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"Sick" (1994)

1. Twisted Mind
2. Madness Remains
3. Ordinary People
4. Closed Minded
5. Harmless Numbers
6. Lack of Talk
7. Broken Youth
8. Can't Stand
9. My Reality
10. Suckers
11. Piece of Real

1. Twisted Mind

I'm what you've been expecting
Come to my society
You'll find in me, what you'll looking for
Ever searching for
You can get there love and more
New state of mind
Put your faith in what I say
Rely on me, give all away
I want your trust, you need my god
I will make you stronger

[Chorus :]
He's a fake, it's staring you in the face
He's a teacher, who shifts on you
Don't let him be a part of you
You're so blind, twisted blind

I'm the preacher, who's selling dreams
Who knows what tomorrow may bring
You trusting soul, pay for my church
Like a sucker
Anything from you is mine
No promise land
Poor thing you sell your soul to me
You've no one to blame but yourself
I've what I need, it does me good
You will make me richer

You made a big mistake
Anything from you is dead
You gave all you've got to me
Everything from you is gone
Don't lay your errors on me
Sounds too easy
Did you come into your own
You're so alone

2. Madness Remains

Nothing will change my mind,
I think I told you
Many things I was never shown,
I won't be like you
Many I'll never see, nobody told me
Want to throw my life down the drain,
And walk in the rain
Not a next day, only today
Not tomorrow, here and right now
I want to forget it, not think it over
I don't want to be a lawyer, only murderer

[Chorus :]
On the brink of madness
I'm with my back to the wall, but I'll be strong
Empty eyes, in anguish
Here today gone tomorrow, I'm getting cold
Not scared, just cold
I can't make up, for lost time now
Just look out which way the wind blows
For the last time, for the last day
No more to gain, madness remains

You can run, you can hide, be guilty or innocent
Try to scream and struggle
Wherever you go, it will find you someday
You can't paint the town red,
Be loaded or restitute
Try to leave and forget,
Whatever you do, it will find you someday
On the corner, two blocks away
From up above, close to you
You can move, heaven and earth,
Be a big name or small fry
Try to pray and repent
Whoever you are, it will find you someday

3. Ordinary People

Some more children will be abused
In my city or yours
Today a child grows up in love
Below me right above
Once again a future mother
Will have an abortion

Every second or so, a woman is beaten
Here next to me, or in the neighborhood maybe
Every minute I know, two people tie the knot
Anywhere, anytime, in your country or mine

Tonight a feast will be given
By the right kind of people
Just now some youngsters are starving
On the wrong side of the tracks
Two brothers leave each other
Without saying a word
True enemies false friends will meet
Screaming for happiness

[Chorus :]
Without warning, here overthere anywhere
It may happen, to you to me it we can see
Here next to me, or in the neighboorhood maybe

Another fool preaching for peace
Talking to a brick wall
New nations witness the madness
Since the beginning of time

4. Closed Minded

So what did I do, to deserve that too
Filled with remorse, this time I know
I hear you laughing, I will do my thing
You live and learn, it serves me right
Never say never, cause not it's over
I have to take the rough with the smooth
Act for me first, it cannot be worst
Next time, I'll be narrow minded

[Chorus :]
You're the one to blame, you put me to shame
I know I was taken in
You life is a lie, I wish you could cry
My pain is never ending

To give all I've got, today I forgot
Let down again this time I know
I see you smiling, let me say something
I'll do the same for you sometime
So called memories, so called boundaries
So it goes I learned my lesson
I will care for me and my soul only
Next time I'll be closed minded

My mind was yours, your hate is mine
I gave my faith, don't waste your breath

I see you smiling, let me do my thing
Totally taken and possessed
I hear you laughing, let me say something
Never again so obsessed

5. Harmless Numbers

Harmless numbers
The source of your satisfaction
Harmfull leaders
Can you see our disillusion
Full of power
That will be your downfall someday
Absolute reign
Nothing lasts, you will miss the past,
You will miss the past

[Chorus :]
There through the ages,
We're locked up in your cages
Day by day we realize, this is time for lies
Nothing more for me, in your society
Day by day we realize, you laugh at my cries

Puppet you carry no weight
Numbers someone runs the show
Thousand people will follow
A clown born to have the crown
The sheep are grazing
Servants are sleeping
Have your conscience clear
Have your conscience clear

