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Dawn of the End

"Dawn of the End" (2006 EP)

1. Lunatic Sonata
2. Master And Slave
3. Curtains Of Wood
4. Prelude To Perdition
5. Dawn Of The End

1. Lunatic Sonata

In a dream where the night seems to enter my light
I remember my sins to make them unite
And their whispering voices from a mussel so bright
Bring again dark temptations from far shores to my night

By the pale beam of luna the dark dance begins
And the air tremulous of the beating of wings
The golden dust of the beauty they bring
Inspires my mind with devilish things

In a velvet ampoule my visions still dwell
Awaiting my nib to suck them and tell
Stories of creatures which copiously fell
In a lake of scarlet ink so perfectly belle

I tempted Diana, the night her obeyed
United in passion the sun we betrayed
The fiery red dawn of the day we delayed
This erie turned night forever shall stay

In dark cradling thoughts I spend my nighttime
Drinking from the Holy Grail blood turned to wine
Whispering tales into night of some treasured crimes
Awaiting the death to knock on my door with sunlight

2. Master And Slave

Red marks on your back
Cold sweat on your skin
Chains holding you tight
Pride is in your face

I tied you up in bitter sweet black harmony
I´m writing thousand dramas in this symphony

You looking good to me an angel with no wings
Helpless sweet like you were dedicated to me

I´m painting pictures in your mind
I´m writing chaos in your dreams
I whisper songs into your ear
Don´t be scared I take off all your fears

And every night the sun goes down, I´ve written a new drama
The symphony has just begun, the curtain falls into the cave…

I´m your master you´re my slave

3. Curtains Of Wood

Out in the night behind the curtains of wood
Where the old mighty trees still arise
Beneath glaring stars midst the light of the moon
The great hall of Ogmios lies

Walking down hills through the valley of oaks
Darkness is rising up in me
The evil is hidden behind every tree prepared
To strike back strong and willing

Children of the night connected in pain,
Entering the light, ready to strike back
Children of the night
Prepared for fighting, prepared to win

The Venus eclipsed the sun
The golden age has just begun

4. Prelude To Perdition

5. Dawn Of The End

An oppressive sound fills the air
Like seven trombones from the lair
The beginning of a cruelty end
Somewhere around nothing
In utter darkness

Overcame creatures call silence for help
Fields lying fallow
Where just innocent flowers croak

But a plate for all the sinful flesh
Is burning spheres in the crying eyes

Like the whole universe captured in a marble
The odour of burning feathers pierces the air
As fearing angels fade away
And only the mother
Observing her son becoming a god

His back is covered with blood
As his shoulders become wings
To embrace the world with sin

Bloody wounds on his contorted face –
A trace of his dangerous nails

With watered eyes and bursting veins
He cries out into night
Just an appeal to the creatures to resist

Straightened up his wings
Cause he knows the time is short
To widespread the wave of evil
He is taking over them by intrepidity

For he knows a child should be born
To defeat his greatest foe


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