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Call of the Serapeum

"Call of the Serapeum" (2005)

1. Skirting Byzantium
2. Of Eagles and Lions Rampant We Are
3. Blot
4. Call of the Serapeum
5. Talvisota
6. Below Yet So Above
7. Imperative Processional
8. From Behind Apis

1. Skirting Byzantium

Constraints of bastard worship a pandemic detriment
Pallid ephemera in unfailing surrender
Curved sword of an orphaned prophet arcing ever northwards
To bleed dry the infidels and topple tents of Shem
Nomadic infusion of Judea an intercession
Papal scabs form in Constantinople
Lashing gales from dusted plains are parried
At a worm-eaten heart is aimed the requital
Assume defensive formations Ranks rearguarded by the Loire
Legions as edged partition Repulse encroaching hordes
A desolating storm born of southern skies raging forth unchecked
Hammer sweeps aside the clouds in combative deliverance
Raiding horsemen ravage the land for plunder both lustrous and of flesh
Pillage the meek places of worship Defile the wives and daughters of the harrowed
Mock issuers of helpless commands Vessels of lineage despoiled in tribute
Make sport of lugubrious wenches abroad Rois fainéants as leaves in a wind
Pour over the Pyrenees in horrific waves Flay whelps into submission
Like the trinity’s remote dispersions in skirted Byzantium
So stretched thin marauders to lands Aquitainian
Wolf pelts would cloak the warriors who assembled where rivers meet
In blood and faith dwelled dissimilitudes to enable one to conquer the other
Six days of battle Again and again came the Saracen charge
Solidarity had been found in steadfast lines
Cavalry deployed to the invading posterior
Fractious results allowed manipulation
As it was before minarets murmured
Dementia usurped empyreal vanguards
Hammer forged in blood of a century’s twilight
Beat back a tide which ran aground in desert

2. Of Eagles and Lions Rampant We Are

A thin strait sequesters the continent
Seven centuries since the accursed defeat
In petty fratricide we failed to defend the southern frontier
The ruined innumerable – The damage outspanning death
From within nestled vipers struck, prospering as always through despair
Glutted in thralldom by an eroding current
From beyond the Ebro flowed an alliance
Legal inoculations proved insufficient Plague mutates
Clandestine union of monarchs
Kingdoms of Aragon and Castile united
Now of eagles and lions rampant we are
Betraying nobility dethroned, their once regal castles fall
Santa Hermandad rides as the ignoble are purged in resanctification
Leavings in Granada attack Infanta, now with child, joins the front
Artillery sent from allies abroad Armada isolates and prevents further helotry
As Malaga is quashed all are assigned to serfdom
One third will be spared to be used in barter
Similar taints in the east may be taken from the rear should expeditions succeed
Much of the future to be decided at sea
Slowly we cleanse our empire Of eagles and lions rampant we are
Conversos openly defile the peninsula Destiny exacts a heavy toll
Rack extracted stipends Confessors soon to hear outlandish throes
For vast new lands now fall beneath imperial hooves
Plunder spills from our coffers Much is to be won

3. Blot

Circle is formed in preparation for sacred nights twelve
Shifting northwards - Arise from darkness
Frigid silence embraced
Hold high the hammer
Giants’ breath
Father aflame
Mother of silver
Helga ve thetta ok hindra alla illska
Stand as that which drinks of Urd
Ignite wicks to suffering
Libations appease the Aesir
Ring out the old, ring in the new, ring out the false, ring in the true
Son of the tempest stiller returns
Verdant again all will be
Single eye looks on from Gladsheim
She floats upon the waters of eternity
He puts a bull to the sword
Be in my thoughts and understanding Behold wheels ablaze
To speak as lord of battle and victory Rise from four to know of Asgard
Be at my side, in my departing Unbroken – turning on forever
Endless dominion – self-devouring Intertwine with tri-rooted ash
Divine light Life giving lion of red
Swirling ascent from matter
In radiance born anew
Hearken throughout realms three by three
Velle! Black scion of Mundilfare To blossom on upholding limbs
Stoke again the hallowed pyre In honour depart transcendents

4. Call of the Serapeum

Thought to appear as dreams Imperceptible in what are deemed the waking hours
Edifice looms ahead Beckoning us to return
Blood of martyrs seems still viscous
In Archaen tongues come whispers of battles past
Hear the call of the Serapeum
Have we, ourselves, trod the prophetic soils?
Images of Parabolan misery
Galilean shells scrape pure flesh from bone
Sphere binding beacon emerging
Earlier glories exceed time and space to envelop immortal
Through that ethereal extends the primordial basis of all being
From cosmos fed Innumerably dammed streams
Inescapable overlapping of dilatory obstacles
Tributaries carve aeon-old paths Often erratic
Yet invariably reabsorbing as one
Heed the call of the Serapeum
For these visions come not haphazardly
Portentous temple blood abiding
Rejoin ancient channels racing still
Towards that which we have sought

