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Flames of Fate

"Flames of Fate" (2004 Demo)

1. Flames of Fate
2. Breaking the Time
3. In the Heart of the Storm
4. Meltdown

1. Flames of Fate

With hands on knees feeling the strong rain
Hearing the thunders that explode in my heart
Feeling the wind that blows through my soul
Into the night something takes me ahead
Across the fears behind of my ideals
So my spirit will be free once again

The child that holds the candle
Was the first to break the silence
When I touch your face
The deadís in your eyes

You brought the night whispering the dead
Itís seems so loud echoing in my head
I still can stand but I canít wait
As a mountain I rise in the flames of fate

I was born over the fire
Thereís no doubt in my heart now
And all my hopes were taken on the wind
That comes the storm I will have to resist

My heart itís burning like fire
It takes me so much higher

2. Breaking the Time

I know sometimes the days gone by very quick
So quick that my mind never rest
The time is running through the world for you and me
The lineís time follows to the end

Make your soul fly higher
It has all your power
Forge your hearts like fire
From deep of your desires

The earth is turning around us like always it will be
God never gets late to this
Your perfect planes are bounded, are bounded by mistakes
The time machine needs more time

You donít have chooses in your life
A few hours until you die
Waiting the last tomorrow
To break the line... break the line of time

The time is hunting you as it never did before
You must be blind so much to see
Fast as wind Iíll take my life ahead
I cannot look at to the past

3. In the Heart of the Storm

Highlights above my face
Cover me when Iím alone
For so long time Iím waiting
One fear another life
Conspired forever to be
Immerge on the clouds
Conspired without secrets
To enter in the fight

In a time to be lost all
In a place to be forgot all

Iíll take my challenge Ďtil the God
Give the thunder make the noise
Lead my spirits through the wind
In the heart of the storm
Walking on the graves deadís men
They are taking me to the end
Where Iíll find my legacy
In the heart of the storm

Without guiltís for my life
Iíve see me now here
Looking on the rageís eyes
The hate the pain and lies
The more bentís rolling
More Iím disappearing
The more shadows dancing
More they are killing me

In a storm that brings me
So close to the death

4. Meltdown


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