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Withering in Voluptuous Embrace

"Withering in Voluptuous Embrace" (2002)

1. Insanity dancing with crimson Tides
2. The ebon River Princess
3. Chrysanthemum
4. Eden (the divine Entrap)
5. The Hatred Cornucopia
6. Restrained in demuric Gyves
7. Promises
8. Tears from the demented Heart

1. Insanity dancing with crimson Tides

2. The ebon River Princess

Her Carcass afloat the river’s surface
As crimson tides wash her spirit away
Her spectral beauty shown on the cold mirror waters
Tears of despondency cascaded with ire…

Long forgotten she remained after death
Mysterious end of her nihilous life
Her soul drifts away to forests and everlasting caves
And beyond the Portals of Darkness

Vengeance she demanded from the Elder Gods of the Netherworld
Her butchers she must find, make them feel the burning pains of Hades
Violated little creature
Your grief is forever
Locked in a mental barrier in Satan’s Keep!

Her wish is secretly granted by the mighty barons of Hell
And she now drifts up to where those mortals dwell
Her face now haunts their endless nights
Dreams metamorphose to nightmares…hear the tormented cries!

Diabolical Hordes under her mastery
Unleashed the blood-curdling horrors,
Thriving on the blood of the culpable
Yet the blood will flow like the waters of the river…
…the river of immortality…

“Revenge I seek on my morbid slayers,
Demons possess them and answer my prayers
Make them skin their only children
Make them eat their offspring’s meat!
And let the beasts enjoy their feast”

Driven to Insanity to commit atrocious acts
They butcher their progeny, sacrifice to the River Beauty
Erotic afterthoughts flash in front of their eyes
As they ravish in an orgy of carnality!

After dining on the infant meat
Canines tear at tender muscle
Jugular wounds bleed to their delight
As they lacerate one another
And chew on adherent viscera
To the princess` charm

Mesmerizing them with rubic eyes
She drains their souls and lives
Fallen slaves to this nocturnal beast
Upon their bodies the crows shall feast!

Throned in blood, malevolent nymph
In the awful den of hellish infamy
She finds her rest in twilight zones
Her spirit finds comfort in macabrity

To the dearly cries of perishing infants
She reaches the zenith of her vengeance,
And while the night is ripping them apart
The River Princess reflects in moonlight glory

As day succumbs to the rape of twilight
Her phantom wanders in the blackness of dusk
Moonlight witnessed her vampyric lust
Her dark symphony echoes
As she unveils her mask….

The ebon river princess…

3. Chrysanthemum

Rejoice, for the newly wed
Thank God and may they be blessed
Till death do you apart
Live a life of serenity.

Wedding bells toll
For in love they did fall
Both could foresee
Love for Eternity.

Children were planned
Prosperity was all they could see
Happiness was imminenet
They would build a family

Until a twist in fate discerns him, desperatley clutching
Her bridal blood-stained gowns ...
Tragedy ...

his love for her was ample to drive him insane,
Death hath stolen his bride away
her likeness set carved in his brain
like a sweet memory that will always remain.

He wailed as he saw his life slip away from him
What had he done to earn such an atrocity?
He pitied himself inciting his own torment
And cursed his ill fortune and all that had to be.

All was lost, reason left his mind
Chrysanthemum - his flower had died.

Nightfall swept over the burial grounds
When he recalled the altercation.
He unearthed the corpse that was to be his wife
Perspiratin shimmered in the pale moonlight.
He heaved the coffin from the sepulchre ...

he shed tears for this necrophilic deed,
Yet,he craved for one brief moment of love.

... He denuded the body from her long white garb
Baring the cadaverous form,
That he was about to embrace.

In the sultry earth,he plunged his manhood into Death
Pain rushed up his spine along with delight ...

A scream pierced the stillness of the night
As he ejaculated his seed onto her body.
behind the scenes, obscured by dark
The Beast grinned with sobriety.

Repent, for this nefarious act,
Thank God! For he is forever damned
Death had torn them apart
For a sombre life of gloom.

Funeral bells tolled,
On the dreadful day
Although ardour still blossomed
In only one’s heart.

... And so this dire feat was complete.
Others may fret at such an undertaking,
But never judge for such traits are found in all,
Deep down inside ... in the unknown

4. Eden (the divine Entrap)

In the Darkest hours of the night, in a forest far away
The baying of wolves, the hooting of owls could be heard in the distance…
A young lad could not find his way through the natural maze
Of coniferous green,
When a seraphic beauty materialized into the night and directed the youth…

Not much time has passed when he approached some rusty gates
And beyond the remains of a garden
A wave of life and colour engulfed the place
As the gates gave way to the young lad’s shove
The scene he was awe-inspiring and chill ran up his spine
The place was suddenly full of life!

