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Keep it All Turning

"Keep it All Turning" (1994)

1. Possessed by you
2. The Reaper
3. Because of you
4. Illusions
5. Fire in the Sky
6. Odyssey
7. Keep it all turning
8. Open Fire
9. Stranger in the City
10. I've opened my Eyes

1. Possessed by you

Living for the night
There's a power that excites
So Possessed by you
Hiding from the day
You were showing me the way
There was something new

Then you cried out to the moon
Don't you come back to my room

Just go away
You are the fire
I am so afraid
Can't you tell me why

Dark reality
An somehow you call on me
Are you fantasized
Got no other choices
'Cause I know the voices
Can't be exorcised


I once had a dream
And I thought that I would scream
And then there you were
I know it's a lie
I see it in your eyes
How can I be sure

2. The Reaper

Lying here so loneley in grim reality
Somethings come to haunt me I hear the prophecy
I want to run away but I got nowhere to turn
Everywhere I look I can see the fires burn

So gripped by fear
Always so near
Fortune or fame
It's still the same

Night falls here comes the reaper
He's come to take a life
Like dolls, he gonna keep ya
He's there to take another soul

All I can remember it started as a dream
Suddenly so clear that I woke up with a scream
I feel waves of panic spread across the land
Searching just for me like the icy hand


Looking in the past I see that I was blind
Living for each day there is nothing left behind
Thoughts of desperation running through my head
Because in the morning I know that I'll be dead

3. Because of you

Lead the way down to my city
And show me all the things you would improve
Take them away so that we can rebuild them
I'll build a place just for me and you

You know what I am and
You know what I'd like from you

Well the nights keep getting colder
When will the fire ever reach our souls?

Riding on the lightning
'Til we reach the sea
So cool that it's frightning
When you're with me

Because of you I've found a reason
The only one I've ever known
Because of you I've got a feeling
And I don't wanna see it go, no

Now the world keeps growing older
Can you and I face it all alone

Sailing through the darkness
Seeking for the light
Don't know what my life is
Make it all right

4. Illusions

When every word is spoken
About things we've done
And every heart is broken again
When the time is over for me and you
We're starting to play the same old game
I wish it wouldn't be the last train
It just makes me go insane

Who can give the answer
Who can bring the light into the dark
We gonna get closer to the edge
This will be the everlasting dance

Was it really all in vain
Now I'm leaving all this pain

Make up your mind to turn the world around
Use your illusions
Look into the crystal ball and see
Just use your illusions
The future so bright
I can see the light

Years gone by - life goes on
Still the same mistakes by the human race
We try to kill mother nature
Live in fear by an atomic disgrace

Why can't we learn from the past
In this world our children are the last


5. Fire in the Sky

Two hundred people at the airport
Are waiting for the flight to New York
Nobody want a suicide
The most of them heading home

FBI and the airline office
had a call from the devil's sons
But they see no reason
To stop the starting plane

So they start 'cause it's good weather
A normal flight the same as ever
Nobody knows that there is death on board
No technology can stop him now

Fire in the sky no chance to breaking out now
Fire in the sky there's no security

The killers are blinded from their religion
They wanna start a revolution
But they're fighting in a war
They will never win

And they kill with modern weapons
Helpless mothers and their children
Cold fanatic terrorists
Are the angles of the beast


Fire in the sky no chance to breaking out now
Fire in the sky there's no security

6. Odyssey

Whisper of angels sing in the darkness
Assuming control
The eyes of a stranger looking upon us
Into our souls
Waves of destruction pouding the woodwork
Into our bones
Steering our will and taking us farther
From our homes

And we'll sail away from the sun
And into the land of tomorrow
Searching the paths of the night
The stars will show us where to go

When you find the answer to the never ending story
You will know the power of odyssey
Take a trip in fantasy and sail across the ocean
Feel the spirits of our destiny
I feel the time is right please come along with me
We'll see the ancient dreams and know the way
Of odyssey

Visions and voices, forgotten stories
That need to be told
Ghosts of lost sailors bringing us forward
Into the cold

Frightening powers try to destroy us
But we carry on
Know that darkness is never forever
We wait for the dawn

I search for answers now each and every day
I need to find the truth but I can't find a way

Cross the oceans with odyssey
There's a power flowing on the endless sea
'Round the world with the odyssey
Now I need you tell me that you'll come with me

We'll get through it if we make our attack
We can do it and we'll never look back

7. Keep it all turning

I woke up in the middle of a dream
Saw the roll of the dice
Skies of blue fields of endless green
Clouds of fire and ice

We walk on earth and reach out for the stars
Big red letters all the way from Mars
We dream in colour but we live in black and white

See that nature is burning
Feel the ocean is here
We try to keep it all turning
But I can see the fear

I woke up in a world of confusion
Time is right for a change
These dreams were filled up with illusions
They've all become so strange


8. Open Fire

Cold sensations flowing on and on
My recollections almost gone
The voices that reach me leave me so confused
They come and tell me I've been used

Take me to the place
Where I lost my mind
I can't remember
Take me to the place
And I will try to find

Why ain't my memory telling me
what I could have done
Until it does I am on the run
And the forces of evil's lost empire
Open fire


Wake up screaming still I don't know why
I hear its number before I die
This final command full of hatred and desire
Open fire


9. Stranger in the City

You're sittin' and watchin'
And thinkin' out your head
There's one thing you be sure today
The time is running through your hands
Always just the same
And you crying aout your heart
So many years of wasted time

How do you feel now mama's fallen angel
In the city you don't know
Where you can sleep tonight
Down down dirty in the deep of this town
You're hangin' out on the streets and you remember

When you are young and wild
They said you have to be cool
And when the nights came down
You felt like a fool

You are a stranger in the desert
A looser in the night
So you dance alone
And when you've lost your direction
In the big city lights
Then you dance alone

Make your stand and deliver
Straight ahead and live your life
Don't be a fool no more

You are a restless child
Got no place to go
You livin' in a jungle out of time
What have you seen now
Thought you were so strong
This is not like before

10. I've opened my Eyes

When you're alone
You go out on the streets
Hearing the wind you remember
You're facing the sky
Where the fire begins
And now you can't fight anymore
You waited too long
It will never come back
Lost in the hand of a stranger
It conquers the sea
It embraces the land
As cold as the eyes of a whore

I feel the beast is coming
The sky is glowing red
And now we are becoming
A world of walking dead

I've opened my eyes
And seen my tomorrow
I can feel that
The end is near
Slowly we fall
To replenish the earth
But we all know that it's too late
Each day we live
We just take we don't give
Destroying the way to survive
We couldn't know
All the things we do now
Blinded by nature's constructions
Knowing that we
Have but only one chance
A wait 'til the saviour arrives


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