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Handmade Essence

"Handmade Essence" (2003 EP)

1. Handmade Essence
2. Frozen Nile
3. Hermetical Orchard
4. Clue of a Scarecrow
5. Clockwork Shrimps
6. Waltzing Skip-Jack

1. Handmade Essence

Handmade Essence
(lyrics by Lex Plotnikoff)

At candlelight
I've left the Buried Town
My father has no might
To keep me down

Some foreign scents
Infesting clammy shade
Induce me to repent
Of my gambade

[Chorus] :
I'm not a creature - I'm a doll
... with cold synthetic heart ...
I'm not a living thing at all
... you're just a piece of art ...
I've got a gear instead of soul

Within a bulb I have a matter that can feel
The bitter truth that strikes me with dismay
Mechanic system , which supposed to be ideal
I'm just an ugly brat of lab assay

2. Frozen Nile

Frozen Nile
[lyrics by Lex Plotnikoff]

The morning lights
Annealing eyes with cold
A tempest rides
Defiling skies like mould

I see a dream being wide-awake
This world is running mad
A crazy trick that I can't take
When limbo lies ahead

[ Chorus ] :
I see the Nile entombed in a hyaline case
So clear as a heavenly blaze
The hoary bodies of hippos froze in glaze
Sphinxes surmount with lacteal bays
Resignedly standing at gaze
When croak of perishing toads expires in haze

Palm-trees have bowed to winds
Falling to vitreous sands
Wherries like pointed splints
Stick out of stony bents

Does anyone retrieve a key ?
Which devilry we meet ?
Uncanny scenes have seemed to me
And overturned my creed

3. Hermetical Orchard

Hermetical Orchard
[lyrics by Lex Plotnikoff]

A sleepy loft attired in haze
Subsiding in the maze
Within a weedy bog
Nocturnal flies knock on a pane
A scintillating stain
Embossed in lardy fog

Behind an aluminic hatch ...
Inside a shell
Below a tumbledown thatch ...
In blinded cell
An alchemist with paly face
Surrenders to grief
Fumbling a spiritless leaf :

All my efforts were in vain
The dryads laugh at me again
Again and again ...

[ Chorus ] :
Hermetical orchard, I fathered a grain
And now I'm tortured
The sprouts were slain
The kiss of a day as a pestilent bane
Empoisoned my harvest again ...

Inquiring mind , unfailing dash
He was a perfect marvel at the age of three
Confident lad , he was too brash
When tried to rise above the natural decree :

Lode scobs for sound scapes
Leaden blobs for mellow grapes
Grey leaves came to life
The trees got to thrive
The master prevailed
The elements failed

Another day he cracked a slot
And let the sunlight see
A steely flowerpot
With an artificial tree

The nature didn't take his thing
Unreal plants were fried
Once and again the man made beings
But every time he cried

4. Clue of a Scarecrow

Clue of a Scarecrow
(lyrics by Lex Plotnikoff)

November freeze
Invaded the air
Scratchy invisible breeze
Prickles my shoulders and knees
Trapping warmth everywhere

The spine cracked again
A straw hat has slipped off my noodle but who the hell cares ...
For my pain
When even the sparrows disdain ...
The bug-bears

Ten years have passed
Since I was created
With tatters of mouldy bast
Pulled on rotten chips of a mast
In a garden located

A sack full of dust
A Yule-log disfeatured with fire
Two cans and a besom enlaced by the wire
Corroded by venomous rust
With a rag for attire

The coveys of migrants pass out of sight
All gnawers are sleeping
The lowering clouds devour the light
In the soul of the lonely fright
Leaving me deep in the night
Along with my weeping

Friendless and reflective
Monstrous and defective
Broken and depressed
Just a sickening cross between warder and jest

That's who I am !

Humbled and dejected
By the winterly thinking affected
Bare and amusing
Afflicted and musing inmate
Dreaming to die in a grate

5. Clockwork Shrimps

6. Waltzing Skip-Jack


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