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Global Terrorization

"Global Terrorization" (2002)

1. Gods Are Aliens
2. War Against Violence
3. Possessed By Greed
4. G7 Ostracism
5. Perpetual Disablement
6. Holy Desecration
7. Massmedia Control
8. Global Terrorization
9. Bloody Killer Trend
10. Dance! Dance!

1. Gods Are Aliens

Gods from planet Nubir
created the human race.
Aliens are the gods who
made the first people on earth.

Who's god, where is truth?
Use your brain, open your eyes.

All ages in the black darkness,
without the light of knowledge,
under the holy pressure and
inside the deep gorge of lies.
Why to keep hold of wrong theses
like the suckling of mum's breast.
We can look into our long history
and admit the proofs of archeology.
Listen and read the about the the new
research about our planet.

Who created the pyramids?
Who created the world?

Try to enlighten the cave of darkness
and to set free from the chains of ignorance
How could people know so good
a geometry and maths a thousand
years before Pythagoras?
Also the chronicles of Sumer shows
old reality.

2. War Against Violence

All the world is aghast.
Hell on earth is unleashed.
Devil's smoke and flames are everywhere.
Thousands of innocent people inside
the madness,
They try to get away, they run over
each other.
The giant buildings are falling down
and all is buried in the debris and dust.

Happy faces are changed into
hatred and crying.
Peace and contentmentare turned into
fear of war over the whole wide world.

The attack on democracy unites all
countries and
nations for war against evil.
When negotiations are collapsing
it is the time for revenge.

Violence against violence.
Hate against hate.

We are building the peace
on our evil planet earth
with the help of arms, bombs and anthrax.

3. Possessed By Greed

I want more, I want all.
I will steal, I will kill.
We are possessed by greed.
We want everything.
Why not to have a bigger house
than the neighbours, and the most
expensive car in the street.

You envy people their nose between
their eyes
and the cripple his crutch as also
their holes between the halves.

A starveling can save a lot of money
for food.
A prisoner needn't support children.
And blind man doesn't buy books
Your greed hasn't any borders.
Why are you like this too?

Do you want to take everything
to the grave?
Everyone will rot under the clay,
and your property and everything
will stay upward.

I can't see, I can't hear.
Iwant more, I want all.
I will kill and I'll take
everything from everyone.

4. G7 Ostracism

The richest people from the woeld,
They'd like to decree without us.
Prague, Rome and Los Angeles
were places of the summits.

Is this planet for the rich only?
Why does only one side arbitrate?

Where are the representatives
of the other people and communities?
It's a scorn on humanity.
Nobody wants to listen to the
voice of the habitants of this star.

Strikes and disagreements.
Fights and disturbances.
Blood and barricades.
Flames and broken glass.

We want to speak about our lives
will you listen to us?
So kill us! Kill us! Kill us!
You've a lot of money for guns.

5. Perpetual Disablement

Bullshit, bullshit, stupid bullshit
sounds every day.
A fucking, fucking stink smells
Wake up, oh wake up! It isn't too late now.
For your disablement will soon be
your death.

Spit tablesin a dirty pub
full ash-trays and your stench.
On the same chair every day.
A lot of plans and ideas
only among the words.

...And days, weeks like years
are running away.
A tergiversations are your acts
it's the acme of your existence.

Move you lazy bum from the pub.
Change your empty life.
You are a hero only in the dive.
You are a big-mouth corpse.
Big-mouth corpses. They are for shit
the losers from a pubs are dying alive.

6. Holy Desecration

Inside the church is the smell of ages,
incense smoke and deviation
Old pictures, silent whispers,
submission and deviation.

The name of christian religion
is blemished again.
One of the ten commandments
has been dishonoured.

Holy desecration
Sacred deviation

It seems now that christian members
live quietly a wild life.
The sacred bible and commandments
are only for the church mice.

A priest to a second priest sucks his dick,
a preacher to a pastor kiss his ass.
So where is the selibacy?
Where is godly humility?
Parsons abuse our young boys,
nasty actions in sacred places.

What is the idea
and face of christianity?
Profane love is the love between
man and woman
compared to the love between
God and humanity.

7. Massmedia Control

Listen! So listen to the news!
A next affair is here.
We have hot news, so true facts
about politicians and their parties.
With the covert support of reign and
Does massmedia really work for the
They twist slickly the truth and
they control the masses and quietly
manipulate the voters.

The massmedia control
The massmedia lies

One statesman attended a bizarre sex club.
A second senator smoked pot
20 years ago, but he didn't know that
it was grass?

Vote, vote, vote!
Vote for the shit, vote for the liars,
only they are the best.

We are an independent journal,
we are the true tv, we are here for you.
We also have the pictures from a holiday
where also the president have been together
with a prostitute. They work for political
parties and they accept millions from them
for guaranteed news and lies.

8. Global Terrorization

The world is sick from terror.
Oppressed people from totalitarian states.
Minorities inside democratic systems
are depressed still.
Fighting among nations for a small piece
of land and domination there.
A man kills a man, brother his brother,
friend his friend, dad his son.
The assassin kills all including himself.
The hi-jacking of aircraft, suicidal attacks
on the streets and bombs
inside the schools and on buses.

Global terrorization
Heroes in masks
Global terrorization

How many victims will die,
on the streets today?
Fanatic religions and their endless wars
about a God.
Their members detonate explesives around
their own chest among people in the street.

Is God a terrorist too?
Can he stop the madness?
And holy wars and terror?
...And innocents die...die
...And their gods lie....lie

9. Bloody Killer Trend

We like movie stars,
we adore also sportsmen,
models and pop singers.
The trend where slayers
are like idols is here too
Mesmerized with the scent of blood,
searching for pictures and
articles of our idols...
MIchael Jackson , Stallone
and among them Charles Manson
or Richard Ramirez.

Bloody killer trend
so love your beast.
Mass murder trend
who killed more and who is the best?

One sings about murders,
second man perfoms killers
but a serious assassin kills
with no remorse and dissimulation.
They don't draw any royalties
but they are celebrated like
TV stars.

10. Dance! Dance!

Snuff your junk.
Take your tabs.
Kill your heart.
Kill your mind!
You are the pulse of the next dimension.
Make you high.
With ecstacy.
So dance! Dance dance!
Don't use your brain.


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