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Hail the Valkelion

"Hail the Valkelion" (2004 Demo)

1. Valour Invocation
2. Triheptaennead
3. Precipice
4. Solace in the Primeval
5. Upon Four Limbs

1. Valour Invocation

Fledgling collection of animated dust attempts advance by emulation
Concessions made for we who yet seek, choked in cities to the northeast
Abundance alluring – zealous throngs Enigmatic mastery quickly takes hold
Vicissitudes invigorate The call of the blood extends into legend
Opportunity in entropy this feeble state we scorn
To the south – ostentatious mobilization
Steel and tactics from whence we came ; precious little of the essence
We: prepare and awake He: intent on crushing perfidy

Disheveled mission stands as a symbol of what we alone could amend
Here will shine my virtue
Will of iron and unspoken nexus overshadows insignificant disadvantages
Impudent enemy in notional council
Nearby settlements fall under the shadow of their crimson banner

Defiant response tears through their ranks
Defenses improved – Opposing positions slowly forming

Dispatches spread a contagious resolve Our bones will reproach those who do not heed the call
With but few reinforcements a line is drawn by sword To cross mortality’s threshold!!
“Victory will cost the enemy so dear that it will be worse for him than defeat”
Skirmishes erupt into madness - artillery useless against those inside the walls
Chivalry and butchery There are simply too many 9 score spill into aridity!!
Divergent factors concentrate only into revenge Where hundreds fall twofold rise
Dichotomy widened by mutilated plains, strategies jeopardized by barbaric desires
Invoke our names Our blood fills your veins Fire – Annihilation Death – Expiation
As ravening wolves released into sheep No quarter given, though from knees they do beg
Rekindle the binding flame – while killing extol
Link in a scourging chain – Communion perennial
Invoke our names Our blood fills your veins Fire – Annihilation Death – Expiation

2. Triheptaennead

Having chosen to listen by other means
I found most to now speak in tongues
The exegesis of time and space now unfolded before me

Unadorned and nameless, it seemed a humble thing
And therein lay the sardonic beauty

Intricacies had been woven across the path
And thus confirmed what lay beyond
So many spawned in vain, flailing madly about
Only to be preserved as baneful sustenance

To prevent being ensnared myself inaction was feigned
And the complexities of the trap avoided at all costs
Any actions taken must be enough to negate future retaliations
And to do thus, untrammeled would I need to be

The dangling ends of the uptorn root
The spider which has spun this web
Disentanglement an afterthought

Dependent on violent success Venom would run its course
I shatter entirety

The dangling ends of the uptorn root
The spider which has spun this web
Disentanglement an afterthought dependent on violent success
Venom would run its course
I shatter entirety

3. Precipice

Sacerdotal texts tell of a dark age Where despondent ancient peoples
Suffered dysgenic plague Truth which the elders could remember as lies had
become sacrosanct

Unspeakable acts and mundane desires left kin divided
Many who remained pure fled the madness while others chafed
The texts speak of one who possessed a pious vision
One of endogenous strength and wisdom

Strength to stand alone – to separate symptom from disease
To harness rage towards reprisal
Wisdom preserved in hushed recollections, recorded in outlawed tomes
Erudition came to he who would not slink before the false

Others who had scorned idolatry
Flocked to this messiah, though it was widely detracted
As his words came to be the debacle compounded
And lands won in the first New World War were abandoned

In isolation the conclave prepared while multitudes were pacified with bile
Egregious vestiges of civilization crumbled around the traitors
And the leeches to whom they had chosen to serve host
Pestilence of time immemorial

Few years passed before patrols began to appear in the Holy Lands
Transmutations of fallacious edicts
Before righteous predators the swine were as prey
And empty beliefs died with their bearers
As generations passed, so, too, did this messiah pass Yet seeds had been sown
And the “utopia” had indeed become as filth, as he had foreseen
Pilgrimage again came, though now under quaternary standards
Defenders bred invaders; multiplied tenfold

Prophecies begat destiny for the true chosen Parables instilled from infancy
Veterans of that final war still tell of a hideous enemy and their parasitic lords

Whose bodies were burned in great pyres Each one indistinguishable from the next
So it was done, so it is written and so shall it never be again

4. Solace in the Primeval

Gnarled limbs reach far into extending horizons
Each with its own reality and beset on all sides by the extraneous
Pensive existence on many strata
Some lay beneath clouds which obscure ascension
Some stretch to frail points of remoteness
But all forget the binding power below

Periods of conflagration seem a hell to the parochial
Searing chaos reduce to cinders
Life beneath the rot will again flourish
Withered and dry, venerable shells collapse in fiery ruin

As Spartans formed before the Immortals of Xerxes
Temerity in duty Acceptance of the familiar unknown
Overcome by the honor to die as one
One which is eternal but through like deeds

Solace in the primeval Summoning vernal winds
Solace in the primeval “Where all suns have hitherto gone down” X 2

Seedlings scattered to the skies
Languishing in inhospitable soils abroad
Unto us weeds are carried by the same means
And all are thus pulled to the same miserable end

Would knowing the source alter even one occurrence?
Lifetimes spent perambulating only the surface
Efforts to decipher what may yet be incomprehensible
Overshadow the origin of that upon which destinies are etched

As Constantine besieged within crumbling walls
But a faint shadow of a reeling gelding
Thinning blood may not slake cruel blades
Heads destined to adorn foreign edifices

5. Upon Four Limbs

Garrison abroad Undefended are mother and child
At the mercy of an uprising by the long submissive
Hacked apart with rapacious savagery
Stripped and battered before kindred eyes lachrymose
Jeering crowds encourage the slaughter Into a well cadavers are flung
Dead, dying, alive – no matter Interstices choke on quivering limbs
Long besieged column breaks through
Relieving Lucknow before discovering the horrors of Cawnpore
Hardened combatants weep at the sight - beyond imaginable affronts
Messages scrawled in blood recount repellent fates
Sights and recollections become an unmerciful weapon
Sufficient to incite bloodshed commensurate

Sepoys and khitmugars rounded up as livestock
Firing squads seem languid ; in strangulation end summary trials
Sewn up to swelter in offensive pig skin Or simply flogged into oblivion
Jeering crowds encourage the slaughter Examples must be made
But an inkling of hesitation means grim inevitabilities

Faith of a nation is assailed
Upon four limbs crawl, licking blood from the soil Force fed forbidden flesh
Houses of those captured are summoned Mendicant wives wail in desperation
Prisoners tied to cannon mouths A reddened explosion for all to see
Effete peasants weep at the sight Beyond imaginable affronts
Messages delineated through strident means
Next to die made to clean smoking barrel and surrounding grounds
Before joining countless cohorts in sanguinary exhibits
Upon four limbs crawl, licking blood from the soil Force fed forbidden flesh
Peal of royal arms ushers in legislations
Yet sights and recollections become a dire weapon
Ancient invasions laid tripartite foundations
Now negated in the despoilment of all classes
Tacit adherence to caste eroded
Dyaus Pitar – Indus forsaken
Subcontinental hecatomb
Winged mausoleum molders
Atop a pit of carnage
One of many more to come
Prophecized in Vedic annals
Arcane beneath the dust and blood
Dust and blood


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