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"Don't Walk Dead" (1998)

1. First the Kingdom
2. Path
3. Don't Walk Dead
4. By His Word
5. The Blame
6. Yowie's Hilltop Adventure
7. Can You Feel It
8. Reflection
9. Grave Beyond a Slave
10. Threshold of the Annihilation
11. Kneeling Before Your Throne
12. Never
13. Bonus Track

1. First the Kingdom

Open your minds and open your hearts
The reality of life we cannot discard
To sit and grow stale slowly decay
While time creates a future where you didn't belong
The Word is power and the Word is truth
It keeps us in touch within and without
Never outdated always alive it breaths
Giving new life to those who seek its truth

Seek ye first the Kingdom
The kingdom of the Almighty
There can be only one who sits upon the throne
Only one who can save your soul

Put your trust in Christ and live a life fulfilled
Be aware of those who try and claim his fame
Only one man's blood was poured out for me
Only one body destroyed beaten and torn
The pull of this world cannot be beaten
The strength in our bodies sapped devoured
Accept by faith the baptism of fire
And let the strength of Jesus guide you higher

Never / Never
Give up

2. Path

Madness surrounds the blood in my veins
And the fires getting higher and higher
Not quite sure the next step to take
As the gun seems to be my desire

I have to make a stand
Wash the blood off my hands
Have another fix
Just to understand

Pain / screaming from / inside me

I just want to shout
But there's no way out
Have another fix
Just to understand

Pain / with no one here / to guide me

And then I met a man
He said "Hey son yes I understand what your going through
And if your sick of this life you've been living
And want yourself to be forgiven
Cause the past is past you got to put it behind you
So give me your hand and ask the Lord to guide you
To help you stand on your feet again
And take away all this pain"

3. Don't Walk Dead

Like a vampire the world sucks your life away
Evil infestation thrives inside of you
Your infected brain leads you astray
Eyes so blind ears so deaf

Spirit trapped inside the sinful flesh shell
So wicked the taste of black
You must wash black taste away with blood
The pure blood of Jesus Christ

Walk away from the woods of the world
Let your fleshly carcass rot away
You don't need this world to live
In God's light you shall dwell

Unscale your eyes unplug your ears
Unharden your hearts and defy sin
The map to Heaven is Jesus Christ
Die with him rise with him

There's danger in the woods
Die to yourself or you walk dead
Don't Walk Dead

4. By His Word

I / live on / by my Spirit / in you

The supernatural expression of Christ
Is the revelation of his Spirit inside
As spoken to Nicodemus on that night
The truth from his own mouth cannot be denied
To be born again of the Spirit not flesh
The spirit lives eternally after the
Flesh has gone

Born from our mother's womb
Pro-created by two human beings
A spirit formed an eternal entity
The struggle just begins
Born into sin
To fulfil the needs of our parents
A life started only to be destroyed
By the world and its sin

The battle has begun
With his word I will fight
Battle ready warrior
Weapons from on high

Ephesians 6 to remain alive
You need the armour provided by God
Battle for your life your eternal soul
Born once to die twice to live

5. The Blame

Underneath the darkness of a mutilated soul
Lies the posibilities of hate revenge and rage
From childhood abused beaten torn and murdered
The soul tries to survive though its sources restricted
Will we ever understand why some men bash their wives
Some women molest their children
Some children seek out the week
And devour the essence of their youth

We all need to be empowered to live out fulfilled lives
Women free from male domination
Men from socialisation bred into essence of their being
Controlling them like puppets from a master yet unseen
To be free from the world and the pull of its sin
Men against women race against race child against child
See the pain in their face
Help those who need help do not reject the poor
Only Christ's love can restore the innocence you knew once before

Break away the chains of hate
Open your souls to the love from on high
It has changed my life and helps me challenge
The mistakes of my fathers
Who were themselves puppets not knowing any better
Now I clearly see

6. Yowie's Hilltop Adventure

How can such intense love just turn to a hello
Confusion is twisting my mind
Emptiness is filling me
So alone is how I feel
Losing the grip on reality
The pills don't help at all
I want to feel reality
GOD is so real

