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"Mindfist" (2006 EP)

1. Mindfist
2. Continuous Devourment
3. Swallowed By Itself
4. Neglecting the Nail-Thoughts
5. Gatekeepers (Evil Reborn)
6. Amid The Coldscapes of Thought

1. Mindfist


These are not my darkest views on reality,
This is not an optimism neither.
Itís an expression of what Iíve become.
In a world of ideas and struggle,
I find myself alone!
Itís my choice I admit
Reality is not a beauty by itself,
Itís an attribute given!
I tried to love and share the feelings with others
But now my love became a raped whore!
Thus, I chose to be alone!
Across the mighty winds
I stand alone!
Beware of the mass,
Beware of smiling faces
And hold on to yourself
Just care for what you want to be
Itís a fist raised in your mind!
Itís all that you need!

2. Continuous Devourment

Continous devourment

I was a mirror reflecting the reality
also amplifying the negative effects.
I was blinding my surroundings with their anomalies
but something broke deep inside.
It was not their ability and wish to bring me down.
It was my realization that can't help to anyone
if he doesn't want to receive help.
Disappointed from the avoidless decadence
I'm staring through the bars of my inner cage.
The mirror broke and became big black body
devouring whatever comes even near it.
Now the battle continues inside my flesh
grinding the neurons, synapses and axis.
But no improvement can be done without sacrifice.
I've sacrificed them, their bodies, their eyes
I've sacrificed their empty voyages.
Now I'm stripped from any influences
it's just a battle that morphs into joy.
The pain becomes so sweet, so needed
it's nothing less than water, air and sun.
My battle has just change it's battlefield
it continues as long as my life
or maybe even with someone else
or maybe that someone else is no longer out there.

3. Swallowed By Itself

Swallowed by itself

sequences deep inside quantisized
while the shadow decodes depth
darkness of my mind can't be avoid
let the spell be cast, to overcome
total divergention from reality
astral embodiment done
while the stars confirm my insanity
of total empirial fullfilment

absolute disorientation in the space
of subatomical unreality
11th dimension swallowing itself
sinking deep inside my subconscience

no line between black and white
no line between truth and lie

confusing your mind while you're reading this
what was my purpose, what was my thought
do I have any prove for my existence
do you have thy need to understand it
...left for you to said the unsaid.

4. Neglecting the Nail-Thoughts

Neglecting the nail-thoughts

Birth is the death of static serenity.
Death is the release of cyclic energy.
Pain leaves into the formless nothingness.
Why do the thoughts dry material existence?
Why does the body ache from mind mutilation?
Mind over this world and soil over your corpse.
Moment - word that is so undefined,
as the parallel lines end in infinity.
Idealistic view collides with intentions
beneath the need of vast continuum.
Words losing their sense from their emptiness.
Is it better to shred the skin and wear a mask
living as other animals, neglecting your advantages.
Lying even yourself with meaningless copulation.
Enjoy swimming into the deep sea of lies
or suffer from the nails of truth.
They slowly progress in your cells, tissues, organs
until you become nail thorning apart their comfort.

5. Gatekeepers (Evil Reborn)

-Evil reborn-

Blazing in a cold night,
In a dark forest of forbidden thoughts. SilenceÖ
I never thought it was a mistake to be alive.
I was wrong, but still proud.
The silence was broken,
The dungeon was morbid
And the blast was lost, somewhere.
The forest turned into nightmare,
The trees-creatures-gatekeepers!
Their ugly faces were full with desires,
Desires of someoneís pain.
My blood was burning,
My peace turned into war,
Inner war of emotions.
I was so wrong all the time,
And now I am thrown in dark,
I canít see anything, I canít move,
But I still hear the voices
of the deadly hole,
Creatures with blood in their hands.
Their souls burned, burned and buried,
In others pain!
So they are not dead, they have risen,
Risen to destroy our souls,
Evil born of our trust,
like god, born in your minds.
Evil reborn-gatekeepers!
The horror will last,
until we see the evil in a different form
In a different way,
In a different world,
World of pain!!!

6. Amid The Coldscapes of Thought


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