You're the maker
I don't belong to anything
Pawn in your hand
You never brought me to your knees
Break the system
I'm a shock to the system
Full of glory
Something that you will never see

6. Lack of Talk

Express your sorrow, so much pain inside
You got to leave now, unreal life no more
Supress your instinct, too much hate inside
Didn't you say they loved you,
There's nothing left for you

It makes your bleed, excess of misery
Disgusted with life, just lack of talk
Lack of truth
Silence kills, it's killing you
Depressing state bringing you down
Look at your friends, they stayed away
Look at their minds, do what you say

[Chorus :]
When you feel no pleasure anymore
Grief and pain are knocking down the door
Heaven is being dead
Shall you do as you said
On the road to lust and misery
Violent end or endless agony
Can't you hear we call your name
It's driving you insane

Does everybody need someone to blame
Tell me who I've got to be then
I don't feel the need to live anymore
Who shall I give my last cry for

Time to remember, time to let Ćem know
The meaning of distress
That's why you're dying for
Crying out with pain, suffering silently
So much sadness in your eyes
Will make you give in to your tears

It makes your bleed, excess of misery
Disguted with life, just lack of talk
Lack of truth

Empty spaces, dirty spaces
Wishing you were blind
Against all of what they say
No matter what they care

7. Broken Youth

Can you tell me who knows right from wrong
I'm not the man I wanted to be
All I can see from all around
Is all I fear since I was born
Who said youth is fun
And I do waste my time

My ideas go against the tide
So much time I spent lost in thought
None of my dreams came true
I'm not waiting for something new
I resign myself
But you can't make me

Nothing kills like the daily grind
No escape from the hell I've been living
Why do you keep me from hoping
Release me, with the truth I'm face to face

[Chorus :]
All over the world
People just like me
Bitterness leads to death
Broken youth

Boredom and scorn got a hold on me
But what I want is to be free
Who says I'm different
Who knows my difference
But I feel not the same
And I don't care, I don't care

8. Can't Stand

No one sees things the same way,
Tired of listening
Watching my world going down,
Sick of hanging on
How to believe in your flag,
And serve my country
Has all we have learned been right,
God knows I can't say
Dying land, the place we call home
I feel like I was born to lose
Wasted past, hopeless future, no real desire
People dig the government, I'm a dissident

I have to go away, false promises,
I don't want your nation
I don't need protection,
What scares me is your dirty little war
This land will never change
These old fashioned values make me vomit
Protect you will being,
You can read my mind and what I've got in

[Chorus :]
Some people crawl, some will never fall
Silent hate, I walk in silent hate
Burn the flag, I cannot stand your flag
Fallen country, it won't set me free
Dying land, promise land
Silent rage, I live in silent rage
Some people cry, some will never die

I hate to go away, false promises,
I don't want your nation

9. My Reality

Glued to screen today
I saw grief and joy like if I was on the spot
Give me the words of love
All the scandal sheets carry the story again
Show me the cries of hate
Just watching from here it will be on tv live,
Glued to the tube right now
Enjoying the picture, can't believe that it's true

All the news that's fit to print
Follow up story another eventful day
My reality
Readers eager to violence
Life of decadence
Hearing of evil broadcasts
Hope it never lasts

[Chorus :]
Mass attraction, optical illusion
Insane crime, it's a question of time
Hypnoticed, nobody realized
Basic culture, for my senseless future

Glued to screen today
I saw grief and joy like if I was on the spot
Give me the words of love
All the scandal sheets carry the story again
I saw death, pain and me
More than real, more than concrete,
I'm speechless with fear
I met both of them too
Anger from an angel and rage of the devil

10. Suckers

Opression, where they fought for freedom
Revolution, where life was peaceful
A nightmare, it was just a dream
But never mind, we don't give damn

[Chorus :]
I've been to blind for too long
Masters and fakers, who's gonna save me
Suckers and preachers, can't you believe me

Oily slick, where the water was clear
Homeless people, while some strike it rich
Barren land, where the forest was green
But never mind, we don't give damn

One that laughs, one that cries,
So much we don't understand
Rebellion, starvation,
The same story that's a fact
One step up, two steps back,
The same story once again
Believers, agnostics,
Get down on your knees and pray

11. Piece of Real


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