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Mind Colour

"Mind Colour" (2002)

1. The Illusionist Baron
2. Black Hole
3. Obsession of Remorse
4. Scent of Life
5. The Master
6. Mind Colour
7. Keraton Fortress
8. The Queen of Silence
9. The Sparrow Minister
10. Infinite Horizon

1. The Illusionist Baron


solid ground under my feet,

now youíre staggering monsters

before my steeps.

My mind nourishes the mystic

of this crusade

and your hands feed only

the scepticism of your battles.

Armoured by formed refugence

I roll on the daily pains

Armed by doubtful solutions

I try to fire

at the shades opposed to me.

I canít trust you whoíre lost

at the thought of an overtime

where life comes after dying

where the past revival in the present.
ďOld FriendĒ

dust your corroborant armour and

help me to sack

the haunting hordes

that are pursuing me.

The Army of the Illusionist Baron

needs refoirnements

hard to find in a plot

of Profan Conjurers.

2. Black Hole

In this space scanning my movements slaken speed,

while my perceptions increase their intensity.

All your syllables blew

on my abused ingenuity


inside in you
You browned my skin
with the warmth of your false essence,

you slip off it

just I discovered you aÖ

Black Hole. Itís all that you are

Black Hole. Satellites collector

Open wide and let set free my gravitation

in your seeming depth;

open wide and let set me free

in whatever dimension,

youíre a Star but I seek the World

3. Obsession of Remorse

Part I - ďThe AdventĒ

Living ice, shady figures,

the cold stings me, pain for my flesh.

Eyes fade away,

mind colour, changes into a dream.

It approaches...

In deep greyness, itís powerful heat,

Dazzling light.

Iíd draw back, to admire it more,

my bodyís charmed by that flowing act.

It approaches...

Part II - ďThe PersecutionĒ

Triven at string by a lance in breast

my impatient heart goes on in its regular way

floods of memories immobilize my body

icy istants arrows sting my brain.

As pure electricity,

I jerk by this hot ironshood chair.

Stillness surrounds me

truth tries to get inside me.

Fear of my own corpse

which lives in hope of dying.
Sunset drops quickly

thereís no more light for me.

Nature spies upon my loneliness

hiding eyes inside its shadiness.

Images overlap,

red tears furrow my face

Swift changes depreciate me,

istinct and reason are in fight,

a voice herolds the winner,

itís the voice of madness.

Blowing out your candle

Iíve finished my existence

Memory of your light

Melts me as wax.

Time doesnít take away

The Obsession of Remorse

always at your side

along the path of life.
Stillness surrounds me,

truth tries to get inside me.

Fear of my own corpse

which lives in hope of dying.

4. Scent of Life

The silence of the woods

dances with the early light of moon.

Hues golden and pure

cross the horizon

veiled by some dreamy clouds.

I smell the scent of the seasons

mixing with the passing of years.

I go down the twilight

through the abyss of my eyes.

I see my past

slip out of my hands.

The hours of day are limited

and those of night are lost.

Last years donít count any more,

the years to come are all for you.

In a foolish world

full of troubles,

with unhappy lives

and with long slow deaths.

Those who think of the future

are crushed

and those who wait for justice

are disappointed.
Whoever walks alone

is a little hero,

while whoever lives by love

gets little.

The annals of history

are full of fools

while there are not many

for good souls.

Those who think of the future

are crushed

and those who wait for justice

are disappointed.

Empty words donít help at all, Ďcause

theyíre like leaves blown about by the wind.

Unstop the bottle of life and drink it all,

taking from it all the scents, sights and sounds.

5. The Master

Velvet room,

the night fills this place,

pictures hang on the wall

remind wasted shoes
The star of the night

is smashig down to image the future

make everything harder

it doesnít help me and it makes me alone.

Deep and strange

thoughts are grind by the mind,

for as fistful of dust

It doesnít matter when

Iím the master of the power of the sound.

Iím the dragger full of anger in my soul.

Falsless selfishness make us like poles

that donít attract themselves

positive or negative make your choice, but the only right one

Itís just ME

6. Mind Colour

My hands are stretching out

to seal up this door of truth,

Ďcause My brain is scratched out

by the legends of a false god.

