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Mdlosci and Further Down the Nest

"Mdlosci and Further Down the Nest" (2007 Best of/Compilation)

1. Mdłości I
2. Mdłości II
3. Further Down The Nest I
4. Further Down The Nest II

1. Mdłości I

Through the fields of scars and wounds
Shining with dim light of non-existence

What tranquility! What sweet peace! What inward serenity!
What supreme felicity and earnest of bliss!
To reach beyond the web of spiritual deceit
That mankind has been weaving for millennia
And face the most horrible truth of all

Every single dream shattered, trampled and lost
Every single word silenced for ever, and evermore

Descent, regress into prime, hideous, beautiful nothingness

2. Mdłości II

The Gardens withered and the Colossus perished
Embraced by the luscious winds of stagnation
As a monument of the silent gospel
From a rotting foetus inside the womb of Gaia

Risen by the hand of man
Turning the pages of history
Purifying, channeling the essence
Of a conscious, erected mud

Our almighty new god
Turning man back into mud*

* with respect for Puissance

3. Further Down The Nest I

Lost between the razor traces
Scratched confidence
Found comfort in shadows black
Taking darkness for granted

Left open for what comes unseen:
It's beautiful horror, it's wondrous seeds of doubt

Gazing into the abbys with the intensity of a madman
Desperately awaiting the day it looks back
Lest ye forget the monsters

Transgressing into a frigid soul
Nothing to expect, nothing to suprise
Shattering the precious illusion of potential

Further down the nest
Further down the ID
Cold, inert

Missed the distance, lost the trace
The Lord of Deceit rejoices

4. Further Down The Nest II


I tak sie wlasnie konczy swiat
nie hukiem, ni skomleniem
lecz szumem belkotu slepcow
zapomnialych swego upadku

Oto krew swiata, strumienie Ichor
Strugi cieplej sliny na pyskach Hylikos

Oto istota kielicha z Mateusza
Ksztalty bez formy, cienie bez barwy
Slowa bez znaczen, mozlwiosci bez celu
Promieniejace zycie


And that is how the world ends
Not with clatter, nor with whining
But with the murmurous stammering of the blind
Forgetful of their own fall

This is the blood of the world, streams of ichor
Brooks of the warm saliva on the mouths of hylikos

This is the substance of the chalice of Mathew
Shapes without form, shadows without colour
Words without meaning, potentiality without purpose
Radiating life


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