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Humanize Human

"Humanize Human" (1995)

1. Need for Greed
2. Feel Unreal
3. My Only Friend
4. Mad to Be Normal
5. How Free Are You
6. Humanize Human
7. Dejected
8. Zero Tolerance
9. Pay for My Tears

1. Need for Greed

A new breed of people heading for disaster
Dreams are just ill advised,
The peace of mind is over
Of their stupidity, they're making a success
Planet insanity so treu we are the witness
Hiding my own feelings makes me accessorie
Thinking I can change the wave
They're really fooling me
Don't know the reason why,
I should give it a try
Insane and free, this is what I should be

A new range of fighters,
Going through life in blinkers
Divinly self centred and usually so stupid
Do or die attitude,
Looking for something more
Mentally so upset and hysterically done for
Freedom for care make them stronger,
And it's the absolute
Everything's in confusion, under an illusion
Man was born to listen,
That remains to be seen
Social climber, envy comes from within

I see it everyday
Damage caused by your foolishness
I feel it day by day
Emotion just left me speachless
Your twisted personality
Senseless is your reality
The choice, the choice is made
Insane and free this is what I will be

With tears in your eyes
Eat them and you will feel
The need to bleed
I read between your lies
Join them and you will feel
The need for greed

2. Feel Unreal

A fresh affliction
Mockery of modern times
Original disillusion
Sacrifice for your former lies

Apparently well provided
Destitute today like a child in need
I take the blame

Unreal is what I feel
A new fictionnal beginning

False desolation
Realistic disgust
Equal to poison addiction
Ignored, broken deep inside

Fuse together, segments of life
If a piece is lost, the mind is blank

I bleed artificial, simulated
I've too much pain, today in my brain

3. My Only Friend

Evil seems to be endless
Just when we think we have discovered,
Heard and found out some
Infamie which is already off limits,
Again comes something
New even more scaring
Sometimes it's like we live in a world
That will surely break
Down under the pressure of modern life
Sinners breed like sickness,
People have no control over their
Most primary feelings

Any society that you build
Will have its own limits
Is murder like anything you take to
Once that you've decided on a killing,
First you make a stone out
Of your heart and if you find
That your hands are still willing,
Then you can turn mass murder into art
Now if you have a taste
For killing experience
And if you're flushed with
Your very first success,
Then you really should try

Lay them down in front of me
Lay them down for all to see
Here is one as white as snow
Bound to beliefs that
You are bound to go
And with this point sharpened by a fire
I'll bring out the truth,
I show who's the liar

Never ending cries, its following you
Weakness breed like disease
Gripped in illusion, of brutality
Picture of your vices

Pain, my only friend
Can't stand this feeling
Shame, your only way
Can't stop the killing

4. Mad to Be Normal

Can you tell any difference,
Betwwen joy end pain
I won't show you how I feel,
The life you're leading is fake

Why should I stay watching outside
And takingyour shit as a guide
Cold like a snake, blind for a day
My soul is telling me how to swallow my pride
What's right or wrong, among the strong
What if there's nothing to throw out
Empty again, already sick
What if there's no more to talk about

The party's over, the die is cast
It makes me feel the taste of shame
Am I guilty, blindly confused
Well I really know your little game
Suffering inside, don't want to fight
In your polite society
Blessed for ever, eager to say
Pain in your twisted reality

I won't go back, you're far behind
I feel so down to have been with you
Fading away, I hurt for them
My friends are just like everyone I knew
What's right or wrong, among the strong
What if there's nothing to throw out
Empty again and already sick
What if there's no more to talk about

Mad to be normal, I feel the difference
The fear is growing, filling up my soul

5. How Free Are You

I will be what I want to be,
And believe in myself
You'll talk if there's something to say,
Have just respect in youself
Take a walk through the peaceful land,
Without nothing in mind
Today someone is crying out,
This is the delay grind
Limited feeling, so called regulation
Emotionaly abused,
The new generation
Want to walk away, is it against the rules
Broken promises,
To lie's one of the tools

