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Triumph of the Origin

"Triumph of the Origin" (2005 Demo)

1. Triumph of the Origin
2. Total Abrupt
3. Bornrest
4. The Nameless City

1. Triumph of the Origin

Fists into blood
He will fight battles
The ultimate power
Breeds the reason
Despite the wars
Warrior of honnor
Challenge the world
Live and triumph


Sight the attack
A blazed horizon
Leave the path
There are voices of treason
That bring souls to lust
Hoping awaking
Before turning to dust
In eternal bleeding

Waiting the event
To reveal the truth
The decline goes on
Man will never learn
He creates darkness
Go out and see
Into the flames
What remains from humanity

Shout of the people
Shout of the origin

My triumph
My victory

Braving alone
Among origins
Remaining strong
Trough infinity
Seaking his goal
In search of glory

Complete devastation
Symbol of man�s need to fight
The whole triumph
We are still alive

2. Total Abrupt

The envy is their to continue to suffer
Tomorrow another day time makes you quiver
Spoiled by the audacity of some vindictive joe
Uncertainty is hard to swallow
Busy with progress vengeance will come
Pain will go away and when the dawn comes
Greeting the sentiment of total abrupt

End this fucking world


Repented from all sins, marked by the cross
On your soul that burns in the orchard
And the fact of ignorance trace left across
Humbles you and throw you in the yard

That could give offence

Afraid to be alone and forgotten
Immensity of the universe
Where voices are unheard
Cold and darkness for eternity

Dig the pit
I hate
The wait

3. Bornrest

Like when life starts a new
Once you get older you want the world for you
You seek and hope to find the way
To free all of your bills to pay

looking in your mind
Reach deep inside
Free all your pain
Get out of the rain

You want better than your neighbors
But is that all that really mathers
Before you want to get too far
Have you really fund the who you are

Are it�s not the truth


the world is a bag and it's full of shit
So you just fill it and never look back


Still born in the infinit spire

Born rest

4. The Nameless City

I drew nigh the nameless city

I knew it was accursed

And a viewless aura reppeled me
And bade me retreat from antique
And sinister secrets that to man should see
And no man else had dared to see

That is not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange aeons death may die

The city told of in strange tales
But seen by no living man
When night and the moon returned

So that I did not dare to remain in the city
Only the grim brooding desert gods
Know what really took place
The fury of the rushing blast was infernal
And as the wind died

The mad arab dream of the nameless city

It was of this place that abdul alhazred
The mad poet dreamed of the night before


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