Suicide is raping my brain
From this I must restrain
I don't want this pain
It's sending me insane

I've felt God's love before
I need it and want it again
The answers not in a needle
And mary jane is not my friend
I drink up
I fall down
Jesus I need your help
And I need it now

False fulfilment is so wrong
My soul feels so dry
Christ, I reach out my hands for you
Dear God, please save me from myself

I no longer wish to die
God has shown me a purpose in life
To help and show others the light
And to be a servant of CHRIST

7. Can You Feel It

You came into my life and set me free
You died for me on Calvary
Allowed yourself to be beaten and torn
So that we could be re-born

Can you feel it

Three days in the grave then you rose
Your victory is mine now you've made me whole
You left the scene soon to return
And all the baddies must turn or burn

Can you try to understand the sacrifice He made
He bore our sins a price that had to be paid
A reality in my life a fact of history
Once I was blind now through Jesus I can see

Now I try to live my life according to his word
And listen to his Spirit freely given to me
Your heart is a door open to the knock you hear
There is no better way to be a slave than to be free

8. Reflection

There's a peace in my heart today
Because a man knew how to throw it away
There's a peace in my heart today
Because of Jesus
Of Jesus
Of Jesus
Of Jesus

9. Grave Beyond a Slave

This country born on blood of the innocent
They were here first
They were not human so say history
Treated worse than animals
Grave beyond a slave

Lest we forget
The birden of this land
This great southland

Their country torn and women raped
Ripped apart for white mans sake
A culture devoured make no mistake
We must agree to set these people free

Can we describe the living hell
Mothers babies ripped from their breast
Helpless she cries her family destroyed
A life once free raped brutality
Assimilation the name for this pain
A culture scarred forever
Who is at fault for this treacherous deed
The finger is pointed while hearts still bleed
I do not blame you for your mistrust
I am white yet I am not your enemy
I can not begin to relate to your horror
Your pain your loss your death
Forgiveness heals wounds born so deep
Please forgive those who are week
Who look only for difference to break peace
In my heart you are treasured you are great

10. Threshold of the Annihilation

Visions of the past rise up amongst the pain
Reminders of the torture your false religious reign
Political lobotomy of the wasteland masses
Death for you and me while the guilty go free

You sit upon your throne you sit there like the whore
Visions of your conquest a reality unknown
I deny your evil hands I will not bow and crawl
I stand upon the rock in him I shall not fall

Fighting for the right to breath the air so pure
I want to live not die from your evil hands
You disgust me with your putrid ways
Filth pain sadness flow through your wretched veins

11. Kneeling Before Your Throne

Kneeling before your throne oh Lord
We humbly bow to you
Filled with the righteousness of Christ
Our spirit you renew

You have displayed your splendour
For all the world to see
Heaven and Earth and all within
Were formed by your Word

You have made known your saving grace
To all who believe
Cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ
We are now free

Spirit of God move within our hearts
Your calling to fulfil
Lord let your glory descend again
And fill the Earth

12. Never

Hail Mary mother of God

False religion man made religion you will die by what you live
Mary was truly blessed among women but Jesus Christ is Lord
I will never call man father you would rather praise from men
God alone receives the glory you are equal to us all
Statues and crowns of gold nice little beeds of no meaning
The poverty grows greater because of your filthy wealth

You teach false religion to millions everyday
Indoctrinated from birth they know no other way
Your faith was born in blood in the time of your crusades
Millions have died in your filthy bloody name
We do not blame the people though the choice to stay is theirs
Beware your false gods man made religion die
Hail Mary

Peter was married to his wife Mary had other children
When you die its Heaven or hell and Jesus Christ is Lord
I will never call man father you would rather praise from men
God alone receives the glory you are equal to us all
Your faith was born in blood in the time of your crusades
Millions have died in your filthy bloody name

13. Bonus Track

Can you hear the noise
Can you see the goo
Sorry but I'm not sorry
Na na nana na na


Can you hear the noise
God crush satan's head

Can you see the goo
God crush satan's head

Sorry but I'm not sorry
God crush satan's head

Na na nana na na
God crush satan's head

God crush satan's head
I don't like satan the devil


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