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"Midnightstorm" (2006 Demo)

1. Sirena
2. Warcry
3. The Serpent and the Rose
4. Thunderborn
5. The Church
6. Phantom Dome
7. Odyssey

1. Sirena

Wandering, dreaming so far and lost in deep blue waters
My body's weak and my mind is just thinking of home
The wind on my face is waking me now whispering slowly
And it carries a song, opens my heart and carries me on

Until the end of time I will search the voice of that song

Words with the power to twist the flesh embrace me like warm arms
They speak of secrets from ancient times never told before
Of flowers unborn, of love never felt, of beauties unseen
And the scenes of these tales are bright in my mind as they would be mine

Until the end of time I will search the singer of that song

Oh, the voice that bites my mind is dragging me away into the unknown
Oh, the waves are strings of harp she plays into the night
She steals my soul

On the rocks she stands, breathing veils of spells
Calling me on the shore
I can't deny the call, my will tied on that
Voice so sweet and so warm
Wings of steel, crystal scales of tears, a crown of ashes of stars
Calling me with her hair of waves, she is the lady of the tides


Oh, she's draining all my force, singing
Oh, I kiss her lips of gold, singing

Oh, the voice...

2. Warcry

Crushing the bones of the liars with anger
Hammers of steel are fed with death
Horses of iron ride in the fire
Spreading disease with poisoned breath

Breathing heavy, riding through the storm
Holy metal hordes strike again

Steel calls our souls from Hell reborn


Amazons bare unleashing the lions
Haunting the fields and longing your blood
Witches unborn levitate in the darkness
Empower with spells the armoured charge

Swords bright blazing ready for the kill
Howling, pounding, fighting to the end

Steel calls...


Hear the wolves now sing
They hunt your soul
Feel the fire within
The blades of our steel will give us the power to win


3. The Serpent and the Rose

In gardens lost above the clouds maidens weave veils of fate
A soul empoisoned by sorrow is searching for his silent

Turning the venom in water, waiting the rise of the sun

Crawling back through memories waiting the fall of the leaves
Emerald scales revive losing the shell once again

Turning the venom in water, healing the scars of doom
The stars are watching in silence waiting the rise of the sun

I'll hold you in my spires forever, protecting you when the rain falls
I'll hold in my heart your spines when the wind blows, until winter comes

Oh no, don't leave
Don't leave me alone

Anytime, anyplace, cold winter embrace me too
Anytime, anyway, cold winter take me with her

I'll hold you...

Until a new winter comes

4. Thunderborn

The elders gave me the Moonsword to guide and to kill
Its power is a female sword trapped in its steel

'Cause I'll be the one destiny wants to be king
I'm thundeborn, I swear on my sword I will rule the earth

Spells, I ride, proud in fire on a headless horse I ride
the Moonsword is singing by my side my name
Wolves of wrath are running fast, with them I ride
Across the realms of death and far beyond

At the astral gates now I see the altars of pain
Dead warriors are waiting within to join my race

'Cause I'll be...


I ride, beware

5. The Church

Black fields and white light thunder, the wind sings tunes of pain
The mouth of Hell now opens (on the) shores of an island I wake
A girl with hair of fire, with lips and eyes of ice
Is standing right before me, in silence she shows me a path
It leads to an ancient gate, guardians snakes of stone
Shadows breathing venom dance at the light of the stars
From the cursed mansion comes out a song of death
The voices of despair attract me, I enter the gates, bright, and all the treasures of sin within
Wait in the ashes of time in chains
A cup bleeding fire holds the dream revealed
Will soon be unfold

At the walls worrying pictures, it seems they're made of souls
Twisting flesh in torture, praying and crying they rot
A thousand candles burning, the smoke they spread has eyes
It fills the air with evil, my mind imprisoned by spells

Maidens raped by fires, pure soul sacrifice
Into the night of sorrow their tears and screams feed the dead
Every day they regain their honour, every night they lose it all
To the altars of despair they're lying in praise for the gates, bright...

I start to lose my powers, I vanish in a daze
Taken by a fire I see the rooms of pain
Running through the meadows I find myself down the stairs
I feel that the answer is not too far
I reach the highest tower where the king reigns in disguise

Oh, no no no...

As the mask of the king falls I wake for the second time
I realize my visions are just a state of my mind
I'm staring at the mirror, the mirror stares at me
The altars of despair attract me, I enter the gates, bright...

... A cup bleeding fire opens wide the gates
They're the gates of my soul

6. Phantom Dome

Trying for years running from my past
Fighting the fears, rising from their graves
Calling the answer alone without light
Calling as I'm falling through the ice

Heal now my soul, find me a goal

Called by the memories of time
Take me over, and I'm falling through the gates
Burn me, now my eyes are closed
And I'm fading, fading away

Calling the reason, don't leave me here alone
In darkness of treason, crawling through the cold
Feelings of anger running down my spine
Calling as I'm falling through the ice

Heal now...

Called by...

I am a carcass taken by death
Demonic figures bite my breast
My remembrances are heavy graves
They crush my soul in weight of sin
In chains enthralled he waves me on
Surrounded by poisoned thorns
Devour my and slay my soul
Without end

Called by...

Fading away

7. Odyssey

Ride through the vales, sail through the sea
Fight with the fiends and sleep with the sirens
Find a new land, conquer it all
Your will and spirit unbounded
Never forget what the oracle said
Summon the seals of earth, wind and thunder
With strings of gold, the sea with your soul
Serving the gods the stars'll lead you bright

Ride the wind and follow the stars
They will lead you with their signs
You're the one, the son of the gods
They will lead you with their signs again

Swords of pure force are widing your quest
Searching the seals of blood, life and fire
Lost by the men in time long past
your deeds and courage revives

When your journey of efforts is finally at end
You will come back like hero and saviour
Treasures within of wisdom, not gold
Serving the gods the stars'll lead you bright

Ride the wind...

Led by the fires of justice and fate I see the result of my quest
The goddess whispers the truth to my soul, with tears and blood bless your home

So it's written in the cards, in the mirrors, in the stars
The mermaids show the path, the moonrays bless the night
Above my way the star of glory's shining down on me bright

So through the plains and through the waves the silphs blow me on
Above my way the star of glory's shining down on me bright


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