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The End is Near

"The End is Near" (2004 Demo)

1. Intro
2. A.M.F.
3. The time is coming
4. Holy thief
5. Crusader
6. Nuclear fist
7. Where was he
8. Your strenght and honour

1. Intro

2. A.M.F.

Arbeit macht frei
Beautiful words
The symbol of hell
On earth Auschwitz

Gas chambers
Crematory funnels
All for mass - murdering
People of allnation and

Arbeit macht frei
Human pride is broken
Forgotten religion
In hell on earth - Auschwitz

No matter who you are
No matter in what god
You believe
You are here so you
Have to die


3. The time is coming

In the name of god
You burnt the people
On the stake
To make them feel
Fear and obedience

Everyone who opposed them
Had to die
Pain and suffering
Had to prove his fault

It doesn't matter someone
Was genius
It does'nt matter he pushed
The world forward
Opened the human's minds
And it was his fault

Your time is ending black
You won't dictate the
Rules any more
People won't let you
Constrain them
To fill your bags

4. Holy thief

Look at his false smile
False face of false man
He wants you to trust him
He wants to manipulate you

Holy thief

He says how to live - let him
Lokk at himself
Surrounded by whores,
He feels like in heaven
He drowns in wealth
For your money
He laughts straight
In your face

Black skirt, black mind
You give him a little -
It is not enough
He want everything

Open your eyes sick man
Look, can't you see?
You're his puppet
He scares you with hell
Of you don't pay your sins
Won't be redeem

5. Crusader

Crusader put on your armor
With the cross on your chest
Kill rape burn and steal
In the name of your god
The god of love in which
You believe

That is his will
He demands from you
Blood and death of unfaithful
Be ruthless
And you find redemption in

Crusader grab your sword
You have to lust blood of
The blood on your hands
It's the ticket to paradise

6. Nuclear fist

Created by humanity
Against humanity
Nuclear fist
Destroying everything
In its way

Even god didn't forsee
That human mind
Could create something
So powerful

The vain human always
Wanted to try how it is
To be the god
The lord of the give
And take lives

Now when divine power
Of destruction and death
Is in human hands
The time of apocalypse
Can be the credit
Of themselves

7. Where was he

Twentieth century of death
The time of cruel wars
And blood crimes
Against humanity

Twentieth century of death
The time of political doctrines
Paid by millions of victims
Without religion and respect
For human
Based on phoniness and terror

I ask - where was God?
When the world was dividing
And fighting against ifself
Only to satisfy
Sick ambitions its leaders

Where was he, where?
Maybe he has good fun
When people murder each other
If is it true, he's not my god

8. Your strenght and honour

It could come the time
When you miss your friend, god, the church
Then believe only in yourself
Believe in your strenght and honour
Even if you don't win
You will be yourself


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