You ever pretended by me

that I follow ya, threatening me,

without I could look inside myself,

but finally I find out that Iím not blind

My mindís weighed down

by the rules whichíre engraved on,

my arms are withered

by the thirst for some sunny deeds.

The holy habit

in faith I filled with all myself,

always hid my faceís light

Now its hood is breaking up,

frozen by the raw binks of my eyes.

Itís time to fight

whoeverĎs trying to mould my life.

Itís time to fight

whoeverís controlling my mind.

Itís time to fight with all my might.
Try to repel this words,

with which you became mighty in me.

Try to stop the rage of your believers,

who, with me,

are ready to wring your soul.

The holy habit

that I filled with all myself

always hid my bodyís heat

Now, its cloth is wearing out

with the fanciful acts of my kind.

Wan rising stars,

your luminescence

still bunish and split, the earthly shell

that wrap and protect you

fromthe space boras,

floating round you.

I told you about a conquerors of souls

and about a lonely natural brain. Now,

Try to close your eyes

and fell your heart-beats

run to infinity.

Try to close your eyes

and then describe

the true colour of your mind;

Prayers and lies burn inside

Sparkling by my mouth,

But at last IĎll rule this fire

Breaking down the door of truth.

7. Keraton Fortress

You feel your hair

stetched by the wind in run,

theyíre plating with the tongues of fire,

chasers, already in your back.

You canít keep cool

hearing the seconds wearing on,

only five minutes to complete

the escape from the Keraton
You bleed yourself

with the ground, like dust,

so you baffle the wanders

rolling in front of them.

Like a sheaf of light

you file on the walls

and like a shadow you can pass

the exit gates of Keraton

Fortress, prison of my youth

Fortress, static keeper of my time

You shut him up

into your shiny metal walls,

You forced him

in the cold of your towers.

8. The Queen of Silence

Warring spirits

threaded their way,

mixing their white clotes

with the fog of the vigor of my fleshes;

You gave sign of my arrival,

He, whom got tired himself

of burning your essence.

Oh my Queen of Silence

you bore such a torment, that

Iíll never forget...

Oh my Queen of Silence

your revenge ia all I will, Ďcause

Iíll never forgive meÖ
I saw the darkest clouds

were gathering for

a sudden storm,

they were closing

at snailís pace,

but I was restrained

by a severe wind of fear

I had not the strength

to became aware of you,

before the sun disappeared,

before there was their crying,

before the early sunset,

before a sad winter arrived.
Let me rape you

with this my sexual words,

donít stop my thoughts,

theyĎre piercing in your head.

Let me rape you,

with my slippery love

and donít stop my body

now itís sliding on you.

You were so lost in love

that you were blind

in your heart of my falsity.

You noded in a whisper for your second baptism,

oh my Queen of Silence.

You were so lost in love

you were blind in your heart of my falsity.

9. The Sparrow Minister

An empty room, a window in white,

the dark outside, the light inside

on him alone,

his knees on his throat

makes up thoughts...

marble background, surronding similair,

the heart of wood has deep furrows.

A fire of impulses

slides down the body

As a lightining in the darkness,

a whirling in the room of thoughts

hangs with a firm attitude.

The jockey of innocence

guides that image in light

for a mental exploration

in some frames of soft reality,

and alwys in their following

I look your you...
Oh my nest could never be

either yours.

Oh your head could never be

under my wings.

Why didnít you fly up

toward the sky so... ?

Now I wander through the lonely stars

as a Sparrow-Minister

and always in their patterns

I look for you...


When you took my heart away

I never felt a sense so strange

so I realized that I need only you

Fliying, I can see you,

Shining, in my dreams again.

10. Infinite Horizon

Travelling free in the deep blue

of this vast sea of thoughts,

you donít reflect upon

the passing of time, Oh helmsman
Now look at your potrait in this car, Seer

seer of that sphere

where you placed

all the paintings of your actions

The last breath looks for a way in your depth

itís at the entrances of your throat and it carries your soul away

why are you barring the way of salvation?

Freedomís hiding among

the dust that slowly rolls

in the hour-glass of life


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