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Black Art

"Black Art" (1999)

1. Under The Wing (Of Gamayun)
2. The Plague Omen
3. Into The Realms Of Marena
4. Silent Remembrance
5. In The Shades Of Inspiration
6. Pagan Freedom
7. Winter Art
8. On A Hand Of The Universe
9. Tides Of Time

1. Under The Wing (Of Gamayun)

...Of What I Know Hide Nothing I Will...

As I leave the ground behind,
Heading to the sky,
I look down at what remained
Of rich and mighty land.
As they took away our gods,
Blaming all their names,
Burying ancient legacy,
Till the end of time...
Till the end of time...

Pushing idol from the coasts
As it drifts down to the sea,
Irrigating fields by blood
In the name of trinity.
Preaching brand new holy truth,
Knee-deep'n seven deadly sins,
Sinking motherland in tears
Of the chosen ones...
Desecrated ones...

Why, you mighty Makosh,
Made our faith'd die?
Why, you made me carry
Gift of prophecy?
I should swallow sorrows but
Cannot change a thing.
All the suffers I see just
Pass under my wing...

See my nation to arise,
Gathering the hordes
Pain in hearts and wrath in eyes
We saddle our horses.
Hey, Perun! The time has come,
Fathers bless our swords,
Under sign of our pride
Help us win the war...
Sacred pagan war...

2. The Plague Omen

The new age comes to change the old,
Long awaited dream of insanity.
Old scripts are back to life,
Here lies the seal of truth...

Like a silver tear
In the morning wing,
In the mist of time
So divine...

Triumph of our weakness grows,
False prophets turned to reality,
Possessed by rising sign above,
They do inspire me sense of doom.

Now candle burns at both ends,
Millennium's short for lifetime,
We stand before the gateways,
I hear beyond - they blame us...

3. Into The Realms Of Marena

Losing paths in the nights
Seven days I'm in quest for you
Taken too far and high
To turn back off my way

Trees are closing behind my horse
Leaving no trakcs I ride
On the winding and icy road
Right into your Realms

In the dark touch my hand, read my eyes -
See the sun I left to be with you
Here I am, my long-awaited love
Take my breath, oh Marena...
In the heart of blizzards and winter grief,
Moon embrace and eternal sleep
Would I die covered by endless snows
Beneath your Realms...

4. Silent Remembrance

Oh sweet dreams, where have you gone
Killing me and all I've done.
Sad are paths you left behind
And the pain that makes me blind.

All the sins I ever made,
All the things I love and hate,
All the battles I have fought
Were in the name that I forgot.

I dream the field of roses red
I run across and can't be caught
But someone stands behind my back
And calls the name that I forgot.

What I have to sacrifice,
Where to look to hide my eyes,
Where to go to be away,
What to think and what to say?

Nights will pass for days to come.
See ! The older I become !
But through the voices of the world
I hear the name can't be forgotten...

5. In The Shades Of Inspiration

6. Pagan Freedom

I wish to fly and pierce the rain clouds,
To face the dawns and sunsets,
To see the lights and darkness,
But all this passed now...
Ever to flow with the river,
Ever to ride the wind with eagle,
To rise high to the father sun,
But all this I have lost...

Svarog, you watch me dying
I've lost the treasures of my Fathers,
My Children and my Nature,
My Churches are burning
Great is the sorrow rising
Over forthcoming generations
With black minds they will
Worship the Southern Star...

Dying I'm under ages
That brought enslavement to my land
And devastation to my dreams
That last in pain...
Let them make ashes of my body,
To hate and curse my name
But freedom never dies!!!

7. Winter Art

The long road under my feet
Is like a stream in a cold air
When a day dies beyond the cold horizon
And each snow-flake falls on its shadow.

As I touch the water glance
Ice melts under my fingers
Thousands of stars travel once
From sky to earth to leave no trace.

Sad is the path of the silver snow-flake
Watch as it dies on my hand leaving only tear
only single tear...

On and on the sky is crying
On and on to face the day
On and on my dream is dying
And so is every single winter day...

8. On A Hand Of The Universe

Why we die leaving no trace, we're fading
Turned our prayers to the sky.
Hope we have till we take our last breath,
Hope that dies with us gone.

Day by day sand spills away,
Leaving us less words to say
Water flows out of the lake,
Leaving us less breaths to take.
When a bird begins to cry
Swallowed by the autumn sky
Spin of thoughts will take me high
Now I'm gone and lost beyond the dusk...

Like endless flow souls pass the world,
Dissolved like smoke
In crowns of trees I hear the breeze -
"You'll return again..."

If we could rule our joys and sorrows,
If we could rule our lives,
All our dreams, all we had grown inside
Ourselves would not be so vain

Why we live as if like we are forever,
Burning fast to the end.
Wish we are more than just dust that spills through
Hands of the Universe...

9. Tides Of Time

If I close my eyes forever,
Will I loose the light of day?
Will I pass the gates of eternity?

Will I flow like river long,
Heading to the endless sea,
Sea of calm and sleeping emotions...

I watch the stars
That guide me with pale blue lights.
I breathe the sky
I drink it until I die.
Wind knows my name
That burns in oblivion flame.
The grief's my rhyme
It's covered by tides of time...

Kaleidoscope of colors and dreams
Painting landscapes with the water,
Misty visions remind all I ever knew...

Come to light and fade away,
Touch the spring, feel autumn's gray,
Everlasting trip in the Universe...

I watch the stars
That guide me with pale blue lights.
I breathe the sky
I drink it until I die.
My name belongs
To lament that's wept by crows.
The grief's my rhyme
All covered by tides of time...


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