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Green Bakery

"Green Bakery" (2002)

1. No Ideas
2. Pampered Grumbler
3. Garbage
4. Only For Yourself
5. Conditioned Life
6. Political Self Service
7. No Reason, No Fun
8. Puberty Conditioned Murder Career
9. Green Bakery
10. Ticket Terror
11. Despite of Existence
12. Blurred Personality
13. Kühle Frische Milch
14. Sparetime Sheriffs
15. Fashion Destitude

1. No Ideas

playing music, having fun
go your way but consider yourself
which music you will play
be carful with your choice, cause the fulfill of some different images make you sick
playing hardcore wants you to be a political moralist
your institution to make fast music always has to be negative
playing goregrind means for you to deal with pornography but (mostly) that doesnít show the way you want to be
Why canít you stop this one-way thinking and only enjoy the music

2. Pampered Grumbler

The scene is boring and dead
No more concerts Ė that is sad
The only thing that you do
Is to be unsatisfied with you

Instead of taking our initiative
Without concerts and partys you have to live

Your intention to change the things is bad
No support of the scene will make nobody glad
Its also in your own hands
To be a part of development

3. Garbage

Deformed, defaced
Mutants all around me
Domesticated by politicians
Bewildered with their neck ties
And cancered by their credit cards
Filled up with bill cosby aids

They drive by with their luxurious coffins
They drive around in circles
They look like vomited out
Like dunk-flies they fly around their money

I will chop their fucking heads with every hole in my flesh and if will fight their fucking ideologies with every drop of ink all the dark parts under my skin I will win they will never change my mind

4. Only For Yourself

Going to concerts
you pretend to have no money
passing the entrance without paying Ė thatís funny
nothing heard about support
sitting at the bar
drinking one beer after the other
itís you new sport
buying a lot of stuff
satisfied, going home
your behaviour is very rough!

5. Conditioned Life

The mostly discussed moral question may be: are we allowed to play with genes of mankind to produce the perfect civilization?

The ability to manipulate genetic information may cost the individuality of mankind in case of producing the perfect world in a laboratory.

6. Political Self Service

Well-earning politicians with their greedy heads
getting a lot more even by illegal ways
politics is a job for the wellness of the country and their citizens
not a buffet you can take advantage only for your own

7. No Reason, No Fun

Do you always need a reason for doing a party or leave out with friends?
Get your own ass lifted and donít be one of those persons which wait until the next event is served on a tray
Be spontaneously and enjoy your life

8. Puberty Conditioned Murder Career

Living in a aggressive world
The medias taught us to be patient
Dahmer, Mason, Gein or Fish
Are the big models for the kids
Massmurdering as a new trend
No respect and humanity, societyís end?
In our everyday life, we do not realize
That we got blunted towards this violence
Computer games and movie phantasies
Make it easy to kill an enemy
And the aim of a career
Is to be the most famous killer
So you can satisfy societyís bloodthirst

9. Green Bakery

Legalizing cannabis is a support of the culture and economic variety
Thatís what we know
Consuming must be legalized
Who wants to smoke should not be criminalized
I donít want to hide myself
I donít want to act with dusky figures
But I only have the permission to buy things like hemp-shampoo
I donít want to be a drunken master
I donít want to deal with big ciggaretteconcerns
But these are legal ways to get stoned
Legalizing hemp will relax our cultural spasm
Smoking weed and having a ganja brunch
Eating some hemp-pies or dumplings for lunch
Make everyone take the things much easier
Thatís why we need the green bakery

10. Ticket Terror

Cannot find a parking place
Town is overfilled
Every meter is for sale
Searching till I am il

Choosing to be an outlaw
Parking where it is not allowed
Only for a couple of minutes
But they saw you from afar

Traffic warhen in blue dress
Putting a ticket on the viper
That is the climaxe of the parking problem

Getting a ticket for parking wrong
In relation to finance the state

11. Despite of Existence

Getting undeliberately pregnant
Nobody should know this
All the months hiding her belly
Till the signifying date
Now it has to leave the body
Playing doctor on herself
With tools and pain under screaming and crying
It catches sight of the world for a little moment Ė and after that throwing the newborn into the trash
This cannot be the solution for the scruple
Not to be able to raise a child

12. Blurred Personality

The internet may be the entry
To a brave new world
But are you sure youíre not losing yourself?

Less self-confidence, youíre frightened to be you
In the internet you are a hero
It doesnít matter what you do

Just set on your dream personality
And be happy with the fucking chat

13. Kühle Frische Milch

Change your mind and change yourself
For something which is a must for the scene
You like to smoke, you like to eat
Smoke the weed and eat the meat
You want to drink some cool fresh milk
But in the eyes of your vegan friends itís blood in white
Why canít you choose for yourself?
You may live your life like the way you want to
But donít criticize the way other people choose
Tolerance is a two-sided agreement
It doesnít work if one side is prejudiced

14. Sparetime Sheriffs

Sitting at home
Enjoy retirement and donít know what to do
Just let the neighborhood know that youíre the one to rule
While spying and tyrannizing everyone
Controlling your neighborhood your job is done
Just let me enjoy my day
Cause every sparetime sheriff dies alone on senile decay

15. Fashion Destitude

Coloured hair, torn clothes
Piercings in the face and tattoo on the arm
A new fashion trend is born
Stop thinking, just look extreme
Faked tattoos and piercings
Help you to realize your dream
Opinions and values donít care
The only thing theyíre interested in is to fit into a certain group
Be yourself, go your way
Cause they right way is in your mind


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