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The Shadow of Morgoth

"The Shadow of Morgoth" (2006 Demo)

1. Exordium
2. Ascension Through Fire & Wrath
3. To The Dark Tower
4. Extermination
5. The Shadow of Morgoth

1. Exordium

2. Ascension Through Fire & Wrath

I turn my head towards the sky
As the piercing mist sweeps over
The setting sun in the east stains the twilight in vermillion spatters.

An omen as the night approaches
For as the crimson rays strikes the clouds and splay the sky wide open
So too will the snow-covered plains run red with the spilt blood of my foes
I shall reign death and suffering upon all who oppose me.

I would strike them down where they stand
Their corpses heaped upon each other
The stench of death permeates
All these things I ponder.

Gruesome visages form within my mind's eye
I see all, and I see a great victory before me
As I ascend to my coveted throne
Beneath my feet crush my enemy's bones
Fear is like a disease
It spreads like wildfire among these sheep dressed as men.

They learn to fear the great axe I wield
Perpetually stained a deep ichor
Mighty it is heft with the force of thunder
Great destruction it sows.
My iron fist holds a chalice filled with their life's essence
Of it I drink deeply and my thirst is sated.

Followers of the northern star
Will quake and tremble with complete obeisance before me
I am your master now. I come.

3. To The Dark Tower

As I walk through my dreams so dark
I hear the Tower call to me
The blackness is torn as my journey is
Born and the Tower is all that I see.

My mind contains its image engraved
In black obsidian stone
Impossibly tall, one room for all
And each life that's come and gone.
Through fields of red I dare to tread
I venture on while the tower screams my name.

Its song I feel, its power so real
I'm enchanted, I cannot resist
And I carry on towards its alluring song
It's as if I am bewitched.

The voices that speak in my head
They tell me to press ever on ahead
For I know to that call I must beckon
How long must I travel? I know not when.
The way I go is fraught with death
I shall go until I've breathed my last breath.

No pain is too great for the prize I seek
For my blood and veins flow with strength
The steel I wield my only friend
I will fight on until the very end
Nothing shall keep me from the Tower's call
When I scale its heights I can rejoice.

I shan't be stopped by man or beast
To reach its top is my destiny
I'd walk through hellfire and flame
Woe to whoever stands in my way.

4. Extermination

Riders of the north issue forth
Their banners flying high in the wind
A force you cannot hope to stand against
The cries of battle echo across the plains
For war has come about in the land
And the spoils are too great to resist.

Their lives are a price they're prepared to pay
For the glory and acclamations they will reap
Names etched in stone by the sages
Is all that shall live on after
For change is the only constant
And the world will be destroyed beneath their feet.

Invasion, Devastation, Desecration, Uncreation, Obliteration, Extermination.

How many lives must be sacrificed
To satisfy the hunger of the hounds of war?
The need to spill innocent blood
Yearning for the butchery
Powerful, weak, whoever cross their path
They kill without discretion.

Exterminate the masses.

Riders of the north issue forth
Their banners flying high in the wind
Destruction lays beyond in their wake
A scattering of bodies, fire and ash
The world at large is theirs for the taking
Imminent Armageddon.

5. The Shadow of Morgoth

Circling above the battlefield
Upon my draconian steed
Black wings beating a storm
Through the howling winds I ride.

Surveying the war below
Through eyes of serpent gold
Followers dying and screaming in great
Lakes of blood.

I soar above the hordes
I am greater than all races
They are born only to live, serve and die in my name.

It's the first word they utter as they are brought into the world
And the final word they scream as they are slain and taken.

I carry a sword forged in the pits of the abyss
I reside in the depths of the great mountains
Angband I call it, the fortress of terror and evil things unknown
To all but me and those who serve me well.

Upon my brow I wear the great crown of iron
Bejeweled with the three magnificent gems
Kept from me for aeons by enemies held unjustly
But I have claimed it back and my power is unrivalled
The accursed races of light whom I battle
May be strong, but still no match for me.

I slaughter their pathetic kings
I take their lives and souls
Tortured into submission
For my own pleasure.

But still they fight on the battlefield
Foolish, weak mortals
All fall to their knees before me in the end.



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