5. Talvisota

Factitious precursors of arbitrary nations Continental powers jostle for position
War weary men observe grimly from flesh-rich gravesides
First weapons are of words, descending like vultures then gone in an incendiary rain
Isthmus soon choked with hundreds of thousands
Five routes of invasion mark the beginning
Clustered to fire at night Choosing the quicker of deaths
Frigid immobilization Fodder for an alien creed
Where murder upholds commands and enemies are saviours
When the wounded become glacial statues of reticent desperation
Who was it that predicted swift victory with little resistance?
“Why?” they wonder as the warmth of their blood wanes to ice
In heaps lay some while others fall in long rows
Fanaticism well wielded deflects what seemed forgone
Starved Frozen Massed for execution
Weapons burden capitulating hordes
What can possibly be offered to a people
By a vanguard forsaken and forlorn?
Gnawing beast from the steppes Human tide pliant yet unremitting
Death invisible inducing fear of darkness
Unable to pray even for an end
Infiltrated encampments erupt perfervid blood frenzy
No friend No foe No advance No retreat
Attacks planned solely for dislodgment Layers of corpses triply thick
Yet reinforcements seem inexhaustible as did the obstinant protectors
Bombardments once inconceivable break now fabled lines
Over fields of the fallen swarms a final thrust
Self-inflicted wounds of Esau from a blade not his own

6. Below Yet So Above

Below the world of men Progenitors Atlantean
As we of Aldebaran Frigid return to Poseidon
Supercilious zenith of the line of Abaris
Portals through firmament And one in itself
A fixity unimagined Hypogeal ascent
Bearers of effulgent power Dormant in we their torpid kin
Parallels in the unfoldings Of dominant civilizations
Corollary both confirms and adjusts mankind’s hierarchy
As eyes pierce time to see what could be
The art of destruction in its highest form
Annulling both alpha and omega
Unleash might as of yet known as dreams
Silence millenniums’ prattle Phosphorescent Soaring
Contiguity comes as dawn to undue somnolence
That below is closer to above leaves but deference
Oh, how demarcations burn away
Below the world of men Progenitors Atlantean
As we of Aldebaran Hyberborean
Bathed in the black sun’s light

7. Imperative Processional

No longer able to recognize themselves amidst the twisted heap
Yet through this more receptive to the undercurrent’s prerogative
Perfunctory attempts to revive a hoary corpse determined unbecoming
Declaration of extinction accompanied by one of the departed’s noxious choke
Repudiation alone remained for the pestilential congregation
Fated deformity for all who partook in lunacies of Stygian twilight
To establish a position from which defeat was an impossibility the first matter
Like drifting mountains of ice, the main weight lay originally beneath the surface
Long-range weapons and those of mass destruction were to be crippled
As enemy offensive capabilities were lessened, a territorial imperative was given
Designed to reach an initial peak citizenry of three million
Precisely as the threat of attack was neutralized
Covert soldiers ostensibly within enemy ranks would sabotage plans
Arms and munitions captured through botched missions
Allies of a fading power ulterior targets in terror campaigns
With diplomacy a liability alienation prevailed
Cities transformed into stained ossuaries
Biological agents increasingly deployed from afar
To assault muddled forces comparatively simple
Divisive propaganda aggravated vacuous morale
Like an inclusive radiance of ablution felling remaining billions
Massed enemies and traitors
Dwindling water supplies poisoned Liberated aircraft reigned free
The few able minds left amongst outer peoples were not able to develop timely cures
From the small surviving percentage would spring heirs to equilibrium
A present lived for the future with a presence of past

8. From Behind Apis

Flaming nascence From heights descending Princely derivation Dawn’s first light
Sempiternal Processions spread Splendor burgeons Illumined
Keys of Isis To gates of wisdom Cloaked and veiled From the profane
Median of power Infinity’s lustral center
Adjoining diametric preservation
Monumental attestations shade the unfit
Only that which has come down may again rise
Homa imbibed Hands wring life from a sybaritic throat
Acvamedha – sacrificial blood clouds billowing
Of orders higher, yet in between
The world his temple in which to immolate
Addled totality bisected Mercurial equipoise
Horned suckler of Jupiter will climb between twin towers
Thoughts of the mind Deeds of the hand
Words of the tongue Twice adorned with wings
Through hanging gardens On columns flicker
Out of one will return the source of might
Mithras arise From behind Apis
Of lightning conceived Dawn’s first light


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