People danced to the sweet and mellow voices of some young little children
who sang for them
Eclipsing thoughts infested his mind, confused yet welcome,
He entered the Garden…
Infants frolicked with the elderly, while others simply sat in peace of mind
A thousand reassuring smiles beckoned the child to enter…to safety

The gates of Eden closed shut – And left his life behind
Hoping for a better one – Within the Gate’s confines…

He craved for a sense of exaltation!
Yet he was lost in a sea of Darkness.

A mysterious fog surrounded the garden and a voice echoed in the air
The ground shook terribly for Apollyon had left his infernal lair
A blood-curdling scream ripped the tense atmosphere
And the people surrounded the lad…
He could feel he was pitied by the others who fell prey to the same ensnare
Funereal deploration dissolved his insides
Yet he could not grasp his state of being
Obscurity twisted his mind

The answer to this riddle came as a piercing truth:
‘Deceased you belonged to me but deceit has taken you away from me!
You are trapped forever in the Garden of Eden…
In misery…
…for eternity……

5. The Hatred Cornucopia

Trapped in despair
But he doesn’t seem to care
If I live or if I die
I’m telling you my last goodbye

“Loving memories gone bye
Unforgettable moments
Rememberance makes me cry

But despite all the luminous flames of our amity
has started to wane
And my heart is grieving,
Filling with emptiness and obscurity ...”

Seized by demonic claws
666 spasmodic strikes of desolation
Penetrate her voluptous body ...
The devil’s marionette ...
Had slaughtered his devotion! ... and Love

Cursed by this morbid act
His soul is torn apart by guilt
With tears of remorse and a shattered life,
He ends his life, while God did not forbid this deed

6. Restrained in demuric Gyves

Worthless soul vexed by malignity
Restrained by demuric gyves
In the bitter coldness of the dark cellar
Heed my attention and accept my offer:

I shall loosen your shackles and let you free
unless you avenge your opprobrium
And immolate the evil ones ... to me

Drenched in maternal blood
Tear of insanity fall into oblivion

Her father;s skull freshly scalped
Putrid stench fills her heart
with agonizing sadness ...

Chained to the humid wall
Like an effigy of Christ
She stares into nothingness
Depraved creature exiled, lost

Lament, Threnody
She did not deserve this penalty
Requiem, Elegy
She refused to be a non-entity

Living in her very own filth
Breathing the stench of the moist excrement
Insects crawel o’er her pale white skin
Anorexic to the bone, fragile form
chained to the wall

Craving for a glimpse of light
From the pinnacle of the steps
Her hopes never totally abolished
Spirits beseeched by her endless lament

Accepting the devil’s proposal
She climbs the steps of indecison
Her mind set on morbid visions
Yet clinging to her cherished soul

“Kill them ...”

“Denied life by the ones who gave it to me
I shall kill and offer my deeds to thee”

“You are torn in hesitation
But be sure of your acts”

“Revenge will earn my freedom
Yet be cursed in the everlasting blaze”

“Then so be it,yet I grant you the gift;
Of abiding content.”

“Then I choose to have what has been removed from me.”

Lament, Threnody
She did not deserve this penalty
Requiem, Elegy
She refused to be a non-entity

She was isolated
For her original sin
But sin was that got her
Free from the cursed gyves

Emerging from the cellar
With rays of light embraced
Now the devil’s daughter
She came out triumphant

7. Promises

I will make you mine, in the course of time,
You will reign by my side, forever to be my pride
... “Now pray” ...

Take a vow; promise your life
Dedicate your freedom to complete sadness,
Make him climax with your pain ...

Called ... to take a risk who is the fool who will hear,
Poverty, sickness and death,
The reward for such blind fear.

Beware ... for Darkness is not so dark,
And the light will only reveal;
A silhouetted shadow of the Cross,
Symbol of suffering!

“Promises should be kept.
Promises will be kept”
(Promises are meant to be broken by Him)

“Turn your back, face Me
Promise me your soul
And all will be granted to thee ...

Call me Mephistopheles,
Your wish is my command,
Never break your blood-signed oath,
Or your decease is what I demand.”

“Promise Me ...” - “I Promise ...”

“Respect, Your word,
And that, is what you get in return.”

“I was betrayed by Him,
And I need You to fill His place,
In my heart ...”

“Fear not, I will take good care of thee ...”

Take a vow, promise your life
Dedicate your freedom to contentedness
let me take over your life.

I call to you, listen to me,
I will make your dreams come true,
You will get what you deserve,
What you’ve never had before ...

8. Tears from the demented Heart

Requiem, what am I living for?
Solitude, I can’t take it anymore,
Where have you been oh God!
I am the son that you forgot.

Death welcomes me to a tragic end
To greet my want to meet the Creator
For I will blaspheme and mock the Almighty
Before judgment shall be passed…

… And I’ll rot forever more…


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