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"Live In Partizan" (2001 Demo)

1. In Expectation Of...(intro)
2. Reckoning Infinity
3. Looking The Chaos Within
4. Martyr Of The Sky
5. Baltazar's Feast
6. Legacy Of Cain
7. Funeral Fog (song by Mayhem)
8. I Am The Black Wizards (song by Emperor)

1. In Expectation Of...(intro)

2. Reckoning Infinity

With never ending torrent
Away your life escapes
Receding time
Departing landscapes

To evade the endless flux
Of worthless human scum
You hide behind the walls
Of a mirage asylum

Beyond your comprehension
The fact that you are free
Cause god has long been buried
In human memory

You will not find the answers
In the ancient book of lies
Forsaken, overgrown by weed
Your path to paradise

Doubt and fear are always there
To keep you company
As you march toward the end
Squandering your sanity

And when you spot the Charon's Boat
Sailing through the haze
It is you it's come to take
To the final resting place

In the oceans of infinity
That paralyze your minds
The truth can be discovered
By those with open eyes

Don't expect to find salvation
Following the blind
You know the end is coming
But only for your wasted life!

A moment before Armageddon!

3. Looking The Chaos Within

I was exiled once
And shattered into pieces
Dispersed about the universe
Each fragment morphing into soul

Compressed within the tissue
Nursing in the stream of blood
Sucking on the juice of life
And waiting for the moment to awake

For some integral element
For others parasitic strain
Transfecting every cell and mind
No matter what I thrive
Concealed within the shell of human kind

From dawn till dusk of human life
Forever fading and proliferating
I die in flesh that melts away like wax
Discharged with pus I flow

Exposed to perils of liquidity of life
I am your only solid core
Chaos within

Discharged with pus I flow
To feed the worms
Then briefly disappear
Only to be born again
A flower on the tomb

I travel through the realms of time
Musing at your self-inflicted pain
And savor my supremacy in your trival game
Where people are merely used as paws
I play on the stage of my desires
Until the time when all my bits rejoin

And I will come alive
...And order is just for me

4. Martyr Of The Sky

Searching for the meaning of existence
The very gist of happiness I've found
Flowing from the end of syringe needle
Filling bitter emptiness inside

He speaks to me through spasms in my veins
The one who has the answers to all questions

He watches me wherever I go
With a gaze that pierces darkness
All troubles melt in ghastly flow
While I succumb to blindness

Centuries of misery
For a single day of peace
The price to pay for useless pride
Torment for my sins

The venom pulsing through my veins
Like the black currents of Styx
Across which my soul is floating toward the haunted shores

I will not return to slavor
Worshiping the worthless
Lead a manequin's existence in an empty shell

But once the poison loses all its magic power
Shatering the illusions of my crystal tower
Golden shine of Jacob's stairway swiftly disappear
Angels turn to demons
Ejecting me from heaven into hell

Once again my heart will heal, time will dry my tears
I'll attempt to fly again running from my fears
Only to end up once more deeper than before
Crossing into nether regions passed the point of no return

Wandering about in ether, searching for the promise land
Always under the watchfull eye of my master
Who once gave me all the power but took away all love
And soon He's gonna rid my eyes of their luster

Elevated by His power I feel mightier than all
Yet forever in the groove of the one who has my soul
Captive to the voice of Erebus

Destined to remain imprisoned to His morbid influence
Handled and manipulated like a puppet by His will
While my suffering and burning fuels his existence
Till my empty shell is spent in this torture mill

Can not find relief in madness
Now I plead to you my final whish
As I look into your eyes emmitting darkness
Please incinerate my carcass back to ash

I don't want to be a martyr of the scarlet sky
Let me out of this confinement, let me die!!

5. Baltazar's Feast

If you have chosen the path to the throne
Undeterred by the terrible fate of your predecessors
I had to share some thoughts with you
My son you will, in my opinion, be strong enough
To break the curse of endless rituals
Self-sacrifice and immolation

You'll have to cleanse your soul
From the layers of moral putrefaction
That have accumulated through the ages
I hope you'll never share a table
With bastards of Babylonian whores devouring
The flesh of murdered gods
(And drink from holly chalices the wine of their blood)

To rule them you will need
To hone your words to razor sharpness
To purge your kingdom of the vice and heresy
Harrowing the soil with the plow of hatered
Forsaking weakness, mercy and regrets

The orb of divine warrior
Adorns your youthful head
In which the rage of gods will soon awaken
And Avel's spirit by your sword will dispense revenge

This is the way you have to be
To reach the throne that sits atop a heap
Of skulls and skeletons of the tomorrow's dead
Of scum and villains who are feasting at my table at this time of plague
(So let this throne should not be turned for thee to cross upon Golgotha)

I'm afraid
You are not destined to delight
Perfection of your reign
As you were dealt the fate of
(In arena where all your deeds will be accomplished by your sword

So brace yourself to reign in a dominion
That's like neglected garden is overgrown with weeds
Whose paths are covered in decaying leaves
Flanked by the lifeless tree stumps
That never will produce a seed or fruit

Upon the ruins of Pantheon which once was home
To living gods now dead, you must erect your own shrine
From the debris create new form by force of your belief
From chaos forge new harmony
In Discordance new form of harmony you'll find

This is my demise
For which I'll raise my goblet
For the last time at the fest of Baltazar
I'll drink before my mind is lost to imminent dementia
I'll drink to the doom of decadent epoch
To the angels horn to herald it
To the coming of Zoroaster clothed in celestial gold
To the cleansing flame
(To rebirth of new epoch of glory)

6. Legacy Of Cain

All my nightmares back again - scared to go to sleep
They come and torture me at night, awake my dormant fears

Time after time, again and again
I am haunted by an image of a weeping maiden
Whispering her ghastly words:
No hope remains! No hope remains!!!

No hope remains to redeem the sin of murder
No chance to evade the fate
That will be dealt to human kind

Not in the ancient books or scrolls
Lives the damnation
But in your blood that fills your veins
And in your thoughts

Not buried in the ruble of past virtues
But in the dark uncharted recesses of your mind

In a ghostly shadow of Erebus it will arise
And dim your eyes to a shade of evil

Anticipating punishment you turn
Your gaze upon the skies
Or seek it in the depths of the Earth
But all to no avail

For your demise is much more closer to you
It's in your hands. O, descendant of Cain!
In the hands of a creature that calls itself Human

One day the words will sound within your brain
The words you hadn't heard before -
The testament of Cain to his abiding sons

The sword of words is wielded
By the enlightened one
It could be painful but effective cure
With potency to save you from this plague

Alas! To those were born deaf and blind
This cure is vain
And you soon will perish as a species
Drowned in the blood of your pointless wars

And there will be no one left
Carrying the seal of Cain.

7. Funeral Fog (song by Mayhem)

Every time this year this dark fog will appear up from the tombs it comes to
take one more life that can be near.
In the middle of transylvania All natural life has for a long time ago gone,
its thin and so beautyful but also so dark and mysterious.

Once again the priest is messing may the god bless us all.
The fog is here again that'll complete this funeral.
From a place empty of life.
Only dead trees are growing hear as it comes from a far
Only dead treas are growing hear

............Funeral Fog
............Funeral Fog
............Funeral Fog
............Funeral Fog

8. I Am The Black Wizards (song by Emperor)


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