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Embark Hades

"Embark Hades" (1995)

1. Carnifex
2. Phobia
3. Embark Hades
4. Salve Caput Cruentatum
5. Life Fades Away
6. Weary Of Life
7. The Child Of Sorrow
8. Until You Die
9. Rebirth
10. The Seventh Sign

1. Carnifex

2. Phobia

Sorrows flows within my veins,
Humanityís coldness grips my soul,
I can hear the silent screams,
A disease takes control.

Dismay slowly begins to rule my life,
Isolation from the mass activates my withering,
A dark star is the guide of my ending path,
Iíve chosen the wrong way to play the game.

Creating a mask,
Hide the truth,
Deny whatís so real,
Dance on the grave!

Depressive is what Iíve become,
I tried to run the wrong path.
Reality grips my appearance,
Accept my illness
And face the truth.

And so I try to make my life.
Hold my hand and lead me through.
Beyond the gates of twilight,
Where in the end I free my mind.

3. Embark Hades

Look at my hands,
Can you believe that these hands killed?
In cold blood and brutal without any doubts.

I took so many lives
To satisfy myself,
But now the last oneís going to be slained.
The door is opened
And floating I follow.
See myself taken and hanged,
But I donít feel the gallowís rope break my

Look at those fools,
They thought they can erase me,
But Iím still living in the darker world.

Because killing means living,
And livingís not free.
While failing means dying,
And dyingís for free.

Be on your guard,
When the moon is shining,
And you stroll through nocturnal streets.
I know you canít see me,
But be sure that Iím there,
Prepared to gut right you!

4. Salve Caput Cruentatum

Covered with blood,
Studded with wounds,
Filled with pain,
Heaped with scorns,
tied with scoff,

And a crown of thorns.

Once covered with utmost glory,
But now derided impundently.
Usually the world
Trembles with your task.
How are you maltreated?

What you have endured - itís all my burden,
What you have beared - itís all my fault,
I am a sinner and anger - yeah it serves me

Salve Caput Cruentatum!
Salve Caput Cruentatum!
Salve Caput Cruentatum!
Salve Caput Cruentatum!
Salve Caput Cruentatum!
Salve Caput Cruentatum!

How have you turned pale!
Who has your glance
Battered so desecrate?
The colour of your cheeks,
The splendour of your lips,

Is gone and passed away!

5. Life Fades Away

Lonely I sit
In my room.
My head is
My brain stands
Fear haunts
Because I

Will come again.
Forceful voices
And destroy
My brain!

My head
And flames flash through
My eyes.
Rushing through the
Misty streets,
My steps reverberate

And you feel the staring eyes
Penetrate your back,
The draught strikes your neck.
Then the pain tears your thoughts
When the steel shatters your bones
And streams of blood
Pour onto the cobble-stones.

Another life fades away - away!
Another life fades away - away!

6. Weary Of Life

She lays unconscious, I can see her sweat
Covering her forehead. My surroundingís blurred,
The impressions rush at me. They diagnose her
Death, I think Iím going insane, canít believe it!
My love is gone forever! I canít stand the pain, it
Cauterizes my heart. I run into the cold night, I
Struggle through the rain,
I realize the memories, rise from deep inside:

Yesterday sun was shining
And saw her glowing,
But today wind is howling
And she is effaced!
All-embracing emptiness
Reverberates within me,
Impenetrable dusty haze
Surrounds me!

I must stop my madness,
I must stop my pain!
I feel the warm blood flowing
As it leaves my veins.
Slowly I can feel the weakness
And my senses stop,
I fall into an endless sleep
And I hope to find my love.

7. The Child Of Sorrow

Dark night - black and tenacious,
Wind whispers through the leaves,
Where the owl shriekes.
Iím sitting at the river and watch the waters

ĎCause Iím the child of sorrows!
Brought tears and hate,
Iím the herald of doom,
Iíll preach your death!
I take away your youth,
I take away your health,
I take away your love,
I take away your life!

Dead light of the moon
Falls through the mighty trees.
I stare at the clouds chasing in the sky.

From far a cry of the bird of prey
Reaches my ear and makes me chilled.
I follow you!

I know your time has come,
And I know I will obey
These absurd orders of your times,
In the hunt for life you run,
Your cold breath cuts through the shadowlands,
Again you fight but you canít win!

An inner voice speaks in soft words,
Open your eyes
When the pale shadow of death falls over thy
And the blood spills from your veins

8. Until You Die

I see the fire in your eyes,
The unappeasable craving of your soul,
When you lonely walk your ways
Through the inadequacy of your life.

Your fingers try to grasp
The fresh and lush green,
But it becomes lame
Like the desert
Of your heart.

You struggle for salvation --- Du sehnst dich nach der Rettung
In the decay of your life --- Im Verfall deiner selbst.
Drowned in the mire of senseless violence --- Versunken im Sumpf der Gewalt
Against yourself - Itís a lie! --- Gegen dich selbst - die Lüge!

I see the mournful glance shining in your eyes,
But the flames haunt your lies,
When hatred mangles fondness
And haze around your mind.

Standing at the crossroads of the future,
Decide which path to take.

You have to bear the consequence
And you try to fly
Through the miraculous lands of colours
Until you die!

You die soon!

9. Rebirth

When I strode along the shores of death
In my own and lonely ways
And in the end I reached the bounds of life
And when the shadows called my name,
You came into my dreary world,
Like an everflowing stream of light.

With the touch of gentle hands
You comforted my barren soul,
When through your velvet-lips
New zest of life poured into my empty shell.

You are the incentive
That makes me live again.
When I feel the strength you share,
This energy is my sail,
That drove me from the shores of death,
Into a brave new world,
Wherein you are my leading hand.

Now that Iím reborn,
Forever weíll be together!

10. The Seventh Sign


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