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The Odyssey

"The Odyssey" (2007)

1. The Voyage
2. Land of Frost
3. Land of the Black Sun Pt. I
4. Land of the Black Sun Pt. II
5. In Thy Village
6. Aurora Borealis
7. Seagrave (Instrumental)
8. A Bid Farewell (Outro)

1. The Voyage

This is the voyage
Prepare yourself for battle
Set sail to plunder
Time to rob the lands unknown
Take what we want
Leaving remains in flames
Sailing the sea so fierce
Only the strong will survive
The wrath of the gods
We take what is ours
Returning to the land so cold
Where all the forefathers lay
Following the swords
Riding the winds
Watching the stars and moon
To guide the voyage
That many will not survive
We left as strangers
Only known by few
We return as legends
We are known by all

2. Land of Frost

Enter the gleaming, wintry valley
The land where our forefathers once roamed
The land of frost as we know it
As the moon blissfully watch over you as night become
The valley so cold yet so warm as you wander
In the land of frost life means nothing
Here you are the immortal one
All you need is the mother earth to survive
This is an everlasting relationship
Tis here you will lay down to die
But until the night your breath ends
Until then…you live life day by day
Until one day… Until one day…Your breath ends
But today is not that day
Roaming the fields of glory
Tis here many have fought
Tis here the sword lay stuck in the ground
Tis here men of valor laid down to die
Tis here the tears of fallen rain from the sky
Glorious men on horse they rode
Battles to intrude on human existence
For the honor of the homeland
Tis here the crusade vanquished
You honor those who sacrificed for honor
Hearing their cries in the wind through the forest
The land the tyrant laid benighted through many an onslaught
The land of frost as we know it

3. Land of the Black Sun Pt. I

Over the mountains so cold
Through the villages so old
You reach the land of no return
Where the heart of evil burns
The rivers run red
From the blood of the dead
Mand men have come to fight
But ended up dead as night
On this day it is your turn
To battle the land of no return
All your life you have prepared
To conquer the land so feared
When time comes to dawn
You begin your journey so long
To do what no man has ever done
And conquer the land of the evil ones
During day the sun burns black
In the land where you can't turn back
And prepare yourself for the fight to come
To conquer the land of the black sun

4. Land of the Black Sun Pt. II

In the land of the black sun
The land never won
The journey has begun
To do what was never done
The land full of sorrow
The land full of pain
Where there is no tomorrow
And the tears of fallen Rain
Lightning shoots down across the land
Thunder shakes the ground
Fire spits down from the sky
Into the forests unknown
Where the evil await your arrival
Approaching the forest
You watch closely
For movement in the forest unknown
With your sword close in hand
Awaiting the battle to come
Approaching the forests unknown
Where the light is not shown

5. In Thy Village

Over the land blackness reigns
All who enter shall be slain
In thy village full of pain
Tis here they walk
Tis here they rule
Tis here they fight
Tis here they kill
Until dawn we walk
Til vision of the hawk
The sign which shows
The evil men stalk
Those who want
To take over their rule
And capture the village
The village so cruel
And bring back life
To this town
And make it their own
To rule by crown
In thy village
Not a soul lay awake
Fog creeps over
rain pours down
Lightning strikes
With ferocious sound
Until the day revenge takes place in the village
...the village so cruel...

6. Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis
Your light, my guide
Horse drawn into the night
My conquest has begun
I may never return
For I'm the chosen one
My destiny fulfills my life
The journey into the unknown
The stars help guide my journey
To the northern lands
The wolves protect me
As I travel my journey

7. Seagrave (Instrumental)

8. A Bid Farewell (Outro)

A bid farewell
To those who dwell
In this new found land
Mand a blood drop have fell
On this ground once so evil
Each drop another story to tell
Of a heroes death upon the hill


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