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Live Kill

"Live Kill" (1989 EP)

1. Beginning Of The End
2. Kill To Survive
3. Bates Motel
4. Deadly Existence
5. The Pack

1. Beginning Of The End

The fighting's started
the war's just begun
Screaming soldiers
blindly run
Smoke and fire
claiming your last friend
And the bodies
bleeding on the sand, Its the....
Beginning of the end
Broken heroes
live through these wars
All the thousands
remembered never more
Shattered pieces
drift with the tide
Shot up faces,
screaming through your mind
Marching towards your death
take your last breath... Now!
The fighting's over
the war is done
Battered soldiers
are dead and gone
Smoke and fire
light up the night
Remaining nightmares
rip through your mind
See the war is done
you're the only one... Now!

2. Kill To Survive

3. Bates Motel

Into the night
you can see her go
Down to the Bates Motel
where her blood will flow
Psychos are everywhere
death's in the air
Norm's eyes drift then stare
his mind ain't all there
Bates Motel
Room one the scene for crane's
last living days
Marion's sick way out
was with Norm's blade
Stabbed times she died
in her own blood bath
Not a single word was said
and no last request
Bates Motel
it awaits you...
Stabbed sliced flesh torn away
She fell to her knees
Blood flowed out her veins
She was down but they stabbed her again
Stabbed sliced flesh torn
Bitch fell to knees
Blood flowed out veins
In Bates Mo-tel

4. Deadly Existence

As the fire's burning
death in the street
Smell the masses burning
commies at our feet
Teach us to kill
teach us to hate
Teach us to rip away
and to steal your fate
It takes you away
Hypnotized & Paralyzed,
the killers are all here
Decay of rotting bodies
lingers in the air
Suicidal rampage,
immense mental death
Silver bullets rippin',
claims all the rest
It takes you away
Your final day
It takes you away
Beaten battered tortured men
slain in the night
Breed man for puppetry
to kill and lie
Flaming flesh bodies burn
the scene and sight
Lies, cries, screams of pain
dissolve the brain
Feel my clenching death,
it takes you away
Feel impaling you
life's sucked away
Slaughtered bodies fallen
fallen down to me
I see corpses coming,
nothing ever leaves
It takes you away
Your final day
It takes you away

5. The Pack

As this day of hell
comes to an end
Hear the pack emerse,
from their den
See them moving towards
your nightly prey
See the closing in,
your final day
They can sense your fear,
deep inside
You're their prey tonight
so pray for life

The Pack
The Pack

You can feel death's grip
from the pain
Ripping through your flesh,
like a blade
Their piercing teeth,
and their iron claws
The pack moves in now,
nature's call
Try to run, Ha! Ha!
try to hide

No escape,
the pack will find....

The Pack
The Pack

The sun now shines
across the grounds,
Revels the feast last night
but not a sound
the snow now stained with
human blood
For these lost souls life is done
So pray for souls,
wandering endlessly
Until the next feast,
the pack sleeps

The Pack
The Pack


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