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My Fruit Psychobells...A Seed Combustible

"My Fruit Psychobells...A Seed Combustible" (1999)

1. Ferocious Weights
2. A Conception Pathetic
3. Undine and Underwater Flowers
4. The Ocean, The Kingdom, and the Temptation
5. Pondering a Wall
6. Catharsis of Sea-Sleep and Dreaming Shrines
7. Blight of River Systems

1. Ferocious Weights

Never once he knew what war…I kept the hour vicious
used my body to fatten his voice
Our eyes weakened under drippings
look to the south for your muse, she's there
Eggs in five palaces looming
Embrace her, replace her heart
Kiss her, change your life (2x)
Such a bleak desire to have you with me when I die!
In hymnance of my leaden veins
I smell your blood each night
All you wonder of...I can prove it all

2. A Conception Pathetic

He beckons from across the languid room
Eyes wild, like oceans caught up and glittering.
Everything 'comes all dark, save those embers that burn right through my quaking soul!
The old man is frightened and waiting to die. She looks on from her Lunar perch and laughs: "One sip from this cup of steaming wine, and then you dream!"
No more, now is night. Poison!
They all sing to me, stars in their brightness… and young.
Singing in golden cages rough-hewn by some dead race.
I saw in one room a CANDLE, and in another a votive WREATH.
Which shall crucify me?
Which shall resurrect me?
Rain from her mouth doth heal.
Let it run through me!
I kiss her silken lips and breasts that heave with passion e'er growing!
We couched below the flowers dead, and gave new life to them.
No! Not in this place.
By starlight He'll come to devour us all!
Through terrors, He'll rise to hurt us!

3. Undine and Underwater Flowers

The waves speak quietly to me when the tempes sleeps deep beneath.
I wish that I could give to you the Sun before i weds the West.
My tears mingle soft with the sea, yet I dream that you could taste them.
Lay with me our bridal bed, dance a moonlit path thereon.
Lay with me, above the dead that drift with tides, kiss upon.
My undine beauty, thou hast seen the coral kingdoms.
Silence. Peace.
The moon and stars I would forsake to gaze into thy starry eyes.
The azure sky seems notso deep as azure oceans, amidst sleep.
Lay with me our bridal bed, dance a moonlit path thereon.
Lay with me, above the dead that drift with tides, kiss upon.

4. The Ocean, The Kingdom, and the Temptation

the rolling tide of the sea gone mad whispers in its undine seductive lullabye.
And I want the lady sea's moist hands to cover me.
The kingdom and it's watery shadows of most alluring blue invite me in aquatic dreams to sleep inside her mighty womb.
The dry lungs of death shall burst in the misty depths, shadowed.
As I fall below the light of sun and the drudgery of mankind's sins… The sea, it calls unending to me.
My sleep is hindered.
The poisonous air in a suff'ring world is too great a burden to be had by me.
The crushing weight of madd'ning stage…
The only delights in the arms of sin. The kingdom calls from far below!
…And my will to live is weakening.
The sea-nymphs glide through courseless heaven, drawing me through to the formless might and splendour of castles glistening, the temples 'neath the churning waves that ever haunt my dreams.
I bade farewell to the sun and stars and the wind that calls in vernal song.
For off I go to the land below, and pray the liquid fills me more than the air I so reluctantly share.
Off to the kingdom that's flooded my dreams, and has been reflected in my saddened tears.

5. Pondering a Wall

Here I am, red, sour. Mine eye smiling to thy side. He lives in a river from Carina's door. Washing out the devourer of dying acres. Maybe Salvation deserves this? All in my hand overcame me.
Eyes on you, I drowned in yours. And then… my house forsook me.
Lithely trickling away, my name from thee. In a slumber-call Hast thou dreamt my name?
Haste, my weight is hollow. Speak, and it saves me. Haste, speak, trust me.
Atop a hill, a marvelous night's Lustrous vistas mark the year, creeping along the barony.
Phantoms flicker with a licking breeze, admonishing thee of wicked pleasure.
I scheme to renounce my treasure.
With a furtive smile, silence…
But tears, they stream for thee.
Thou, lusting a dungeon!
This land is like…
A goblet of the thick and black!
Brim-filled before the moon-crest.
I'm pondering a wall and poised with knives. And then, I look at you… (Secretly, of course)

6. Catharsis of Sea-Sleep and Dreaming Shrines

In my dreams I see no nearer god.
The waves that move,
They pierce my drifting soul.
With want I reach in vain to grasp the sun
As off it falls beneath the dancing fields
And paints fore'er this spout-girt majesty!
O, slimy things!
I yearn to hear you sing from depths as deep as stars doth shine
From realms of light above.
I wish to hear thee sing!
O, ammonite with aeon-closed eye!
Speak to me in water-tongues
And grant to me the eyesight you once saw
The Sea-gods with!
My voyage as above, so below
Upon a dreaming ship I sail
Upon my life I conjure they whom no dry eyes have seen
Since sleep hath stolen over forms and sunken temples built
By gods themselves!
Alone I embark for cities immersed
In depths of thought and caverns full of dreams!
What corals dress this city fallen?
What the magick language lost one-thousand leagues?
Nightmare! Come, and speak to me
From beneath the waves that rock young ships
To slumber sweet
Gods, caress me with thy chthonic hands
Steep my mind with the beauty of a vision-world
And bury me in temples where my soul
Can e'er explore these realms of madness submerged!

7. Blight of River Systems

Snow, and drugs that make every visage angelic!
Then came my secret dream of the girl, my warrior with a foot like a doe.
Walking for inspiration, I learned which of you is THE ONE.
Kissing, but not moving. Loving, unmoving (But this is said in a coquettish trance)
Dampens my book, thoughts come quick
I almost love you, but I kiss you the way I kiss Maria…
And she, with a foot like a doe.
I was swept away when the choirs in your shiny eyes cast little drops of water on everything.
O Slayer of trickery!
My shoulders hold more than a swarm of devils.
Whence came the Blight of the churning rivers?
You spoke like a dragon, my queen, my angel.
Scion of anguish, I cherish your anguish.
This is a promise and you are a dove.
I quit this grief with obsequies.
Snowfall beautifies humanity, but charm is lost with enhansed design.
Bind my lips with the purest vine!


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