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Colors of Conflict (II)

"Colors of Conflict (II)" (2006)

1. Destruction for the new Creation
2. Loyality
3. Eternal Scream
4. Footprints in the Hamlet
5. One for All the Nations
6. The Mind Revolution
7. Bring me Back
8. Incarnet
9. Secluded Region
10. Gush Out
11. Bring Light

1. Destruction for the new Creation

2. Loyality

Loyalty - die for the master (Lyrics: Shunsuke; Music: Tetsushi)

The sky dyed red by hate
It's meaningless what they have believed
We can't hear their screams
But now just explosion
We are frightened all through the night
Inside of the walls
Symbol of weakness
Shaking with menace
No way to know when it comes

We swore loyalty
To the immortal master
I'm willing to live and die for you

Too kpledge to defend you

Innocents are injured

So we need a faithful justice
Tear into pieces my loves
Take them back to me again
Belief in god, The hooly space
From when they became a tool of dirty days
People are fighting for desire of oneself

We swore loyalty
To the immortal master
Devoted all my time to you

To make them suppress

What on the earth for
Fight in sacred ground
Even their own life
In order to achieve the goal
Don't care how many sacrifices will be made
Die for the master
Now it's in my soul
Stand me up again
N one will benefit from this
I will wake them from madness.

3. Eternal Scream

3) Eternal Scream (Lyrics: Shunsuke; Music: Tetsushi)

Why are you hiding from the real world
What made you stay away in fear and trembling
Are you looking for something?
In the dark with heavy breathing
My heart had have a goal
Where have it gone
All alone

When I can get it once again
I'll get there where is only short step from here
No one can start withotu belief
It's in your hands
Don't throw it away

Eternal scream is rising
From deep within your heart lying
Let me hear it forever
This time I can help enough

I can't control my anger
From when you became you weaker
I know what you do is
Break the wall and accept all

It seems like flowing in the sea
It's so dark
You are blind but so freely
Even if there's easy to live
Let's go out
Breath the scent of out side

Towards the top f that light
Get your body up with fight
Then you will get true power
And it will never die

4. Footprints in the Hamlet

5. One for All the Nations

5) One For All The Nations (Lyrics: Agene; Music: KOY2J)

Somewhere in the blue sky
Black smoke rises up from the ground of chaos
Anywhere in the dark night
Gray hearts and red eyes are lurking the game stealthily
We had heaven knows how many chances of change the world
But the people want to earn by the wars to keep, never die at all time

Nowhere to the heaven
White devil shout out "this is the judge fo justice"
Everywhere in the world
Blue lust is yielding the town of sleepless

So you say die for the master
But I want to live for my life
When salvation comes

Why do you fightr fire with fire
Why don't you ever stop the fight
No religion is more precious than life of a child

We are the one nation
We are the one for all nations

We are all blessed by the same sunlight
Everyone has the right to live free, equally

So you say die for the master
But I want to live for my life

Sacrifice no more
But we repeat till guilty
No matter how the time goes on
We can make A-bombs but we don't learn from the past (a bit angry about Hirshima, Agene?)

So you say it's fate
But we never break with the hope and dream

So you say it's waste
But we never abandon till the end of time

6. The Mind Revolution

6) The Mind Revolution (lyrics Agene; Music: Tetsushi)

Once scene was flourished
But now like grave
No one can change
It's fate to die out
How can this scene filled with dirty lies?
Why are there only dirt?
Where si the dream?

Prepare for evolution
The midn revolution
Don't miss the ark for the new world
Let's carry off thrones
Fight for your own glory
So must find the truth

Who wants to live here?
There is no blaze
No one can awake?
So much for the play

How many times you repeat the same whacked things?
Hey! Who do you think you are?

What's in your name?

The wave of the future comes
Stand by for the fate
Breakin' against the vice
For us to survive

7. Bring me Back

7) Bring Me Back (Lyrics: Shuunsuke; Music: Tetsushi)

Empty days, I lost myself
Suddenly I can hear the whisper
That's from inside of my head
You are not like this, open your mind

The importance is how you look ahead
Now everyone at the same start line
Destiny will be difference
Believe your sense with confidence

Bring me back your energy

My life was so remarkable
Don't cling to your glory past
Coz nothing to take you to the next stage
In your site I cannot see
The eyes was so delightful
Don't forget your history
It must not be all of you

you are only running
"From what?" I have heard strange voice
Don't be satisfied with what you have done
No! No! You've done nothing

Because face failures and collapses
When get over it
People can grow up
So quit wondering anymore
You knock the door to explore

And finally
You've got nothing better result
Keep looking above the sky

8. Incarnet

Incarnet (lyrics: Shunsuke; Music: KOY2J)

Burn your soul like twilight for men who gave you chances
Don't be afraid their dark side, tear apart untrue fleshes

Midnight is coming as hiding huge energy
Steal up on your back with no idea about deepness of the sin
In the darkness, eerie shadow have driven him crazy to kill us all

Sunrise can help us, bright light seal up the power
Don't be alone, always with some one when you go out
In the cage, ruler is he, there is no choice just obey

I've already lost all of my vigor,I've no reason to fight anymore
Where have all of my love and friend ship gone... Incarnet

Burn your soul like twilight for men who gave you chances
Don't be afraid their dark side, tear apart untrue fleshes

Armor of hard rage now I wear. Pierce their soul
Conrade for defend this green and peace, I've got ready
Destroy hard fangs, sharp nails and eyes
It's all

Burning fire rise up from the ground
You were burnt to ashes in the sound
Turn into flame and burn out the darkness
Even if waiting for me is just death

Beat it with my hard rage now I swear from the bottom of my heart
Sanction for defend our freedom and dream, expose the hypocrite

Armor of my head rage now I wear. Pierce their plot
Comrade through depend on my ability. I won't give it up
Covered by the fear battle of this world is over

9. Secluded Region

10. Gush Out

10) Gush Out (lyrics: Shuunsuke; Music: Tetsuki)

Face blind alley
Where Should I go to
Nobody knows where I am
There's no light
Stay up all night

Wherever I am
Is it okay?
Have a rest and wait for something

Hiding in shadows
Pretend to live
Energetic breath and footsteps
Come close to me

Catch the ray reveals the way you should go
You can see the source where it's sent out yet
Stay as if yo say there's no way
Over there you pluck up your courage now
It is worthwhile to try
Just go forward
First of all

Something rush me
When I am alone
And finally I will find my best way
Power gushed out
From wounds of myself
It suddenly comes to me
I can do it

11. Bring Light

11) Bring Light (Lyrics: Shunsuke; Music: Tetsuki)

Why are you staying at such a dreamless land
There's no reason to be afraid
Look around yourself, you can see the power
Of glory to find your dream

When you're alone in the darkness
Can't you see the bright light?
Glance at yourself, deep inside your secret heart
Hey, look up! You can find it

Over horizon there is an answer of your effort in the past
Your future is lighted up it's time to get it in your hand
On your back now you can hear to shining wings are calling you
Get over your sorrow, here is not suit your soul

Ahead of your glance "Yes"
There is a star shining it's so bright
You have to get it, not for anyone
Only you and your desire

You don't have to care about
Opinion of stranger
There is no time now you must start for the endless sky
Don't turn around

You will arrive the paradise
Where so many dreams
Everyone has this hope that get
Liberty of their own life


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