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Subterranean Empire (With Us Omniscient Monarch)

"Subterranean Empire (With Us Omniscient Monarch)" (2003)

1. Intro (Abyss Sound of the South)
2. Forest of the Immortality
3. Covenant of Lies
4. Sons of Infernal Court
5. Circle of Hypocrisy
6. Armageddon
7. Mastermous (6663 Satan Emperor)
8. Lord Satan
9. Victory (Throne of Terror)

1. Intro (Abyss Sound of the South)

2. Forest of the Immortality

The atmosphere of darkness and coldness of this eternal woods
Take to an agony of an uncontrollable tremble of soul
The endless path after a frighening and groteque
Rain of blood, they submerge you to and undescriptable horror

I walk inside a road of no turning back, and my sences
Feed of singular roots of ocultism
With no looking backwards and walking away of light, in my thoughes
It pregnants with and evil and hatefull feeling towards the down and the blessed
The spirits that surround this woods are uniting step by step With my spirit in a shivering and sweatfull show of power Reunited in a sacred circle, they give me the sword of wisdom Fire, blood of the weak upon thine bodies
Esential beings of that ritual driving me to the encomendation Towards my master of eternal darkness and cruelty

Supreme beigs introduce me to a world with no boundaries
Of hate, evil and destruction
That worldwhilh gives me a full of chaos welcome
That worldwhilh that with time will fade away

I feed of the fruit of those landscapes of pain and
feel that my soul is full of power. I give myself and
raise my hands towards these woods cause death no longer play,
with my mind and spirit, cause i will enjoy my eternal immortality.

3. Covenant of Lies

In a spiritual passage of darkness and pain
Two souls disputed the spiritual guidance
The former, Alba, who was honored
The later, Belgor, who was blaned
Belgor, who custioms didn't offend Satan
Plot a plan to approach to the blessed ones
To show then satan and bewitch them
And thus provoke and bitter a deep act of rapture

Belgor got his yearned act
But at the time drafted the diabolic rapture
Convulsion and language invaded the covenant
Bodies rapture leviting in the air

Taken to terrible inquisition
Doctors of that, discovered in thiis body
Demoniac marks and bunled was taken to the bonfire
Of the light
But Belgor still enjoying destroing Alba.

Spranding a terrible horror
Belgor was caught and condemned
Stone rain invades the light
Souls wallowing and awful howls
Medieval times drowing you.

4. Sons of Infernal Court

Sons Of Infernal Court
They stay hidden in their dwelling of pain
With ancestral knowledge from beyond
Ferocious at sight, fearful of spirit
Without proper defined personality
Waiting for the night,
To way lay every soul
Being ignorant of the power of the grand immortal one

They meet from unimaginable times
To adore the angel of the darkness
That angel who destroys the sons of justice
That demon who will absorb his empire
Neigther wepings nor suplication will running away Because with your pain they feed

Only those with the knack of magic
Can rest for a while
But they wake fue to your dreams of sin
Tremble blessed souls,
Because they are
The sons of the infernal court.

5. Circle of Hypocrisy

Temples forged in hope
Approaches of desperate minds
Altars of weak images
Invasion of the supposition to feel uncontrollable
Knowledge of a humiliating existence
Insatiable faith toward swims her
Masks of a spotless adoration
Practical of Shameful execution

Life imprisonment churches
Minds with limit and margin exposed
Altars of instruments without power
Invasion the internal deceit
Wisdom of a repugnant life
Uncertain faith toward the eternal sacrifice
Masks of an indefatigable agony
Juices of worms without life

The execution already began
Surrender and the pain will be worse
Your death is your destination

Circle Of Hypocrisy
Self-destruction and desolation
Circle of hypocrisy
Existence dedicated to the eternal death .

6. Armageddon

Armageddon is near dark and insane minds Your power decays due my spirit
Wich seeds evilness and hate

This is my war my triumph Celestial prophecies are agonizing
Light gets lost by death shade
And megiddo will reborn with power

Hungry souls
Thristy for power
Acelerate the march
Infernal warriors

Day of War
Day .....

7. Mastermous (6663 Satan Emperor)

You emerge from the most hidden root in the Mastemious
Floating, leaving pain rakes and absorbing hate,
Leaving it chilling breeze it catches
And carrying with him the knowledge
Of the hidden wisdom of those agony landscapes,
they left in your dark soul

Now you manage the threads of the earthly minds
But soon Mastemious will open the way you to the
Eternal throne
Galactic and ancestral civilizations
They will invoke bloody rites to the almighty dragon
That it will take you for the eternal universe of the
Pleasure and destruction.
The moons will dance while the total destruction is carried out,
The abysses will lay show you the way towards the
throne of Mastemious
being taken the coalition of the total power indeed.

The harmonies of your splendid soul
It will break the threads of the fantasies,
Ando your indescritable darkness will dispel the dreams
Of all that at some time was blessed
Mastemious universal prophecy.

8. Lord Satan

Consecuence of a life shaped by your hate
I pass from agony to destruction
Pleasure is unilyng with my instint
The one who percives your ambition

Open the doors of our hell
Lord of darkness, everytime I need more of your wisdom
Give me some more of power

Infernal legion wait for me lord of darkness give yourself
The pleasure of the belonging fully
In your army, only that I hope

To destroy, to obey, to humillate
That is my comfore, of not been able to be
In your fury, now anything is of my hateres in
This game, only the power of hatred with your
Undescriptable and grotesque power

Master satan, you whom dominate minds
Master satan, you whom dominate souls
Master satan, you whom dominate the spirit
Master satan, I'll always at your side forever
Lord Satan, you whom dominate space
Lord Satan, you whom dominate universe
Lord Satan, I'll be always at your side
Lord Satan, you whom dominate cosmos
Lord Satan, you whom dominate wisdom
Lord Satan, you whom dominate rule fates
Lord Satan, I'll never turn myself apart of thee.

9. Victory (Throne of Terror)

A stroundous rain of fire
Consume the cries and supplication of the humanity Destined to extinction,
The dragons, pretty things carrying inside
The fury of the almighty king of hell
Begining to do a massive destruction

Wicked souls flaying in ancestral galaxies
With supplicate be absorbed by and evil star
Of the empire of my absorbing god of cruelty
To be part of this magestic work

Abysm begin to open its margin of pain
And begin feeling harmony in the mouth of beasts,

They are spooky scream of bendict,
Revolving in fires and blood,
Crying for their stupid existence

Glory to the empiry of the supreme power
Let's arise the arms of victory
Emerging from the abysm
The serpent-dragon is coming
Carrying the almighty
Cause a massive destruction has happened
And the kingdom of terror has won

Glory to the empire of the supreme power
Let's arise the arms of victory.


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