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"In The Light Of Eclipse Coming" (2000 Demo)

1. Live In Sodom
2. Too Dead To Live
3. Mind Eclipse
4. Immortal Images & Voices Of Satan's Sorrow
5. For Those Who Born Under The Chaos Device
6. Of Queen That Enthroned In Haunted Citadel Of Syberia
7. The Incarnation Of My Sorrow
8. Farewell
9. Outro: Fall Into Emptiness

1. Live In Sodom

When cold lava become alive
Had pushed out from the bowels of Earth
Swarm of unforgiven wraths

When salt waters move aside
Bearing the new great whore of the world
This will be a sign for Humankind:
Aghast! New Sodom arise!

From the deep of cursed ocean
Grey mist move up
Bringing odour of primal sins
Sodom in your head! Sodom in your mind!

Sodom control hands with swords
Let's begin carnage in the name of God
Tear off civilian mask you so long worn
Nude primeval instincts in abyss of your soul

And you already beast
Lead by prevail willingness to kill
and propagate
Breaking all boundaries from the ancient times
Perveranced natured strive outside

All world became a part Sodom
All cities become streets we'll walk along
On every wall neon posters with our names
Show you: "There will be soon Armageddon!"
Sodom! Sodom in your minds!

2. Too Dead To Live

What pain is in my heart,
What pain is in my mind
What curse laid upon my head:
Before my birth I was recorded
in the Book of Dead

But I'm only weapon
In hand of my dark One
The seer of Ancient God
The blind executor of my carm

Home, my temporal shelter,
My cave where I can hide from cold and rain
My tower where I was imprisoned
until the end of condamnation
My crypt, where I decay, awaiting freedom
through self-destruction

Still needed for him
Following my scripted lot
I was born to kill
For what? I don't know

So look upon the burning skies
They proclaim to me decision of the Gods
I'm doomed to die

So look into my face
While remains of humankind
still living in my mind
While the insanity, a last step of my dying,
hadn't come...

3. Mind Eclipse

Daybreak. Angels are blazing the dawn of new day
The sun in golden chariot race up to heaven
But you can't see it, as morbid slave
You pull down your days, counting it to end
...With gloom you drops seldom looks in skies...

Eternal horror put in chains your mind
That horror makes you await for death
That horror makes you fight
For what? For whom? It doesn't matter...

* * *

In chaos of many lies thou try to find
the path to true
But doesn't know, you'd buried your true
under the monoliths of useless manuscripts

As shameful maiden
Sun hide in darkness of the moon
And wicked light already fled in horror
Engaged by the shadow goul

Thunder rip heaven asunder
In flicked lightnings if you can behold
The great battle of two titans
in which your dye was cast

As Selene drops shadow on the Earth
The King of Horror throws blindness
Upon your mind
As primitive man, aghast, you'll fall to ground
Behind the face of Great Enigma...

The magic equinox has been set
And heaven opens Deus revelation.

* * *

And then you'll realize, you already dead,
Altrough you always afraid to die.
You're already in hell,
Altrough you always afraid to fall there

Donation were vain-
God laugh upon you
Wind throwing your remains
Sun eclipse had gone,
But mind eclipse has come.

...And when angels blaze arise of new sun
Nobody can see it...

4. Immortal Images & Voices Of Satan's Sorrow

5. For Those Who Born Under The Chaos Device

We are those who followed
From cradle to grave
We are those, who wanted
Never been enslaved.

Our names lost among
Strings of ancient scripts
Our soul condamnmed
To have been burialed in lethargy sleeps

We lived on the ruins
Of glorious age
We whisper to people
The worlds of forgotten prophecies

But essence has lost
And you can't understand me

...Our truth among the many lies
As blots of dirt desecrated the holy altar...

We are those who saw the Devil played
In great chess
We saw kings lost their heads
And queen became slut mistresses

We saw new Chibbella rise
And want donation of our sacrifice
We known seers that played for love
As sodomizing angels blood

We worshiped unshrined God
That failed
We follow illusion ideals
And their disappeared

We broken our veins with smile
We went away and only mirrors
Keep our image
'Neath the layer of blur glass

We had perished by time
Those who born under the Chaos devise
We fade as graven flowers
That will never grow again

6. Of Queen That Enthroned In Haunted Citadel Of Syberia

Lost somewhere in the cursed arids
At the crossroad of Haunted dimensions
Abandoned fortress tower above as stone monolith,
Lonely rampart of divine interventions

Lo, hidden in dissolved labyrinths
Lo, where spirts are walking through many rooms
Vainly searching for eternal peace
You're enthroned by the Ancient Moon.

In thy arms the power of Pagan Gods
Power to extinguish sun and burn stars
In your enchanting smile laugh of a nymph
In your serpent eyes doom of human lurks

Apocalypsis of dreams is
In your inexorable words
In your cold crystaled heart
Abyss for the many souls

Onyx crown upon your head made by Astaroth
Servants stand beyond your back-the Devil and the God
Gifted by Venus, Thou sets control upon the lust and love
And Niggurath, the punisher of all lives,
is only other step for your rebirth.

Ensorcered by chaos
Goddess of the Underworld
Creature of my faerytales
Inbreeding of my thoughts.

7. The Incarnation Of My Sorrow

Banners on the wind -
Devices of glorious God
Greatest armies I lead
Await for my order to conquer the world

Beyond the curtains of night
They cannot see my face
Beyond the stone mask of Might
They cannot read my thoughts

But I'm following you
And whisper of my lips
You can hear as the blewing of wind:

"So many years hath flowed since I was exiled
So many worlds I passed searching for the shelter

While I had found this strange dimension
From pain and love, from tears and blood
From all my Deus hate I built this world

And pearls of stars I threw in deep of night
And planets, inbreedings of my mind
Creatures of my game

The birth of day I made and burial of night
And many secrets I've revealed
The essence of the Death and Life

In many incarnation I've been
In grave as rotten flesh I laid
In beastful passion of two lovers' bodies I burned
In steam I rose, in rain I fallen

But ultimately I made Thee
The black gate to my darkest nature
The storage of my grim
That noone mortal eyes can see

These, who I named the Earth
Last incarnation,
The incarnation of my sorrow
And sons and daughters you born.

I am you, you are me
And I am them..."

8. Farewell

Through time and space
My rebel spirit travel
Following by hope to find
Your neverdying soul

But where, I don't know
It seems that once I beheld you
For a moment
But as fallen star
Thou hidden from me
Beyond the horisont
Just saying' me: "Farewell"

Six thousand years had gone away
My flesh decayed
And rustless Chronos
Turned our bodies to dust
And our names became a remembrance

Enrised by hate and despair
I'd been resurrected
To be a shadow abroad life
To be eternal prisoner
In the City of Dead

Where is no mean in good and evil
Where is no neither good nor bad
Where is the clocks forever stop
Anmd winds never disturb
A silence of this walls

And only gore of perished souls
That turned to final graven dusk
Break endless grey moveless fog

There is no memory about past
There is no hopes ahead

And only my sorrow scream
A call of quivering fetus,
Sealed in the sarcoffag
A song you never hear
Will fill the air and disappear:


Farewell life, obsolete thing of my existance
Farewell God, you refused me, between us
there is abyss of unreachable distance
Farewell Satan, when I beg you to burn my soul
you turned back from me

...But in this grim place
Strange detail I remarked
Oh, if you look into the sky
You'll see the stars so brightly shine


And never die and fall never...

9. Outro: Fall Into Emptiness


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