Lying awake like hypnotized,
Dreaming I will get high
One step closer to the madness,
I thought Ireally could fly
I believe we deserve the best
But we all get the worse
Everybody's got certain needs
Sometimes straight or perverse
Limited feeling,
So called regulation
Emotionally abused,
The new generation

What's left to believe
Together we are falling
It's hard to decieve
I'm not the one's lying
How free are you
Tell me how free are you
No rule to say I'm alone

6. Humanize Human

All my most cherished illusions,
Fell to the ground
And slowly, my frienly spirits
Have turned yellow

What is right, what is not
But it must be understood
Evil means, doing nice things
Yet it does not lead to good
We should make, no mistake
Human values are being degrading
A forecast, for the future
It may never look so good or bad

The range of human madness,
Corrupt and wrong
Truly like two sides of a coin,
Offending and proud
We see the forgotten ones,
Locked together
While they are the leaders
Who live on forever
But yet the world stiil goes on,
In truth broken
Getting mad, getting even,
Humanize human

7. Dejected

Someone's to blame
I won't cry this time, Iwon't cry again
We're just not the same
I promise today I won't show my pain
Yesterday they it was lost
But I lose my life if I try to be soft
Should I follow what they say
And tell why should I believe who they prey

I'm racking up the past
Teach me but I will never betray my feelings
You can try to mold me
One of these days I will send you greetings
In the name of experience
Obsolete behaviour in the name of science
Ignorance is bliss
You say speak now or forever hold you peace

Sounds very hard to know, and easy to forget
One more terrible blow, will make people upset
You're not able to tell, I'm only wondering
My disgust has a smell, and a real strong meaning

And day by day
Nothing to say
I'm so close to explode
It's beyond my control
I'm just wasting my time
We call it a failure
Too long to get over

8. Zero Tolerance

Crowded place, the same face
But I should speak out my mind
I'm free and it scares me
Goddamn I wish I was blind
Like a child I was told
We just need what we can hold
Everyone's got feelings
But no one's got time for me
Won't you tell, it's so weak
Way hard to believe I'm in the cold
Life's too long, hanging around
It's getting late and I can't wait
It's late, too late

That's the deal and it's for real
I guess we all have to cry someday
How can it be, what I see
Emptiness, just feeds their souls
Whispering or yelling
But no hope of ever being heard
Everything has a price
I won't be long for this world
Dead end street, where else to be
And how can I make these people see
We all say, men don't cry
I should have known, it was just a lie
A lie, you lie

Twisted dreams pull the trigger
But it ain't gettint brighter
Zero tolerance I see
I would say just let me be

I see through you disguise
It hurts too much to stay there
Just time to realize
The more we get the less we care

9. Pay for My Tears

Somewhere else it will not be much the same
The grass is always greener
Everytime I will for sure win the game
This pain won't be forever
See the struggle I'm leaving deep inside
It was not right in my mind
So a friend in need is a friend indeed
It will pay you back in kind

It's hard to be sorry,
This feeling is growing
I need to walk away,
Can you keep me from bleeding
I feel out of place,
Don't count me in no more
I'm totally in the dark,
Black is really the color
You can tell me stupid,
But tied up are my hands
Life has turned to distress,
All I needed was some friends
I've been fading away,
Don't know what next will come
Don't want to live this way,
Can't stand town where I'm from

Have to leave my last tears felt down
Nothing left to get,
There's nothing anymore to give
Looks so small, the pleasure is gone
And for having betrayed me,
I will never forgive
A change I'm only waiting for
Instead of joy I needed,
I felt such frustration
The time I don't want to ignore
It's been a real struggle
And such a desillusion

Pay, pay for my tears
I swear to do it
Lost, i'm lost in years
Life it doesn't fit


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