Themselves)
4. The Humanity's Fall
5. Immersed On Chaos
6. Old Iniquity
7. Mindly Rotten
8. Evolution's Endless Struggle
9. On The Supreme Legions (Against Falling Humanity)
10. Blood's Taste

1. Animal Faith

the most harmful of your absurd
behaviors is to believe faithfully
in old and foolish contradictions

its your fucking faith what don’t let
human race become more

than an herd’s animal
more than a really stupid
non thinking being.

infested is all your offspring
they have born among your meek herd

all you are blinded by faith
slept into unconsciousness.

your no reflection make you be
the worthless being. all others animals seems to be
less ingenuous than you

your coward fear will be the cause
of your self extinction, and is the reason
avoiding the awakening of human consciousness

Blinded by idols your lying kneel down
like is you behavior you are rotten kneel down

2. Theater of Torture And Agony (The Most Exquisite Agonies)

One day humans decide To build the largest prison ever seen
Far away where none cry could be heard the most reconditous and enormous place.

They knew their worthless life and very meek entered their own prison,
The structure of their confusion, Where they’ll be self punished and tortured Without any judgment cause they felt ever been guilty
At that stage a non temporal Autophagic insanity is played

The wrathful revenge of autophagic justice against human race
Killing themselves in a lustful And bloodful self extinctive act

Placing burning charcoals On asshole and genitals Hot irons marking the skin
Cauterizing deep and festering wounds

“The most exquisite agonies” were lived there,
all methods of execution And torture tools for everlasting And painful scenes
affecting with pleasure their violent and compulsive instincts,
crows and flies around Looking for decomposing remnants of flesh

Medley of pleasure sorrow and pain
“The sublime play of confusionof disorder
and devastation”,Self destruction catharsis

electric chairs gas chamber, gallows poles
dismembering by tearing out the skin and breaking out the bones
Placing molten steel upon the whipered wounds cellars filled with corpses and fecal matter

The self death disseminated through life. Chorus of “death with the affirmation and denial scream”:
“Deny or die”…. “Deny or die”…. “Deny or die”…. “Deny or die”…

¡But they never deny and preferred to die Waiting for the last sun fall, the end of this play…

3. Butchery's Fields (Let The Bastards Kill Themselves)

Isn’t hard to see what
The bestial murders happens
in the lands where mind
corruption and rottenness reigns,
where irrationalism and hypocrisy are the law.
where the bastards still killing themselves
to make the blood flood trough fields of butchery.

I saw among the excited crowd
a slaughtered man bound hands at his back.
he had several stabs from head to toe,
and a hole in his face that let me see
inside him .

when a dying and bleeding corpse appears at my sight,
and I saw pieces of chopped bones lying on the floor
beside a mutilated finger and a butchered dying body

the darkness of night become deep bloody red
silence turn to screams of sorrow and agony

because he has several deep machetazos,
one of his ears cut and getting
inside his pierced head, his arms were not able
to be raise cause they were hanging of the skin
and its bones brutality broken.

Amputated limbs, blood, countless stabs And the odor
of a decomposing race are all around so
Let the bastards kill themselves in the butchery’s fields

4. The Humanity's Fall

To escape from this obvious false world
I won’t get involved in its endless circle

My mind escapes easily
Of this pretended reality
None of its deceitful chains
Could attach me to its troubles

I won’t get involved in its endless circle,
Ill get out of it By my own skills
To be free

5. Immersed On Chaos

We are in front
of the indeterminate
immersed on chaos being part
of its violent becoming.

Now the world Crowded
of weak and meak slaves
with theirs beliefs in eternal chimeras
and fallen idols has pass over.

Now begins a new age in which men
wont be subdue by themselves
and will be aware of all chains
that could attach their will.

We are immersed on chaos
In its eternal becoming
all visions of future
are dark and confused
because future will not be
a projection of past

But we can see the death
becoming light and life.

But we can see the death
becoming light and life.

eternally changing through catastrophic evolution
and Countless of subtle and radical
transformations, through dissipating all beings,
conserving the fittest

and refusing all waste Likes servants, slaves,
And herd’s animals that could disappear
to the profit of life.

Unpredictable is the evolution of chaos
in which death and life Become one,
the dissipation of beings.

Some wasteful beings are refused, others conserved,
but ¿is all human race going to be refuse?
¿ is the weakest and worthless human excrement going to?

6. Old Iniquity

Is time to finish The fight on domain
Let’s take our place and throne

Natural instincts of men
Attached by those who wants to domain them,
excess and lust
among the elder ones.

Old iniquity............
our search for pleasure
Old iniquity

Is time to finish the fight on domain
let’s take our place and throne

Forbidden and disapproved acts
In which the strength of individual instincts is show
If they’re repressed men, their mind, their will, and acts
would be handle and subdue.

Vice, old iniquity. thus have been called
The way in which men Aim to the fulfillment
of their own nature To restraint and make us weak.

vice and excess are strong and old,
but no older than men
cause they’re Our strength
and reason of being.

7. Mindly Rotten

you are Mindly rotten
and degenerated …

only something putrid and decomposed
can be the fountain of so ingenuous beliefs,
of all those dangerous and stinking thoughts

each one of your words
makes me feel repulse
cause they are impregnated
of your dying, weak thoughts
and reason

your mind have rotten
and you race have degenerated
until make you say senseless words
and think about absurd beings

trying to infest all human race
with your inner illness
you will find your death

bastards and “barbarous
building of hates
and disloyalties”

festering all your infested thoughts
you want to decompose all our minds,

but ....
your own infection will make you
dying a long time at our sight
and then please us with your agony
and remnants

“until finally become a diminished specie,
almost ridiculous, an herd’s animal,

a docile being,
sickly and mediocre.”

“ hasta que acabo formándose una especie empequeñecida, casi ridícula, un animal de rebaño, un ser dócil, enfermizo y mediocre .”
Friedrich Nietzsche. Más allá del bien y el mal.

8. Evolution's Endless Struggle

Struggle like an expression
of chaotic beings Of becoming
and the constantly remaking
of world and men too.

men, nowadays
we know and we are
is only one more state
on changing curse of species

evolution isn’t something
finite and determinated,
and could be influenced
to the well being of our offspring

of beings is necessary
to their conservation,
if don’t would be

extinguished to let to new
and better adapted species come

of fitness of humans beings to their environment
universe and chaotic becoming of life
shall depend on their survival.

9. On The Supreme Legions (Against Falling Humanity)

Countless piles of dying bodies,
Sight and sign of coming changes

You shall use your knownledge of power
against falling humanity to deserve becoming part
of the future´s supreme legion

Large lines of meek slaves patiently waiting
for the end of their useless life
All around the world

A new blood will reign this world
A breed that wont be subdue
And don’t want to subdue

Pick up your weapons loaded with wisdom
To destroy them and conquering again
our throne in this lands

Endless wrath and power
handling blades That still trembling
and will become the strength to reign

all those not enough strong to survive
and help creating a new breed
shall be exclude of it

¡ the time has come!

10. Blood's Taste

Blood is the taste of supreme victory

blood flows trougthancient fields of hypocrisy
now became fields of supremacy.

Reason is enough
to domain the weak ones
but we must destroy them
to take revenge cause it has
taste of blood

There are many ways
to exterminate the supertitious ones,
gallows poles , bonfires,
and others ways to make the guiltys suffer
likes torture them untill bleeding
and then decapitate them ! decapitate them!

Blood is all we can see
while their useless heads stands at our feets
We can feel it in the air
and its in our hands
cause it has taste of blood


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